Bringing Thailand Home – By Author Chris Fikes

ifwewereinthailand_amazon I wrote If We Were In Thailand many years back, and thanks to God and His provision it’s finally been published! My wife Tonya and I and our four boys spent a total of eight years living in Thailand and fell in love with the country for many reasons, one being the people. Tonya and I have always loved to travel, experience other cultures, and meet people who live life in different ways. It’s refreshing and there’s always something more to learn. It was out of this love for people, other cultures, and our time spent in Thailand that this story took birth. aradaphotography-22_400px If We Were In Thailand was on paper for many years. My attempts at finding an illustrator were unsuccessful, and it wasn’t until our family returned to the States that we met Aaron Acosta, a talented artist, who willingly agreed to illustrate the book. Aaron had never been to Thailand, so he did many hours of research in order to draw scenes that depicted what life was like in Thailand. I did a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the project, and it was great to have so many friends, families, and even a few strangers come together to meet our goal of publishing the book. After the Kickstarter was complete, I was contacted by Mascot Books to see if I’d like help with completing the process of publishing the book. I am so happy with the job they did to produce a hardback, high quality book. I am so thankful for the helpful assistance and time they gave to make my published book possible. -Chris Fikes, author of If We Were In Thailand… Facebook

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