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RISE-EvenDeathCan'tStopMe_MBWebRISE: Even Death Can’t Stop MeFrank Thomas struggled his entire adult life with shame from the devastating effects of an unrelenting childhood and the worst mistake he’d ever made. That is, until one day he found the courage to tell his story and it changed everything. RISE: Even Death Can’t Stop Me is the compelling story of one boy’s battle to overcome poverty, mistakes, shame and negative self-limiting beliefs. It’s about getting knocked down and sometimes knocked out, but choosing to persevere when life shouts, “Stay down and quit!” It’s about the spirit inside that cries, “Rise and fight!” Frank Thomas found the faith to turn everything that could have been a reason to quit into a reason to succeed, and recognized his responsibility to use his story to help liberate others trapped in the shame of their past. This is that story. Meet Frank and receive his latest free resource “The Power of a New Story” at
RIsForRetirement_MBWebR is for RetirementSo, you want to retire or have already taken the plunge. Laugh through this entertaining alphabet book about retirement and try to find yourself among the letters. Whether dealing with Condo Commandos by the pool, considering plastic surgery, or enjoying an afternoon frolic after being re-energized by the sun – there are many aspects of retirement you’ll recognize. This book will have you laughing – all the way to the senior center!
BestOfBothWorlds,The_MBWebThe Best of Both Worlds: A Pioneer’s Perspective on Straddling East and West​​This book details the challenges of holding on to one’s roots while adapting to life in a new country, and the attempts to bridge the gap between two starkly different cultures. In a thoughtful and compelling narrative, Neeva Pradhan relays the story of her upbringing in Nepal, the challenges she encountered upon arriving in the U.S. as a student, and the crucial questions she confronted as she raised a family in her adopted homeland. Full of humor as well as myriad perspectives on the immigrant experience, Pradhan offers keen insight into the art of balancing the values with which she was raised and the attitudes of the country to which she immigrated. Capturing the best of both worlds is an ongoing adventure that consists of great challenge yet also profound fulfillment.
CalmBeforeTheStorm_MBWebThe Calm Before the StormAfter the sudden passing of her husband, Charlie Jenkins has found it hard to go about living life with the same kind of fire and tenacity she had before. Her two kids, Ryan and Skylar, are stuck in the same rut. Together, they’ve barely gotten through each day, and the idea of “normal” is starting to seem impossible: that is, until one night when Charlie’s friends take her out on the town. Charlie’s world is turned upside down when she meets Genuine Storm, a horse that seems to be going through a rough patch similar to her own. As Charlie rediscovers her lifelong dream to race a horse in the Kentucky Derby, she must combat the feelings that come with moving on from the startling loss of her husband, as well as those surrounding the intriguing man helping her with her horse. With her friends and family around her, she relearns how to live life to the fullest, and possibly achieve her dreams.
ABookinHerHands_MBWebA Book In Her HandsSara Haines is a young lady whose desire is to be a painter. Because they live in the same town, Sara knows Winslow Homer, one of the very best artists ever in America. She embarks on a path that will lead her to herdesire, including seeking help from Homer. Homer strongly affirmed women’s rights and the full humanity of slaves, but he spoke only through his art. Sara’s journey includes seeking to be part of his art. The novel explores twenty-five of Homer’s paintings, not in a museum but as they are being painted. Sara provides her answer to the question of how a single woman can survive in the 1860s and 1870s as she seeks to achieve her dreams.
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