January Releases

9781631773303The Deer Truth: A No Nonsense Guide for Serious Deer Hunters By: R. Zavian Hauser Hunters have been taking to the outdoors for centuries, a select few have kept secret the greatest truths to being successful consistently. The Deer Truth is a collection of over 100 years in combined deer hunter knowledge passed down from generation to generation. The secrets contained within the pages of this book will help any hunter of any age or skill-set to become more successful when hunting the elusive Whitetail Deer. The information covers bedding areas and how to locate them, deer travel routes and how to identify them and their purposes. The advanced trophy buck hunting information is spot on and was obtained over the past 38 years of the author’s hunting experiences. The author is an accomplished deer behavior research specialist and outdoors-man. The Deer Truth will sort out the facts and fictions that exist in the hunting industry and all of its gimmicks. The truly unnecessary items that are sold to hunters year after year and season to season, generally behind the guise of images containing testimonials of pro-hunters and obviously pen-raised bucks, versus the real time tactics and items that can ensure real success on public lands. This comprehensive, fact-filled guide to deer hunting success and deer behaviors on public lands during hunting seasons will give you a look into the ever mysterious Deer Truth.
9781631774362 Our Journey: My Path Home By: Jim Yake For most of us, the phrase “once upon a time” elicits fond memories of childhood stories. Yet as we grow older and mature, we most often forget perhaps the most essential aspect that such tales were meant to convey—the importance of believing. Our Journey, My Path Home is not such a fairy tale. It is a deeply personal story of two people written as an atypical chronicle of their lives together. You are introduced to this couple through a series of anecdotes that provide insight into their backgrounds and personalities as evidenced during the first thirteen years of their relationship. The story then jumps forward in time to the recent past which begins with a decision the couple make as they travel home. At this stage (Part Two) the writing is akin to a journal which conveys each step in the process as they make their way back “home”. Here the author employs flashbacks to fill in the many critical events that transpired during the intervening years. His memories, both good and bad, come to mind as their journey home unfolds. The last portion of the book is introspective, reflecting upon and coping with the untimely loss of his dear spouse and the need to fulfill his promise to “continue”. Candid insights, personal opinions, and internalized beliefs are contained in Part Three—often in visceral terms. His remaining journey gives witness to a metamorphosis that occurs, one based entirely on faith and beliefs. This is a true story that depicts their journey in life together along with the start of his remaining journey. Above all, this is a love story that shares with you their most joyous times as well as times of utter sadness. The book touches upon matters of the heart, mind, and soul. It is sure to affect you even if tragedy hasn’t entered your life. The candor and conversational style gives you rare insight into these individuals and perhaps may prompt reflection upon your life’s journey as well.
9781631772290Sacrifice at Shenendoah By: Gerry Dobbs

Cassie stepped backward out of his way. Catching her heel on something hard, she landed with a thud. He chuckled, ready to tease her about having a nice trip until he saw the startled look on her face and said, “What’s wrong, Cassie? Are you hurt?”

“Stephen, look — I think it’s a pipe of some sort.” She moved to reveal what looked like a long, metal pipe. Stephen knelt down and started brushing away the old hemlock needles and other debris from around the pipe-like object. “It’s not a pipe, Cassie. It looks like a rifle barrel!”


Children’s Books

9781631775024 The Adventures of Queen Maybelline: Book One – Maybelline Learns to Fly! By: Todd Edmundson Maybelline always dreamed big. Her mother always told her, “You are perfect just the way you are and anything is possible as long as you simply believe in yourself.”  She took her mother’s words to heart and decided that she would shoot for the moon. Maybelline knew she wanted to see the world. Then one day, Maybelline read about a big contest at the State Fair. Maybelline was so excited… she had a feeling that this might just be her chance to shine.


