December Releases! Just in time for the holidays!

9781943363025The Death of Dulgath: Volume Three of the Riyria Chronicles By Michael J. Sullivan

When the last member of the oldest noble family in Avryn is targeted for assassination, Riyria’s Royce and Hadrian are hired to foil the plot. Three years have passed since Hadrian, the war-weary mercenary, and Royce, the cynical ex-assassin, joined forces to become rogues-for-hire. All has gone well until they’re asked to help prevent a murder. Now they must venture into an ancient corner of the world to save a mysterious woman who knows more about Royce than is safe and cares less about herself than is sane.

From the best-selling author of The Riyria novels comes the third installment of The Riyria Chronicles. Although part of a series, it’s designed to thrill both new readers looking for fun, fast-paced fantasy and Riyria veterans wishing to reunite with old friends. For those who do wish to experience the entire Riyria saga, two reading options exist: chronological (starts with The Crown Tower) or order of publication (starts with Theft of Swords).

9781631773327 - CopyFront Row Seat at the Circus: One Journalist’s Journey Through Two Presidential Elections

By Jim Heath Jim Heath, a two time Emmy award winner for his political reporting and recipient of the Walter Cronkite Award for Excellence in Television Political Journalism, has been in and around the circus most of his life. A native Ohioan, Heath learned—and this is no lie—the names of the presidents before his alphabet! In Front Row Seat at the Circus, Heath combines his unique, lifelong love for presidential history to his hard hitting—and often amusing—critique of the news media and the candidates and campaigns he’s covered. Do you wonder why the state of Ohio is always where presidential candidates, and their surrogates, spend the most time and money? Have you ever wondered who is most responsible for flipping the once solidly Democratic south in presidential elections to the Republicans? Is the media really biased? If so, is it bent really to the left, or is that just a red herring? What are three words most dreaded by live television reporters, and what does Senator Fritz Hollings have to do with it? Who else has asked Hillary Clinton what she would do with Bill if she’s elected president? Who asked Mitt Romney such a provocative question about contraception it made instant national news? Who knew before the tabloids John and Elizabeth Edwards were on the outs? Who upset Barack Obama so much he ended an interview with a one-word answer? Jim Heath, that’s who! He’s become one of the most recognized political reporters in the country. The stories he shares with us don’t read like an ordinary text book. This is a personal story with behind-the-scenes access to the politicians who want to run our country and the news business that can make or break them! Over the last two presidential elections, Heath has interviewed Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Ron Paul, John and Elizabeth Edwards, Colin Powell, Mike Huckabee, Joe Biden, Marco Rubio, Bobby Jindal, Jesse Jackson, Fred Thompson, Rudy Giuliani, Lindsey Graham, George Pataki, Fritz Hollings, Paul Ryan, John Kasich and many more. In the pages of this book, Heath shares stories about them all. Have you ever wondered what it’s like to cover presidential elections and have access to the candidates who want to lead the free world? This is your ticket to a Front Row Seat at the Circus!
9781631771941A Mosquito on My Nose: Tales of Africa By Vivien J. Davies On the day of their wedding, Vivien and Bill Davies left England to sail to East Africa. They spent over two years working there and traveled extensively. They lived in Nairobi, Kenya where their daughter was born. The stories tell of the often unbelievable and amusing incidents that happened in their lives there. Working and living beside the Kenyans, they experienced a different culture and came to love their new lifestyle. At the end of their contract they drove from Nairobi to Cape Town, known as the Hell Run. On this long safari they had encounters with monkeys, ran out of gas in a remote area, and met many Maasai. Finally, they boarded a ship to sail back to England.
9781631770845The Peril of Thyself By Mark Mozeson After 30 years of clawing his way to the top, Fred Fallon is within reach of becoming CEO of global professional services giant -Spectrum. To become the anointed successor to Arthur Hegland, Fallon must agree to support a divestiture he believes will threaten his success. Will he compromise to achieve his dream orwill he find some way to have it all on his terms? What consequences lie ahead with each alternative? As a young star in the management consulting world with great ambition, Mitch Howard is selected by an investor group to start a firm called Velos. He assembles a great team that offers him the best chance of success. He finds over time that while he enjoys the privileges of leadership, the ambitions and aspirations of others forces him into situations where he cannot keep promises to his people and he loses their trust. As he becomes vulnerable in the eyes of his recalcitrant team and his investors he needs to take action to keep the business on the right path. Can he navigate a path to success or will his leadership dream slip away? These are two stories, intertwined and also parallel in the way the personal attributes of an organization’s leader seals an organization’s fate.

