Holiday Gift Guide for Your Favorite Book Worms

Andy Williams really couldn’t have said it better— it’s the most wonderful time of the year. However, Andy did leave out how stressful holiday gift shopping can be. Before the first snow falls, many of us are last-minute scrambling to find special gifts for our loved ones. The Mascot Books staff put together a gift guide for book lovers to make your shopping easier and your festive season jollier. After all, nothing beats sitting by the fire with hot cocoa and a good book.

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Books to Be Your Best Self and Improve Life and Business Skills

Ignore the Impossible

Dane Rauschenberg

Do you give up when faced with your limits? Dane Rauschenberg asks you to work through, move past, and, ultimately, ignore the impossible. Armed with his own life experiences and sharp wit, Rauschenberg explains how you can face your limitations and overcome your obstacles. He also shows you how to isolate the bad advice in your life, transforming “I can’t” into “I can.”

Ignore the Impossible is a collection of ideas, methods, and hints that can assist you in creating the best version of yourself. After all, the best way to find out how far you can go is to go further than you’ve ever gone before.

Ruling the Roost From the Hen House

By Arvey Krise

Do you feel like the tail is wagging the dog? It’s time to take control. Get the results you want by helping your team achieve the results they want. With this fun, down-to-earth guide, it’s easier than ever. Focus on results – effectively becoming a better manager while also building your dream team! Packed with amusing anecdotes, Ruling the Roost from the Henhouse shares Arvey’s secrets for winning, along with valuable lessons learned on her road to success. Not only will you add valuable lifelong skills to your management toolbox; you’ll learn to be a great leader in every aspect of life.

Guiding you to define your strengths and weaknesses, Ruling the Roost from the Henhouse helps you create your personal management style that will garner respect and build a confident loyal team envied by your peers. Learn to conduct the perfect interview yielding great hires, build a strong team while professionally maintaining delicate boss-friend relationships, and proven skills still the most effective among the latest management ideas. This engaging and vital workplace commentary will benefit anyone in management whether it be the corporate world, organizations—or your own kids! Master the modern world of management now—Ruling the Roost in your own Henhouse.

#ImpactMyLife: Being the Change

By Eric Godwin

This is a call to individuals who want to make a social change. The goal is to spread kindness and service across cities, towns, and communities around the world one social media post at a time. Join the movement to make a difference in the lives of others by doing tasks such as designing a kindness rock, donating seeds to an agriculture program, or reading to children at your local public library. Each week after you complete your task, you have the opportunity to reflect on the experience and share your adventure on your favorite social media platform.

Be the person who wants to give back to society. Be a role model for your friends, family, and community. Be a mentor to someone who needs it—that’s what the foundation of #IMPACTMYLIFE is constructed on. Be the change you want to see in the world and #IMPACTMYLIFE!

Max Out Mindset

By Larry Widman

Over the past twenty years, Larry Widman has worked with some of the best teams, coaches, athletes, and other high performers in business, sport, and life. When it comes to elite per­formance, Larry knows exactly what steps are needed to achieve this goal.

In Max Out Mindset, Larry outlines these steps by recounting stories from coaches, athletes, and teams he has worked with over the years to share his insight on how to max out when it matters most. Using the fifteen powers outlined within, you’ll learn how to prepare for bat­tle, max out your mind, max out your emo­tions, and ultimately, max out your team.

Whether you’re a coach, athlete, or business leader, or just trying to improve your mindset for life, Larry’s stories high­light the struggles and accomplishments, the highs and lows, and everything in be­tween that accompanies pursuing the edg­es of elite.

The Battle in the Mirror: A 30 Day Challenge That Will Change the Way You See Yourself in the Mirror

Frederica Mercado

Our thoughts, feelings, and emotions have the ability to crowd out what’s most important in our lives.

If you’ve ever struggled with thoughts of self-doubt and emotions of insecurity, fear, anxiety that seem to weigh you down, you’re not alone. Many deal with those normal feelings daily, but what makes them ineffective is when we let them overwhelm and control us. Thus that negative self-talk we give ourselves when we’re in front of the mirror can be completely changed when we view ourselves the way God views us.

