Introducing… Mascot Talk!


Our first book – “Hello, Hokie Bird” – was written for my daughter, Anna, on the drive home from a Virginia Tech Hokies football game.  That marked the humble beginning of Mascot Books … and from there, we’ve gone on to publish over three hundred titles.  Some team-related, some not, but every one created with enthusiasm and passion.

For some time now, we’ve been evaluating where to take our company next and what technologies might add value to our existing content.  Today, we’re ready to announce one such initiative … Mascot Talk!

Mascot Talk is an iPhone app that allows users to download their favorite mascot or character onto their iPhone.  Once downloaded, each character/mascot mimics what the user says into his/her iPhone.  Character specific movements are part of each character’s repertoire.  And the really cool part is that you’ll be able to record messages and email these messages to friends and family … or even post onto Facebook!

Initially, we’ll have mostly popular collegiate mascots available for download.  We’ll follow with professional sports mascots and even K12 mascots.  For Mascot Books Authors, Mascot Talk represents an opportunity to use our technology platform to create a digital version of their main character (or themselves)!  A.C. Rodel, author and creator of the Cricketers series was the first Mascot Books Author to create a digital version of his main character for download on Mascot Talk.

Mascot Talk will be available on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch on September 2nd.  We’d love to get your feedback.

– Mascot Naren

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