January New Releases

Mascot books announces new releases for January 2017.


by Rhett Dawn
Nick Davis is a 38-year-old auto mechanic in Bethesda, Maryland who begins an affair with a congressman’s wife. They make two mistakes. They fall in love and get caught by her husband, Congressman Dave Sellers, who will not let an affair ruin his chance to become a US Senator. With enough sleuthing and intrigue to keep any mind busy, Nick uncovers the underworld of government corruption while he attempts to make their entire operation implode.

Children’s Picture Books

by Keri Lightner-Ems Mama duck is ready to take her twelve ducklings on their first swim in the Spokane River. However, it just so happens to be the same day of the Lilac Festival Parade and the ducklings may find themselves in a parade of their own!


Cuckoo for Coconuts

by Iggy Larrea and Christina Johnson Loco loves coconuts and is determined to cut one down from a tree. However, there are challenges holding him back. Can Mr. Butterfly help Loco conquer his “but,” gain self-confidence, and finally get a coconut?  
Four Pals on a Field Trip by Angel Tucker This is Book 4 in this series.  The focus in this book is on Charlie – the Cautious “C” type personality!  To find more Four Pals books, go to www.FourPalsFanClub.com or www.personalityprofiles.com
by Lauren Rebello What is the mystery behind the Hide and Seek Potato? Max and Emily are on the case in the next installment of the Emily and Max series. When their mom takes them to the farm and challenges them to find where the potato is hiding, they discover it’s not as easy as it seems!
Roll Tide Roll!
by Emily Gaddy

Come along with the Elephant family as they meet other Elephants throughout the campus and get ready to cheer at the big football game!

by Robin Ward Come to Villanova and count with me! You’ll learn things, too. 1, 2, 3!
by Michael Cascio Are you afraid when you go to bed? This book will put good thoughts in your head.
By Eartha Powell
What do cats, dogs, toads, and snacks have to do with fun and adventure? I Don’t Know. Join Ralph and his best friend in a forest playground where treasures appear at the bottom of mud puddles! Ralph’s friend finds out the difference between hearing and listening to his mom, and begins to bloom by pulling from his young spiritual values.
by Lauren Patrick Daddy Ray always makes working on the farm fun! Join Kirby Rose as she looks back on how her grandpa shared his wisdom during their hilarious adventures together.
by Robyn and Emily Rimington Emily has a problem! She is afraid to go to sleep every night. Luckily, her mother thinks of a way to help. Who knew they would find answers thousands of miles away in the sky?
by Karen Moffett Ahoy, Matey! Come along for a fun-filled, educational adventure that explores God’s treasure of design and purpose. We will make all kinds of amazing discoveries. Do you know where we are in space or why we are there? Do you know why fish don’t walk on land and trains don’t fly? The world without design and purpose would be topsy-turvy. God has given His creation everything we need from the Milky Way Galaxy, our home in space, to the amazing force of gravity that keeps our feet on the ground and not flying around upside down. Of course, the most treasured design He made in the universe is YOU! Weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen. We’re going on an adventure of exploration!
by D.M. Henderson
When Aubie and his friends decide it’s just too hot to play ball, they imagine what they want to be when they grow up instead. From firemen to astronauts, the friends all have ideas. But Aubie isn’t sure, until he realizes that the perfect job for him might be what he does best—cheering for the Auburn University Tigers!
by Kathy Borkoski
Go Army! Beat Navy! is a rhyming children’s sports and recreation book about the annual Army-Navy football game! When Army and Navy step on the field, each team does its best to defeat its biggest rival on the field.
by Oneeka Williams The honey bees are dying! Can Dr. Dee Dee Dynamo, Girl Super Surgeon, fix the problem? Join the Dynamo Family as they throw a BEE Welcoming party to introduce bee hives and teach their friends all about honey bees.
by Rachel and Keith Ingram
What happens when adventurous sisters and their wire fox terrier motor into trouble in Italy? Will they need a hero? Or are they the heroines? Joy and Finley will have girls and boys of all ages racing toward the wild adventures and friendships that happen when you travel the world!
by Susan Nelson After having a picnic with his parents, Leo wants to go fishing for the very first time. But when he gets to the pond, he realizes he doesn’t have a pole! With a little help from his parents and the forest, he finds a new way to go fishing instead. With its heart-warming text, Fishing in the Pond will teach readers of all ages that they should never give up.
by David Gregorius

Ever wonder how Nebraska football got its start? Who were the coaches and players that lead the Huskers to victory? What were some of the most memorable games?

Open up this book and find out! The Young Fan’s Guide to Husker History is a must-have book for any young Husker™ fan!
By Diana Glass Benny has to move to a new school and leave behind his friends, his teacher, and his school. He is afraid he won’t be able to make any new friends. Luckily, Mom and Dad have a surprise that will boost his confidence!
by Cathi D’Avignon Princess Caitlin lives in a castle in the beautiful Kingdom of Hamilton, but the castle is in need of help. When several new jobs open, the king asks his daughter to journey across the land to find the perfect people to fill each role.
by Michele Gottlieb Jennie and Michael love to travel and make new friends. Join them in their first big adventure as they learn, dance, and eat their way through New Orleans!
by Aisha Yousaf Drift off to sleep with Little Lam and Sheep. Then fly through the sky and visit animals all around the world before the night ends.
9781631778872 When Nilly Met Nelly, The Hungry Hungry Ele
by Giavanna Grein When Nilly encounters a young elephant named Nelly stealing bananas from her farm in India, she tries to scare her away out of fear. Though realizing that Nelly is harmless and wants to be her friend, Nilly lets her continue to eat the bananas. How much can one tiny elephant eat, right? But the next day Nelly returns with two more elephants, and within a few days there’s an entire group! Realizing she needs to protect her family farm, Nilly tries all of the local remedies to make the elephants leave. Will she be able to save her family’s farm without losing her new friend Nelly?
by Alyssa Gangeri Join Mimi as she measures, mixes, and bakes her way to the perfect New York style pizza! Learn all about what New York City has to offer!
9781631778018 BumbleBee’s Journey
by Mary Camacho Join BumbleBee in this beautifully illustrated children’s book to discover who BumbleBee really is.

Children’s Early Chapter Books

by Gillian Hughes The girl lives a simple life in the country with her Granny. She loves to do things with Granny but something very important is missing. She knows what it is, but she loves her Granny too much to tell her. The birds and other creatures that live nearby notice that the girl often looks very sad. They know there must be something she really needs, so they do their best to try to figure out what it is. But the girl still wishes and wishes for the thing that she wants most. Will she ever get it?

Children’s Coloring Books

by Caitlynn and Laura Samuel This fetchingly fun coloring book includes 32 adorable Corgi pages. Artists of all ages will find designs that speak to them and their four-legged friends.

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