The Battle in the Mirror is an honest but empowering 30-day challenge guide to help you focus on the value that God gives rather than the devalue others give. With applicable and personal examples, thoughts to consider, and Scriptures to lean on, this book gives answer to the questions we all face about what we truly see in the mirror.

Must-Read Memoirs

Can You See My Scars?

By Samuel Moore-Sobel

Can You See My Scars? is a story of trauma, adversity, healing, and recovery. Samuel, a young man about to begin his sophomore year of high school, accepts a job that culminates in a chemical explosion—leaving Samuel with severe burns on his face, neck, and arms. The tragic and sudden accident sets Samuel on an unpredictable journey of healing, recovery, and acceptance.

In the wake of the accident, Samuel endures grief, pain, and numerous surgical procedures for the scars on his body. He grapples with his appearance, faith, and the loss of friends. Through it all, he comes to view his scars as an unavoidable part of the human experience. Whether physical, emotional, or spiritual, we all carry scars—and it is simply what we choose to do with them that defines us. Samuel’s story allows us to see him for who he truly is, while also turning a mirror on ourselves.

Can You See My Scars? explores questions about identity, suffering, purpose, and ultimately, what it means to be uniquely human.

Mirror Mirror: Confessions of a Celebrity Makeup Artist 

By Trista Jordan

Mirror, Mirror: Confessions of a Celebrity Makeup Artist is the story of a single mom in Hollywood leading up to—and during—the #MeToo movement. Trista uses humor, grit, and her makeup brush to rise to the top…and deal with the high-pressure demands that whipsaw her between drama, deadlines, and disasters while working with some of the most colorful characters on the planet. 

Viking Voyager: An Icelandic Memoir

By Sverrir Sigurdsson with Veronica Li

This vivacious personal story captures the heart and soul of modern Iceland. Born in Reykjavik on the eve of the Second World War, Sverrir Sigurdsson watched Allied troops invade his country and turn it into a bulwark against Hitler’s advance toward North America. The country’s post-war transformation from an obscure, dirt-poor nation to a prosperous one became every Icelander’s success. Spurred by this favorable wind, Sverrir answered the call of his Viking forefathers, setting off on a voyage that took him around the world. Join him on his roaring adventures!

And the Monkey Lets Go: Memoirs Through Illusion and Doubt

By Scott Hunter

Scott Hunter should be dead: Alcohol. Pot. Mescaline. Acid. Cocaine. You name it, he did it to excess. Like many young Americans who came of age in the 1960s, he told himself it was all part of life’s grand adventure. Truth was, he couldn’t face the secrets that were consuming him.

Beginning with pharmaceutical LSD at two seminaries, Scott searched for an awakening. His journey took him to Thailand, where he taught English as a Second Language and studied Vipassana meditation. He was an attendant at a Massachusetts State School for developmentally-challenged children, drove tractor trailers, farmed organically on a hippie farm, lived in a teepee, and studied mantra meditation. He became a vagabond (read: homeless) exploring politics and poetry.

Eventually, he found recovery from drugs and alcohol in the AA and NA programs, and uncovered the reasons for his addictions. In And the Monkey Lets Go, Scott writes about his life with clarity and humor, each milestone serving as an ultimately revelatory story about what it means to unearth the truth about yourself.

Books for Athletes 

Running Wild: A Quest for Healing Across 7 Continents

By Bobby O’Donnell

After almost losing everything at the finish line of the 2013 Boston Marathon, O’Donnell, a nineteen-year-old college student, was left
empty and broken. In the aftermath of the bombing he not only struggled with the trauma of the events, but also found that terrorism had stolen his passion for running. Unable to find healing in his conventional life, O’Donnell embarked on an inspiring and ambitious quest to run a marathon on all seven continents. His search for peace took him everywhere from dodging penguins in Antarctica to running under the shadow of Mt. Everest. Finding new love for his sport and seeing the good of humanity in all corners of the globe, O’Donnell experiences triumphs and unexpected tragedy in this beautifully described journey. A true testament to following your dreams, this adventurous story serves as inspiration for overcoming fear in the midst of overwhelming adversity.

Return to Center

By Rocky Snyder

The traditional approach to strength and conditioning has been all about getting bigger and stronger, but at what cost? Joint pain, tendinitis, bursitis, non-contact sports injuries, and lower back pain are just a few of the potential by-products. In Return to Center, Rocky Snyder takes a refreshing approach to improving human performance without the drawbacks of pain and reduced mobility. This new methodology bases each program on the individual, their posture, and their unique gait pattern. No two people have identical lives, so why should they have identical programs?