9780692358016Re-Imagining Philanthropy By Jimmy LaRose Jimmy LaRose, author, civil society advocate and global cause entrepreneur takes donors and volunteers on a wild ride into the upside down world of nonprofit management. Hailed as both provocative and uplifting RE-IMAGINING PHILANTHROPY uses an “emperor has no clothes” approach to confront the “crazy-making” that’s paralyzed the charitable sector for the past fifty years. Relying on humor and vivid story-telling RE-IMAGINING PHILANTHROPY “challenges the existing order of things” inspiring philanthropists to solve global problems by transforming the nonprofits in whom they invest.

Children’s Books

9781631771972Adorable Scoundrels

By Howard Eisenberg A treasury of toddler poems for parents and grandparents – and for toddlers when they’re old enough to read about themselves.
9781631773891The Adventures of Connor the Courageous Cutter: Saving Sarah By Scott McBride and Rod Thompson

Join Connor the Courageous Cutter in his first adventure in beautiful Serendipity Sound. When Sarah the Schooner gets caught in a storm, panic riddles the sound. Who will heed the Harbor Master’s call and save her? 

Follow Connor and his fun-loving friends as they learn lessons in courage, teamwork, and friendship with each new adventure.

9781631771903Aziz & the Baobab Tree By Valerie S. Johnson After being entrusted with the last of the family money, Aziz is given the task of going to a neighboring village to purchase a goat. During his travel Aziz meets Roozani, a peculiar-looking man who seems to be able to read Aziz’s thoughts. After that meeting, Aziz’s magical adventure begins.

9781631772016Benny & Bree: The Lost Toy

By Philippa Moss After a crazy dream, Benny was set to have a day of fun, adventure, and sweet treats at Aunt Sonnie’s house with his sister Bree. But when Benny and Bree’s toys go missing, Benny begins to wonder, Was it really a dream?  

9781620868546 - CopyBig Baby’s Skills to a Healthy Life

By Glen “Big Baby” Davis Ever wonder what it would be like to spend a day with your favorite professional athlete? Well, Eugene finds out when he hangs out with Glen “Big Baby” Davis and even learns his secrets to healthy living. How does their day go? Take a look inside.

9781631771750Bucket Filling Fairy

By Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead SantaChoiceAwardsLOGO It’s an ordinary day at Strawberry Hill Summer Camp until a magical creature arrives and surprises the campers, Trey most of all. Trey has been dipping his friends’ buckets. Bucket Filling Fairy (BFF) tries to help Trey see “that buckets are for filling, and making people happy can be so thrilling!” Will Trey learn this important message,  earn his friends’ forgiveness and become a Super Bucket Filler? Or is it too late for him to change?

9781631773297Christmas Holiday CD and Song Book

By Alexander Ceruzzi “Never let the feeling go, It’s Christmas time again.” Christmas Holiday: CD and Song Book, includes eight original Christmas songs beginning with the 2014 Song Of The Year honored, “Christmas Holiday.” In addition to the original Christmas songs, the lyrics and beautiful illustrations will certainly get readers of all ages in the holiday spirit. Merry Christmas! To listen to sample tracks from this cd go to: www.melodymanmusic.com
9781631771347The Cookie Story By Cynthia Garcia If you have ever had a dog in your life, you have known true happiness that comes from true friendship. But how do we keep those memories and feelings alive forever? That is the secret The Cookie Story reveals.

9781620869314God and the Bee

By Drew Dozier Go on a journey with the little bee as he learns that something as tiny as he is has a purpose in God’s creation plan.

9781631774331A Great White Christmas

By Cody VandeZande As Santa heads out to deliver gifts on Christmas Eve, he encounters trouble over Australia. Unexpected friends arrive to help save the day, and along the way Santa learns a valuable lesson. Join Santa, Oli, and the rest of the crew in this unique Christmas tale!

9781631771248Heaux-Heaux-Heaux, Indigeaux!

