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Over the last few days, I’ve been watching the disturbing events unfold at Toomer’s Corner in Auburn, Alabama. For those unfamiliar with the story—a very disturbed “fan” has been charged with poisoning two of the iconic 130-year old trees seen here on the Auburn Campus.  Read more about the incident and response here: Toomer’s Corner rally draws thousands

The tragedy at Toomer’s Corner has raised some very difficult questions. College football is a way of life in certain parts of this great country, and historically intense rivalries like Auburn versus Alabama are what make the sport great. But, where do we draw the line?  I’m not really sure, but what both Auburn and Alabama fans agree on today is that the line was clearly crossed in this case.

I was pleased to learn that Alabama fans have set out to raise money to support the health or replacement of the trees.  That got us thinking about what we could do here to help the cause.  Between now and March 31st, Mascot Books is donating 25% of all proceeds from the sales of any of our Auburn and Alabama children’s books to the Toomer’s Trees and Traditions Fund, in order to aid Auburn University in doing whatever it takes to save, replace, or find an alternative for Toomer’s Oaks.

Check out our books here, and get started teaching your little ones how to be a RESPECTFUL Alabama or Auburn fan!

Alabama Books! Or Auburn Books!

Sadly, it may be too late to save these iconic trees, but I am confident that the Universities of Auburn and Alabama will do everything they can to make this tragic situation right. If you would like to make a donation directly to the foundation, you can do so here:

Toomer’s Trees and Traditions Fund

War Eagle and Roll Tide!

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