Becca’s Feat on Feet

By Becca Pizzi

Becca has been running since she was just six years old. She ran her first race with her dad by her side—and she’s never stopped. After years of competitive racing, including over a decade of Boston Marathons, she decides that it’s time to raise the bar and run in one of the toughest races on the globe: the World Marathon Challenge.

Seven marathons.

Seven continents.

Seven days.

Running in this challenge will push Becca to her limits—and beyond. From icy terrains to hot desert climates, Becca must brave the elements and run faster and harder than she ever has before. Will she be the first American woman to win? Join Becca on this incredible, odds-defying adventure that shows everyone just how much they can accomplish with hard work and dedication. 

Extra Innings: Fred Claire’s Journey to City of Hope and Finding a World Championship Team

By Tim Madigan

Fred Claire was a longtime marketing executive with the team, widely admired for his character, work ethic, and ingenuity. But he was a former sportswriter with no experience in player trades and roster construction. Yet, just a year later, the Dodger team Claire built shocked the baseball world by winning the 1988 World Series.

But his greatest challenge would come long after he left the game. In 2016, skin cancer that began on Claire’s lip had spread to his jaw. With his life on the line, the former baseball executive found his way to City of Hope National Medical Center in the Los Angeles suburb of Duarte.

While Extra Innings recalls Claire’s remarkable baseball career, it also recounts the miraculous story of his cancer fight at City of Hope. Readers will be inspired by Claire’s unflinching decency and fortitude—and by the cutting-edge science and compassion that make City of Hope unique in the annals of American medicine.



Books for Young Animal Lovers


By Jacqueline Leigh

“Tonight, Nellie is definitely not getting any sleep…Or is she? Jacqueline’s clever and hilarious tale of nighttime misadventure is sure to please even the toughest nut!”

– Jonathan D. Voss, Author / Illustrator of the Hoot & Olive Series

Parker the Purple Penguin

By Marybeth Wishart

Parker, a very purple penguin, does not understand why he is not accepted by his peers. How can they not like him, especially when he loves to do all the same things they do? Why does he get excluded by all the other penguins just because of the color of his coat? What can Parker do that will make the other penguins become his friends?

Follow Parker’s adventures as he faces the challenges of being different. What finally changes the other penguins’ perception of Parker? Read the story and discover all the things Parker did and what it took for the other penguins to understand the truth.

Parker the Purple Penguin explores themes that are relevant to all children—and even adults!—such as accepting each other’s differences, empathy, and bravery.

The Fabulous Adventures of Oliver Taco

By Brianna House

This is the story of a special cat named Oliver Taco. He enjoyed adventuring with his Mom and being a part of every single aspect of her life. He lived a life very different than your typical cat. Some of his most important adventures are depicted in this book. This was his life, and we hope that you enjoy it.

Four Paws, Two Feet, One Team

By Connor Quinn and Mary Cortani

Four Paws, Two Feet, One Team is a book about a rescue puppy named Dakota that grows up to become a service dog. Dakota is found in a field with his brothers and sisters and taken in by a woman named Mary Cortani who runs an organization called Operation Freedom Paws. As Dakota grows up and dreams of becoming a service dog, he is eventually matched with a combat veteran suffering from PTSD. As they train together and bond, Dakota goes from being rescued to being the rescuer.

The Tales of Scuba Steve: Honu’s Reef

By Steven Kamlet

The Tales of Scuba Steve: Honu’s Reef is about a young boy named Ben, an excited young camper returning to Camp Oneega at the start of summer. Ben quickly reunites with his camp friends, Oliver and Al, and their counselors. As the boys catch up, they begin to wonder whether this is the year they will finally be placed in Scuba Steve’s swim group.

With luck on their side, they are asked to join Scuba Steve’s group…and that’s when Ben and the gang are teleported to Hawaii, where they experience undersea adventures with  Scuba Steve and the local turtle, Honu!

Dive right in and join the adventure!

