Featured Author: Najma Khorrami

A Spoonful of GratitudeAs we continue to deal with the pandemic’s effects, adapt to returning to in-person work and social events, and cope with the general stress of the world, self-care is at the forefront of many people’s minds.  Author and public health professional Najma Khorrami understands and has written two books about self-care and gratitude to address these issues. 

Khorrami founded her own social media app-based company, Gratitude Circle, in 2017 to redefine a small part of social media as a positive and empowering space. Now, in her book, A Spoonful of Gratitude: Tips to Reduce Stress and Enjoy Life to the Fullest, Khorrami collects sixty-eight articles she has published revealing why gratitude is foundational to personal growth. 

Whether you’re already an expert in gratitude or a novice looking to acquire a new skill, A Spoonful of Gratitude provides a wealth of research-based evidence and straightforward advice to help reduce stress, build confidence, and improve your mental and physical health. Containing more than just a spoonful of insight into life’s most valuable lessons, this book will strengthen you from the core outward and provides the tools readers need to thrive and enjoy life to the fullest. 

Self-Care with Ted and FriendsKhorrami is not only focused on self-care and gratitude for adults, however. She has also written a children’s book, Self-Care With Ted and Friends, to help young readers learn self-care techniques at an early age. A healthy lifestyle can begin at any stage, and starting early helps to engrain the habits for life.

Many have experienced some level of trauma over the past few years, making Khorrami’s books highly recommended. They will help readers move forward in 2022 in a healthy and grateful way. You can purchase your own signed copies of Khorrami’s books at Barnes and Noble in Manassas, VA this Sunday, April 24th from 12pm to 4pm. Take this chance to speak with her about what gratitude is all about!

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