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December Releases

Mascot books announces new releases for December 2016.


by Jeff Keasberry Indo Dutch Kitchen Secrets is an inspiring cookbook for anyone who wants to explore and rediscover a unique culinary heritage, explained in more than 100 delicious, easy-to-prepare dishes. During 350 years of colonial intimacy in the former Dutch East Indies (modern Indonesia), not only did a hybrid culture emerge, but also one of the world’s oldest and richest fusion cuisines. Indo Dutch Kitchen Secrets celebrates the blending of Indonesian, Dutch and the resultant Indo Dutch fusion cooking style, all coming together in one fascinating kitchen. Jeff Keasberry shares three generations worth of family recipes, anecdotes and stories about Holland’s favorite adopted food, from appetizers to main courses, desserts, vegan and gluten-free dishes, including Jeff’s nasi goreng, gado gado, sambal terasi, macaroni schotel, as well as Jeff’s Mom’s risoles, frikadel pan, rendang, tahu telor petis; Jeff’s Granny’s elaborate rijsttafel, klappertaart, spekkoek and some of Jeff’s favorite typical Dutch delicacies like stamppot, erwtensoep, bitterballen and stroopwafels. You will also find tips on sourcing ingredients, including substitutes and what to serve for different occasions.  
by David Giles Bud: The Mightiest of All Auburn Oaks represents the true embodiment of Auburn spirit. From run-ins with bomb squads and Alabama fans, Bud is a true survivor who has lived a thrilling and often humorous life. With its heartwarming story, this novel is perfect for a true Auburn fan. Best of all, 100% of the profits from this book go to Auburn University, specifically to the Auburn Oaks Dean’s Endowed Fund for Excellence in the School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences. That is, 100% minus $1.00 per year so David can tell people he is a successful author.


by Bradley Dressler
Sam didn’t think anything would come of his visit to the college career fair. But after an encounter with a mysterious woman at a booth his life is changed forever. Suddenly, he’s thrust into a world where psychics exist, and he’s one of them.
With a promise that he will learn how to utilize his newfound powers, he finds himself in the midst of a dangerous struggle between psychic corporations fighting to protect the deadliest weapon known to man. And to make things worse, his guide to this world is a prodigy clairvoyant with a foul mouth and an attitude sharper than her knives.
An ancient order. A corrupt corporation bent on global domination. Now psychics are going missing and it all has to do with a strange and beautiful man who speaks as if he’s been alive for centuries.
Sam must quickly learn to control his powers and face a conspiracy bigger than he could have imagined. Or else, he might end up losing more than just his mind.