Baby Books for New Parents

Baby’s First Business Book 

By Andrew Dorazio

Baby’s First Business Book is a fun

and exciting book for boys and girls
of all ages who may want to start
their own business someday. Share
the ABCs of key business terms with
your child and prepare them with
the grit and courage to strike out on
their own. Fortune favors the bold!

First Baby Book: Black and White Patterns Adventure 

By Caity Werner

For the first 0-9 months of their lives, babies respond well to simple black and white patterns. For short periods of time, high contrast black and white images support their visual development by stimulating optic nerves. Because babies’ retinas are not fully developed, the images teach their eye muscles and brain to coordinate, which also aids in developing their eyesight. First Baby Book offers a multisensory experience through strong black and white patterns that aid babies in developing the ability to focus their concentration and attention.

In Mommy’s Tummy

By Matthew E. Bass

In Mommy’s Tummy
is a rhyming, lyrical tale told from the perspective of expecting parents. Intended to be read to a toddler audience, it walks the reader through the steps of pregnancy. From the excited moment of discovery, through the grand plans of clothes and nurseries, to sonogram pictures, debating over names, and the eager anticipation of birth, it is meant to help a young child understand how they became a part of their parents’ lives before they were born. It is also meant to help toddler siblings understand what’s happening with their parents before their baby brother or sister arrives. Artist and illustrator Ashley Bittner brings the expecting parents’ world to life with vivid, colorful, expressive imagery. The combination of simple text and luscious artwork helps children visualize their parents preparing for their arrival, while evoking the warmth and love with which we greet the newest members of our families.

Lucas Takes His Food Allergies to Daycare

By Megan Herr

Join Lucas as he discovers that food allergies don’t have to stop anybody from having fun! Even more, his story reminds us that our differences are what ultimately bring us all together! 


Books for Young Readers with Messages about Self-Confidence, Embracing Differences, and Diversity

Maggie the Moomaid

By Rachel Terlop

Growing up, Maggie’s mothers always encouraged her to be true to herself, and helped her imagination grow as big as her heart. However, when bullies at school start to tease Maggie, she must find a way to overcome their taunts while standing firm in her own flippers! Join Maggie as she shows everyone what a little bit of creativity can do–and how much fun can be had in the process.

Coral’s Quest

By Zoë Williams

Once there was a hammerhead shark named Coral. Her skin was a silky grey, she had beautiful fins, and her eyes were a sparkly blue. Coral lived in the Caribbean Sea. Coral was a happy shark, but one day she noticed her home wasn’t as pretty as it used to be.

With this enchanting beginning, Coral’s Quest introduces us to an underwater world where sharks and ocean life are under constant threat from environmental destruction. This essential and timely book highlights the capacity of humans to pollute the planet – but also their ability to fix it, too.

When Coral accidentally eats a plastic bag, she has no idea that she is setting into motion a chain of events that will turn her into a human and force her to learn difficult lessons about what it means to be a global citizen. Blending magic with our real-life environmental issues, Coral’s Quest urges readers to think about how their actions affect all living creatures – both under the sea and on land!

Hope and Freckles: Fleeing to a Better Forest

By Bill Kiley

Hope, a white-tailed deer, and her spotted fawn, Freckles, are facing hunger and danger in their forest. Hope decides that they must leave their home and go in search of a better place where they will be safe. When they arrive at a new forest, Hope and Freckles face unexpected challenges that will force them apart. Will they be reunited?

After you have read the story of Hope and Freckles, continue to explore the stories of people all over the world who have to leave their homes because of danger or hunger. Let the tale of Hope and Freckles begin to teach you about the millions of people who face the same difficulties that this mother deer and her little boy face as refugees.

Demi the Different Donut

By Allie Lang Rolling

When choosing between fitting in and being 100% herself, Demi the Donut always chooses to be confidently unique. She challenges others to reject the status quo, and encourages those around her to dance in the chocolate syrup drizzles of life, pile on the whipped topping, and throw rainbow sprinkles around like confetti. In Demi the Different Donut, readers are dared to stand out and be themselves – because how boring would life be if we were all the same?

Freeda the Frog and the Two Mommas Next Door

By Nadine Haruni

In Freeda the Frog and the Two Mommas Next Door, Freeda and her family meet some new friends: Jessica and her two mommas, Morgan and Irene. The tadpoles have never had a friend with two mommas before, but they soon learn that it makes no difference. By getting to know Jessica’s parents, the tadpoles discover that families do not have to all look the same, and that all you need is love.