By Wendy Woods Heaux-heaux-heaux! Santa is in big trouble! He’s left the Naughty and Nice List at Indigeaux’s house! Will Indigeaux be able to get it back to him in time to save Christmas? Join Indigeaux, Summer, and Cooyon the reindeer on a Christmas Eve hunt for Santa Claus!

9781631774218Let’s Celebrate Diwali

By Anjali Joshi Harini is excited to share her Diwali story during circle time at school. She quickly learns that she’s not the only one with a story to share! Diwali is celebrated by many different religions, each with its own Diwali story. Join Harini as she learns about Hindu, Sikh, Jain, and Buddhist Diwali traditions.

9781631773235The Lying, Lying Lion

By Kerry Morris A lazy, lying lion joins Hoss on his safari after being banished for bad behavior. As they explore the Serengeti, Hoss helps the lion discover more than the marvelous plants and animals: the value of hard work and honesty.


By Jordan J. Scavone What do you do when you start preschool? You play! You learn! But sit in the corner and refuse to speak to anyone?… Unfortunately if you’re as shy and nervous as Emma, this is what you do. Or, you can stand up, put your mask on, and firmly place your hands on your hips and stand proud. Stand and be Might-E!

9781631772948Nittany Lion and THON

By Denise L. Kaminsky Nittany Lion™ and Annie talk about all that goes into THON™.

9781631772818Richie and Shelly at the Farm Festival, an Adventure in Healthy Eating

By Cathy Macri Richie and Shelly are very excited because today is theAnnual Farm Festival at school. Farmer Brown is on his way…riding his tractor to the school and pulling a wagon filled with the ingredients for a delicious and fun-filled day!

9781631772122Sam the Porcupine and His Quills of Courage

By Courtney  Montepara Sam the porcupine had no friends at the zoo. But when the lion escaped, he knew just what to do! Join Sam and his class as the lion draws near, And Sam’s true character becomes very clear. You don’t have to be pretty, fast, or tall. The beauty within is the most important of all.
9781631770609Sasha’s Glowing Eyes: Marie Curie and the Discovery of Polonium and Radium By Monica León Experiment after experiment, Sasha still doesn’t know what all the fuss is about. Join Sasha as she watches Marie and Pierre Curie discover the unknown and make history along the way.
9781631772641Saying Thank You By Monisha Vasa, M. D. I say thank you every day for our lungs that breathe life into us. What do you say thank you for? Saying Thank You is written by Dr. Monisha Vasa, a psychiatrist and writer who firmly believes in developing mental and emotional well being from a young age. Parents and children alike will enjoy reading this book together about the power of gratitude. “Saying Thank You” will spark countless discussions about all that we have to be thankful for, long after the last page has been read.
9781631771767Steak at Stake By Desirée DeNourie Come see what happens to Cole on the hungriest day of his life! Cole loves eating at restaurants, especially when steak is on the menu. The problem is Cole has many food allergies and sometimes people struggle with tolerance.
9781631773136Sydney’s Dress By Paul O’Connell Sydney’s life is pretty ordinary. He has a mum, a dad, a brother and sister, and a little dog too! One day, Sydney wears a dress to school. People aren’t sure what to think! Join Sydney as he shows what makes us different makes us special and unique.
9781631772443Tiny the Tree By Mary Clark Dalton Tiny is sad, he knows he’s the smallest tree on the farm. He longs to go home with someone and decorate their house for Christmas. He watches as tree after tree leaves the farm. Will he be the last tree standing on Christmas morning? Follow Tiny as he discovers Christmas is more than fancy decorations and expensive presents.
9781631770128‘Twas the Night Before Game Day – SEC By Susan S. Carothers ’Twas the night before game day And all through the South All the tailgates were ready Cheers came from each mouth.

See how each mascot prepares for game day. Together we make up one big family The family that we call The Great SEC.

9781631773709Unika the One-of-a-Kind Unicorn: A Story about Bullying

By Linda Miller Everyone is unique and one-of-akind. Unika comes to help Juan, a child who has been hurt by bullying. This magical unicorn shows all of us the importance of understanding and kindness.

9781631773716A Weebee’s Alphabet Journey

By Sky Welkin Read along as a Weebee sets out on a journey to see the ABCs!            

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