Children’s Picture Books

by Amanda Yoshida The Greatest Wish is an Everchanging story with endless fun! Read along and decide if you’d rather be a giraffe or a dinosaur? How about a bird or a rocket? A shark or an octopus? Whatever you choose, it’s bound to be a lot of fun!
by Ken Lefkowitz Hippi has a bad habit—she has a potty mouth. Using bad words wasn’t a problem in her hometown of Urbania, but her family just moved to Hill Hollow, and things are different there. While on an adventure with her new best friend, Bitty, Hippi discovers she might need to break her bad habit after all.
by Allison Krieger A little imagination may lead to big adventures. Join Howard and discover the Wompoopus!
by Stephanie Marlett It’s Superhero Day in school, but Jaxton doesn’t know what power he should have. And it doesn’t help when Pete the Bully makes fun of his ideas. But with the help of his friend Lily, Jaxton realizes that he might already have a superpower of his very own!  
by Angelia Morlan Every morning when Kinley wakes up, she has to decide what to wear. No matter her mood, she knows that choosing the right color is an important part of her day. With its humorous rhymes and beautiful illustrations, What Color to Wear shows kids how to feel confident in themselves and is a joy for readers both young and old.  
by Maritza Oliver Take a closer look at the way people think about different species of animals. If we get to know animals a little bit better we will see that we’re not that different from them. When it comes to suffering, we are all the same.
by Lisa Monroy After a magic show doesn’t go as planned, can Gabriel still become a great magician? With a little practice, he might just make the grand finale trick work!
by Jenn Press Arata
Dessert is Emma’s favorite meal, and she doesn’t understand why she can’t have it all of the time. Preferring cookies and candy to fruits and vegetables, Emma wants to live in a world where she can have dessert all the time. And her wish soon comes true! But when Emma is whisked away into a delicious land, she finds that it’s not everything she hoped for.
With its heart-warming text and wonderful illustrations, children and parents alike will enjoy this story and the important lesson it shares.
by Myles Schrag Even an angel can struggle to find her way. When Ahva decides to leave her home inside a cacao pod, there’s only one thing she wants to do: share chocolate with the world. But she’ll have to face the biting saw of Serracho, who is trying to destroy the beautiful rainforest! Luckily, help comes from unexpected friends and Ahva soon discovers she’s meant for something bigger than what she learned at Angel College.
by W.M. Burnett Alex is ready for a vacation! The problem is he isn’t sure where to go. Luckily, Alex’s friends love vacations and have some great suggestions. Where do you think they’ll go?
by Shanalee Sharboneau My daddy shares with me. My daddy cares for me. My daddy teaches me to dream. My daddy plays with me. My daddy stays with me. My daddy loves me all life long. My Daddy Loves Me: I’m His Little Girl is the third book in the My Family Loves Me series.
by Chris Fikes Learn about another part of the world in If We Were in Thailand…, a fun and light-hearted story of friendship. When Miles befriends the new student Thum at school, he learns all about what life would be like if he were in Thailand…
by B.J. Jeffers The love between a grandfather and his grandson is a special one. Experience this and God’s embracing love as Stir-Fry and Grandpa P spend a wonderful weekend together making priceless memories.
by Tracy Watland When Grace’s grandmother gives her the mysterious blue Kindness Can with its simple rules to BE COMPASSIONATE, BE COURAGEOUS, DECIDE, and BE A RAKER, magic happens!
by Gretchen Schuyler Brenckle Meet Denali the Cat! Denali is on the adventure of a lifetime as she travels the United States meeting new friends and learning fun new facts. Where will she go next?
by Adam Westgate It’s the end of summer,and Biscuit the Coonhound is nervous to start at his new school. On his first day, everything seems to be going well until two of his classmates, Max and Sophie, begin making fun of him for looking different. It’s up to Biscuit and his new friend Lily to help teach Max and Sophie why bullying is wrong and what they can do instead.
by Trina Petersen Clayoton lives in the Vessilicity, a kingdom home to many different pots. Most are beautiful and pristine, but Clayoton is chipped and shabby-looking. Tired of feeling insecure, he journeys to meet the potmaker and learns to be confident in himself along the way. With its meaningful text and message, The Adventures of Clayoton: Clayoton Meets the Potmaker is a heart-warming book for readers of all ages.
by Wanda Mckinzy When Pinka’s parents realize she is seeing the world in only one color, they devise a plan to open her mind. A Princess should be smart and wise after all!
by Sucheta Rawal Beato Goes to Israel is a children’s picture book by Sucheta Rawal. Following his adventures in Greenland, journey with Beato as he leaves his home to explore the world. Next stop, Israel!
by Erin Santana Spud Jr. belongs to an ironworker who does the important job of working on the Golden Gate Bridge. One day things go wrong and the bridge is in trouble! Will small Spud Jr. be able to make a difference?
by Sharon Falk When a little girl goes to visit her Grammy, but forgets to bring someone very important with her, what can she do? Luckily, Grammy is there to show her how to make a new friend–and she’ll show you, too!
by Steve and Jean Goodwin Milton is different from the other moose and is often teased. But, this never takes away from his desire to be kind and his love for Christmas! When given the opportunity to meet his hero, Santa, will his greatest wish come true?
by Bryce Dodson When Abigail goes to church for the first time, she has a lot of questions. Her mom isn’t sure she is the best one to help, so it’s up to Doctor Dude and his sidekick dog Dawnie! Asking questions about history, beliefs, and science, Doctor Dude and Dawnie help Abigail understand. Encouraging free-thinking, Doctor Dude Presents: What is God? is a wonderful tool for both parents and readers.
by Jakie Rodriguez Do you have extra toys that you don’t play with anymore? Santa can use them! He is asking for your help to make sure all the boys and girls around the world have a wonderful holiday. Are you ready?
by Matt Scott As part of the Find Something Awesome series, Level 3 helps readers turn negative feelings into positive ones. It provides strategies for staying strong and confident as well as opportunities for self-reflection and encouragement.
by Matt Scott As part of the Find Something Awesome series, level 4 enables readers to stay motivated towards achieving their goals. Stay confident and focused on visualizing what you want to achieve, and you will!
by Robert Burns When Grand Ma Ma wants to organize a Secret Santa for all of the animals, Lady gets worried. Follow Mr. Gobble Chops and Lady as they navigate life’s challenges together and learn to stand up for their beliefs.
by Kelly Tokuhama It’s Christmastime in New York City, and Penelope couldn’t be more excited. She’s off on her next adventure through the city—this time to find the perfect gift for a special friend. With its heartwarming text, Penelope’s Christmas in New York will bring holiday joy to readers of all ages.

Children’s Early Chapter Books

by Donna Sherard When Ryan finds himself spending summer vacation in Kenya against his will, he has no idea he’s in for more than he bargained for. His special “gift” comes in handy when he has to protect his desperate friend from catastrophe. And all the while, he really wants to know the answer to one question… Is he just weird…or is he awesome?
by Joan Chabib Follow stories from four children that come from very different places. They may have unique cultures and traditions, but their values are universal and provide them all with a chance for happiness.

Children’s Coloring Books

by Daniel Edmondson Color some rad skaters in the Adaptive Skate Coloring Book! The Adaptive Skate Kollective is a nonprofit dedicated to raising awareness for the adaptive community by offering skateboarding training, coaching, competitions, and hosting special events. This book does not feature people with disabilities. It features skateboarders and skateboarding doesn’t discriminate. Please, color outside the lines.

Children’s Board Books

by Ming and Joanna Liu Going to sleep doesn’t seem so bad when you think about all of the fun things you can do when you wake up! This whimsical bedtime story will spark your child’s imagination and help them look forward to your nighttime routine.
by Heather Behrmann Fore!! This little book is a lovely introduction to the wonderful game of golf!
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