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First Annual Mascot Books Author of the Year!

The success of Mascot Books has been dependent on the creativity and enthusiasm of our authors this year more than ever!  We wanted to come up with an extraordinary way to thank them, so we are thrilled to announce that 2011 marks the inaugural Mascot Books Author of the Year Award.

The Author of the Year Award was created to honor an outstanding member of the Mascot Books family. The field consisted of over 120 exceptional authors who’ve published their work through Mascot Books, so narrowing our choices down was difficult, to say the least! However, we’re confident that we’ve selected the author who has shown the most Mascot Books spirit this year, and we’re sure you’ll be as thrilled as we are for the 2011 Author of the Year!

The criteria for selection included dedication to producing the highest quality story and/or illustrations, passion for the craft of writing, commitment to entertaining and/or educating the reader through literature, and motivation to convey a positive message or theme. We also considered the author’s attitude, enthusiasm, and optimistic spirit.

The Grand Prize winner will receive an amazing gift: Mascot Books will produce his or her next book free of charge! The second and third prize winners will each receive $100 gift cards. Leading up to the announcement of the winner honorable mentions will receive recognition through our social media outlets all week long!

The winner of the 2011 Mascot Books Author of the Year Award will be announced on Monday August 29, 2011. Tune in here next Monday to find out which of our authors has been selected to receive top honors and our Grand Prize!

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