Inspirational Books

Voices of LGBTQ+: A Conversation Starter for Understanding, Supporting, and Protecting Gay, Bi, Trans, and Queer People

By Lynda Wolters

Why do so many in our modern society reject those who are different?

Though the mainstream acceptance of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, and Queer community has made leaps and bounds over the past few years, many pivotal groups within our modern society still respond to the LGBTQ+ community with an overwhelming, knee-jerk reaction of “us” vs. “them.” Despite the progress that has been made, misunderstanding, hatred, animosity, aggression, and violence still affect this community on a deep level. Lynda Wolters knows firsthand: a strong ally, she has come to know, understand, and have a deep respect for the community through her son, who is gay.

Including highly personal, real-world anecdotes, Voices of LGBTQ+ helps outline some of the most critical challenges the community faces today, with topical insights into:

• Homelessness

• Hate crimes

• Suicide

• Economic challenges

• Discrimination and lack of equality

• Religious and biblical conflicts

Though judgment and divisiveness still run deep in our society, Wolters highlights the first key distinction, among many others, that will help eradicate bigotry: those who are different are not choosing to be, they simply are, and it’s our differences that make us stronger. Voices of LGBTQ+ helps educate, dispel fears, and start positive conversations about what knowing, loving, or simply peacefully and positively coexisting with someone in the LGBTQ+ community really means. After all, there is no “us” vs. “them.” We are all human.

Raising John’s Boy: How to Be in the Moment and Effective While Raising Your Son

By Nijaah Howard 

Raising John’s Boy is a raw, honest approach to how the author raised her son. The hope is that you take away practical tools to alleviate any concerns of successfully raising your boy into a good man, while aiming to change the stereotype that places limits on both of you.

A woman can only do but so much as she hears the silence of the loud dismissive cries from a young man raised without his father. Can you imagine how much easier it would be on the mother and the son if we STOP SAYING that “Women cannot raise boys into productive men” or “Only a Man can raise a Man”? What message are we sending young men who are growing up in a single parent household when they hear that? 

It sounds like our mothers and boys are trying to fight a losing battle. This could be the very negative seed planted that is telling them both that they are not enough (and they will never be enough), which contributes to low self-esteem and an inability to perform at their greatest potential. 

I can only imagine what the world would look like if more mother and son teams actually believed they were ENOUGH! Raising John’s Boy confronts these issues – and more – in this personal, essential book.

Michael’s Legacy: Transcending Life and Death

By Mark Judelson

On July 10, 2010, Michael Bovill, a twenty-three-year-old active duty member of the United States Coast Guard, suffered fatal injuries in a motorcycle accident. Days later, Michael’s heart, lungs, liver, and kidneys were donated to five strangers: Roxanne Watson, Scott Taffet, Diana Martinez Moran, Elijah Parker, and Zhou Yuan Li. His last act in this world was to give life to those in need.

Surgeons, physicians, parents, children, friends, clergy, and coworkers, along with the recipients of Michael’s organs, come together to reveal their pivotal roles interwoven in this true story exploring the nature of organ donation itself, and inviting the reader to reconsider their concepts of life and death.

From the Andes to Vancouver – A Stand for Justice

By Monica M. Lima de Lara

In Bolivia in the year 1940, citizen voting rights were restricted, along with the acknowledgment of rights in general toward the native First Nations. After a painful experience at age 7, Constantino, a native indio, makes the decision to stand up for his people. His journey begins in his tiny village up in the mountains and leads him through activism in the streets, jail, torture, and an outcome that would have never happened if it wasn’t for his courage.



Holiday-Themed Children’s Books

The Sasquatch Before Christmas

By Nathan Lee

‘Twas the night before Christmas,

When all through the wood,
A creature was stirring—
One misunderstood.

This richly-illustrated, darkly funny book takes a classic holiday poem in a new direction and answers the age-old question, “Does Sasquatch celebrate Christmas?”

The answer may surprise you.

Christmas Lights! Christmas Lights! 

