Congrats to the Miami Heat!

Slightly delayed, but I want to say congratulations to the Miami Heat on their NBA Championship, triumphing over the Oklahoma City Thunder in five games! We know LeBron fans must be happy campers today.

It’s awesome watching teams win championships, especially when it’s a first-time championship for some of the players. These are the stories that need no fluffy language or stretching of the truth. They truly write themselves which is why Mascot Books is so dedicated to sharing the stories of sports teams. Putting fan loyalties aside, who doesn’t love seeing a group of talented athletes achieve their life-long dream? That moment when the buzzer goes off and the celebrations ensue cannot be scripted. It’s chill-inducing for any sports fan.

Mascot Books has published two NBA books, “Let’s Go, Celtics!” and “Let’s Go, Mavs!” (by our friend, Mark Cuban). We hope to expand this list (maybe it’s time for a Miami Heat book?) so if you’re a passionate basketball fan with a great story idea about your favorite NBA team, let us know!

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