By “Aunt Sandy” (Sandra Hanson)

Come experience the joy of Christmas with Aunt Sandy and her nieces and nephew as they embark on a night filled with dazzling colorful Christmas lights! See how, just like the different colored lights, we are more beautiful when we all stand together.

This lovely story is for all young people—and the child that resides in all of us—to appreciate for all time!

The Story of the Curious Elf (exclusively on Mascot’s site until 2021)

By Joan C. Yingling

One Christmas Eve, a little boy encounters a lost elf who let his curiosity get the best of him. Stuck far away from home, the elf doesn’t know if he’ll ever see Santa again!

Will he ever find his way back to the North Pole?

The Amazing Adventures of Super Dreidel

Cover for the Amazing Adventure of Super Dreidel

By Howard Eisenberg

Rachel and her brother Randy didn’t know when they built a Super Dreidel for Hanukkah that it would fly them thousands of years back in time and into the middle of a war. They didn’t know it would help the Maccabees win it. But then Super Dreidel crashed, and suddenly there was something else they didn’t know: how in the world they could ever get home to Mom, Dad, and their dog Spot.

A Write-Your-Own-Ending Book! With a Write-Your-Own-Ending book, you can be your very own author! Each book comes with blank pages perfect for you to write out how YOU’D end it.


Keeping Christmas Magic

By Anna and Gunnar Counselman

Shhhh, don’t tell! This is the secret, true story of Santa Claus.

Books for Teens


If you could give your life to save someone you loved, would you do it? Or would you let them die to save yourself?

Amanda Bishop is no ordinary high schooler—she’s a hunter who puts spirits to rest in her free time. Then the captain of the football team, Baran Messenger, catches her interest. As she begins to piece together that Baran isn’t all he appears to be, Amanda quickly finds herself caught up trying to juggle her supernatural hunting; her relationship with her friend, Oliver; and her normal school life all while trying to keep her feelings for the mysterious, otherworldly football captain in check.

When Baran reveals that he has been sent to Earth on a mission to locate a book that, in the wrong hands, would bring about a war to wipe humanity off the planet, it’ll fall on Baran and a small band of paranormal friends to destroy the book before it can be discovered.

18 Things College Students Need to Know

By Renée Bailey

Getting ready for college can be so exciting. You’re putting in applications and getting responses. You’re talking to your friends, making plans. Maybe you’re the first person in your family to go off to college and that amps up the thrill of the process. But here’s the thing: college itself is stressful. It can leave you emotionally spent, financially broke, and completely disillusioned with educating yourself, if you’re not careful.

You’re going to have stress. 38% of female college students and 27% of male college students report that their stress level is so high that it negatively affects their academic performance. The goal of 18 Things College Students Need to Know is to give you the tricks, hacks, and tools to handle your college stresses in a proactive way and make the best of the educational opportunity that college is.


By Mary Jo Hazard


Twelve-year-old Grace believes that all adults are trustworthy and good. So begins a coming-of-age story full of laughter and tears that takes place one hot summer in upstate New York in the 1950s.

On the surface, Stillwater seems an idyllic place, but danger lurks underneath. Grace and her best friends, Maggie and Louanne, grapple with divorce, domestic violence, and mental illness. Grace is devastated when she finds out her father committed suicide when she was eight. Several suspicious fires break out in the area, and Louanne’s schizophrenic uncle Tony, the town bogeyman, is accused of setting them. Grace believes he’s unfairly targeted because he’s mentally ill and convinces her friends to help her find the real arsonist.

Hazard weaves themes of loss and recovery in a story filled with quirky characters and invaluable lessons about love, life, and survival.


By Dhriti Aiylam

Princess Kerra and Lavenderra come from two vastly different worlds.

With all the royal luxuries, the queen-to-be, Princess Kerra’s life seems perfect. But she is apprehensive about the future and doesn’t feel she is ready to take on the responsibility — until she meets Venx, a cave-dweller and former leader who has fallen from glory.  Wanting to be different from the rulers before her, she’s determined to help him and his people win back what they have lost.

Lavenderra has worked on her family’s farm since she was a child. Lonely and growing weary of her repetitive lifestyle, her future seems to take a turn for the better when she meets Tan, a mysterious but kind boy who lives in utopia. The two instantly befriend each other. But their happiness is short-lived when a long-forgotten enemy emerges and is determined to seek revenge.

Embroiled in a brutal conflict, Princess Kerra and Lavenderra must fight both external and internal forces as they make difficult choices and realize that things aren’t quite as they seem.


Stocking Stuffer or Secret Santa Ideas

American Spirit: Wild Turkey Bourbon from Ripy to Russell

By David Jennings

The story of Wild Turkey is in many ways the story of bourbon itself. From the struggles of nineteenth-century immigrants, to the triumphs of the longest-tenured master distiller in the world, a bold, uniquely American spirit emerges.

American Spirit: Wild Turkey Bourbon from Ripy to Russell is a tribute to the perseverance of two families, each perfecting their passion through extraordinary circumstances. It’s a testament to Jimmy Russell and his sixty-five years of unmatched dedication to quality. And much like a glass of fine bourbon, it’s a journey – a personal reflection on something carefully crafted over time. This book is a love letter to Wild Turkey that all bourbon enthusiasts can raise a glass to and enjoy. 

Love, Sex, and Friendship: In No Particular Order

By Farissa Knox

Before Farissa was a successful business woman, wife, mother, and mentor to young women all over the country, she was a 20-something trying to figure it all out. In her debut memoir, Farissa tells her story of navigating an early career in advertising, the journey of falling in love and making grown-woman decisions in her relationship, and the strength and courage true friendship brought her during this time in her life. In her conversational storytelling approach, Farissa takes the reader through the decisions, opportunities, and experiences that helped her become the confident 30-something-year-old woman she is today and creates a sense of “none of us are in this alone” for readers of all ages.

I Love You More Than Coffee

By Melissa Face

Are you trying to balance raising a family with maintaining your own identity?

Have you ever been so exhausted that you showed up to a meeting carrying your baby’s diaper bag instead of your briefcase?

In her debut collection, I Love You More Than Coffee, Melissa Face writes about the emotions we all experience as parents: anticipation, joy, fear, guilt, and worry. Whether you are a new or seasoned parent, you will find common ground in Melissa’s heartfelt, humorous, and authentic stories of her life with two young children.

If you love coffee a lot and your kids (a little) more, this book is for you. Fill your mug with your favorite brew and settle in with I Love You More Than Coffee.

363 Days of Tea

363 Days of Tea Cover

By Ruby Silvious

363 Days of Tea is a coffee table book Ruby Silvious. Follow the author’s 363-day journey across the world as she creates artwork using tea bags.

Books for Young Professionals

No Such Thing As Off the Record: A Survival Guide for Public Speaking and Media Engagements

By Andrea Devaux

From the boardroom to the newsroom, nearly every job requires speaking in front of a group. In this age of political correctness and viral social media moments, “winging it” can be a risky business. It’s no wonder that three out of four people suffer from speech anxiety.

No Such Thing as OFF the Record is your survival guide for effective public speaking. It will arm you with the skills to navigate tricky Q&A scenarios and avoid unexpected pitfalls—like commenting off the record to a trusted source.

Whether you’re just looking to improve your elevator pitch or preparing for a national media campaign, No Such Thing as OFF the Record’s step-by-step coaching provides a complete checklist for how to say what you came to say and not be led off-topic…even under fire.

Service is a Superpower: Lessons Learned in a Magic Kingdom

By Louie Gravance

In Service is a Superpower: Lessons Learned in Magic Kingdom, Louie Gravance uses his signature combination of humor and personal experience to narrate his journey through the realm of customer service. Part memoir, part self-help manual for businesses big and small, Gravance interweaves his tales of life at Disney theme parks with practical guidance gleaned during the course of a thirty-year career in the service and entertainment industries.

Gravance teaches us that the importance of delivering the finest service experiences possible is not just crucial for the livelihood of a company—it also leads to developing a culture of respect and responsibility that is so coveted in the corporate world today. Throughout the book, Gravance crafts an intriguing tale that demonstrates how working at Disney theme parks changed the way he viewed customer service, and elucidates the transformational effects it can have on those who provide it. 

Service is a Superpower is a personal history and guidebook of best industry practices, offering a unique spin on a tale as old as time, all presented in the tone and style that only Gravance can deliver. From entertainer to training designer for the Disney University in Orlando, Florida, he shares the stories and lessons that inform his central philosophy: great service serves the server first!

How to Survive Your 20s

By Portia Ingram

How to Survive Your 20s is a gem-packed reference guide for teens and young adults that provides transformational and down-to-earth tips on how to understand the transition into adulthood. The book discusses empathy, our unique pathways, and healthy relationships. Whether you are a skimmer and need a good word, or someone in need of greater support, How to Survive Your 20s introduces themes that are emotionally difficult and shares years of experience and insight to encourage those tackling the idea of adulthood.

Caffeinate Your Soul: 52 Monday Mantras

By Erica Gwynn

Mondays can be the worst. Some weeks it seems like the only way to get through the day is a gallon of coffee and a prayer. Instead of drowning that start-of-the-work-week-bitterness in endless cups of caffeine, pour yourself a cup of encouragement with Caffeinate Your Soul, an insightful guide to making Mondays more manageable and meaningful.

This collection of short, but impactful, “Monday Mantras” will guide you through a year of Mondays, meeting you where you are and then walking you step-by-step to where you want to be. Erica Gwynn provides a year’s worth of lessons, in sip-sized segments that will teach you how to:

• Step out in courage and carry on after hardship

• Grow through what you go through

• Give yourself grace and give up the personal guilt trips

• Get comfortable being UNcomfortable

• Act on your dreams and do hard things

• Clear out the clutter in your life, say no more often, and fail forward

Rooted in faith, and packed with practical takeaways, Caffeinate Your Soul will leave you feeling uplifted, energized, and ready to take on your day, just as any good cuppa coffee should.


Books for Little Chefs in the Family

The Little Baking Book: A Collection of Yummy, Kid-Friendly Recipes!

By Julia Meschter

Former Nike designer Julia Meschter brings you The Little Baking Book, a collection of yummy recipes designed to bring creativity to your kitchen! Bake with a friend, your family, or on your own—there’s a sweet treat for everyone!

Foodie Tales:  A Family Cookbook Inspired by Classic Children’s Literature

By Desirée Moore

Inspired by the wonderful worlds of classic and contemporary children’s books, Foodie Tales takes you on a delicious journey through many of your favorite stories, from hungry caterpillars to magic tree houses to far-off galaxies and beyond. The Foodie Tales recipes are perfect for young chefs and great for the whole family. Dive into your favorite children’s stories in a whole new way, and ignite your imagination in the kitchen and in the library!

Recipes include:
Bowl Full of Mush, inspired by Goodnight Moon
Grilled Cheese for Gruffalo, inspired by The Gruffalo
Giving Apples, inspired by The Giving Tree
A Chance of Spaghetti & Meatballs, inspired by Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs
Secret Garden Greens, inspired by The Secret Garden
Hunny Cake, inspired by Winnie the Pooh
“We’re All Mad Here” Tea, inspired by Alice in Wonderland

Freckle-Faced Foodie: Journey of a Young Chef

By Marlin Adams with Ariel Fox

Fourth-grader Ariel’s weekend is turning out to be a disaster. Her friends are coming over for a sleepover on Saturday night and a movie on Sunday, but she can’t get it together to write her homework essay about heritage and cultural traditions that is due on Monday. Her two best friends know everything about their cultures, but Ariel knows nothing about her own. As she reflects on the maze of changes surrounding her after her parents’ divorce and her mother’s remarriage, she reminisces about her early years in Colombia, her summers spent in Hawaii and the Pacific Northwest, and her current life in the Monterey Bay beach town where she now lives with her mom and her new dad. From her Caribbean grandma’s patacones to her Pacific Northwest grandma’s blackberry pie, Ariel discovers that food keeps emerging as a theme in her life. It’s a theme that helps her gain a stronger sense of self, and one that just might save her before the Monday morning deadline.

Be a Superhero in the Kitchen

By Donna Glass

All parents know the struggle of feeding a picky eater. Some evenings feel like war. Nerves are frayed, and a nice, peaceful dinner can swiftly be bursting with tears, tantrums, and occasionally, a battle of wills. It is my goal that this book tips the scales in our favor. I’ve learned that one reliable way to get my picky eaters to eat is to allow them to help make the meal. After all, food tastes better when you have helped create it. Allow your kid to try their hand with the recipes in this book. A kid who becomes the superhero of suppertime is one who eats super well.

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