The Canine Adventures of Molly and Maggie: Crossing the Street By: James Westerhaus Crossing the street is dangerous business! In the latest episode of The Canine Adventures of Molly & Maggie, the dogs are anxious to get to the park and play. Will they play it safe and wait for the traffic light? Or will they take their chances and cross the street to get to the park as soon as possible?    
Count on TCU: Fun Facts from 1 to 129781631772092 By: Robin A. Ward, Ph.D. Come to TCU and count with me! You’ll learn things, too. 1, 2, 3!      
9781620866818 Dance, David, Dance! By: Ian Parker Dance, David, Dance is the story of two brothers who just can’t stop themselves from dancing! As they travel around and meet new people, they show their friends and family how fun dancing and having good manners can be.      
9781631772870 Dodging Drama in a World Gone Mad: #1 Camp Chinook By: John Dominguez Ph.D. A Kid’s Guide to Preserving Sanity in this Crazy Thing Called “Life” My name is Callie Cortez and I’m eleven years old. School is out and summer is here! Not just any summer, but my last summer before middle school, so I planned to make it great! Some things, though, you have no control over and this summer turned out to be one of them. Summer should be about kids doing whatever they want, but mine was about being sent to summer camp. I’m really not a camp person! When life plays tricks on you like this, you just have to try to have fun and make the best of it! At least, that’s what I kept telling myself over and over but never really believed it once my plans to relax all summer were crushed. I just had to get myself ready for what I knew would be a crazy adventure!
9781620866870 Everything is Different By: Ann Morris Brett and his dad visit England in the United Kingdom. Brett observes many things new to him. His dad patiently explains why different things work where they are and that Brett should not be alarmed. Brett learns that different does not mean wrong and enjoys his experience, including a visit to a castle.
Todo es Distinto9781620866894 By: Ann Morris Brett y su padre visitan Inglaterra en el Reino Unido. Brett observa muchas cosas que le son nuevas. Su padre le explica con paciencia por qué las cosas distintas funcionan bien donde están ellos y que Brett no necesita asustarse. Brett aprende que distinto no quiere igualarse a equivocado y disfruta de su experiencia, hasta una visita a un castillo.    
9781631773686 Young Farmer Bill Coloring Book By: Lawrence McGee Young Farmer Bill is a children’s picture book and coloring book by Lawrence McGee.          
9781631772801 Fireball Summer By: James Lynn Durham This is the story of a boy and his pony and the bond they formed during their summers together. It’s about working for what you want and making sacrifices when necessary. There’s action, adventure, hardship, and heartache. The ending leaves you speculating.      
Four Pals at a Party9781631773648 By: Angel Tucker and Dr Robert Rohm Four Pals at a Party highlights Summer, who is more reserved than David or Iris. She is known as the Supportive, Steady, Stable, Secure, Sweet, Shy type. In this book, Summer is having a birthday party and in typical fashion, she thinks of others before herself. For her party, asks her guests to bring gifts to be shared with her furry friends at a local animal shelter! Enjoy this special birthday party with Summer and her friends.
Four Pals at the Park9781631773372 By: Angel Tucker and Dr Robert Rohm Four Pals at the Park features David, whose primary traits are Dominant, Demanding, Direct, Determined, Decisive, Doer. David directs his friends through a play date at the park where they enjoy playing on the playground equipment and sharing a snack together.
9781631773662 Four Pals in Science Class By: Angel Tucker and Dr Robert Rohm Four Pals in Science Class focuses on Charlie who is Cautious, Competent, Careful, Correct and Conscientious. The setting is a science class in which each of the children is instructed to build a volcano for a contest. Charlie carefully researches volcanoes before he begins his project because he wants to be accurate. Each child’s approach to the assignment reflects his or her personality style. Check this book out to see who wins the prize.  
9781631773600 Four Pals at the Zoo By: Angel Tucker and Dr Robert Rohm   Four Pals at the Zoo spotlights Iris, who is the Inspiring type. Her other qualities are Influencing, Involved, Impressive, Interesting, Imaginative, and Impulsive. Iris is a bundle of energy who is all about having fun and that is exactly what she and her friends experience as they visit all of the animals at the zoo.  
9781631770678 Goodnight Cowbell By: Mark and Lindsey Prewitt From the Junction to the Bench Mobb, say Goodnight Cowbell.          
9781631770906 Heart Picked: Elizabeth’s Adoption Tale By: Sara Crutcher Six-year-old Elizabeth is excited to have her dad visit school today but worries some of her classmates might notice they don’t look alike. How will Elizabeth respond when her friend says, “That’s your dad? You don’t look like him.”      
9781631774676 I Can Be a Superhero By: Fiona Smart “I can be a superhero with a mission to save the world. I can be a dancer on stage and twist and spin and twirl.” Jump into the fun-filled world of an animated little girl and discover just what she can become using her own imagination.    
9781631771392 If I Were Food By: Jay D. Waxman Warning: Do Not Read This Book While Hungry        
9781631773952 Imagination Blast Off: The Sea Turtle Adventure By: Wynette Mills Sleepovers with Nana are Michael and William’s favorite. Nana always says, “Read a book every day and let your imagination come out to play.” Buckle your seatbelts and hold on tight as our adventure begins! Where will your imagination take you?    
9781631771828 The Jellyfish Monster By: Bryan Kwasnik Billy was having a normal day at the beach when the strangest thing happened. He had been digging in the sand when he uncovered an odd creature. The monster takes Billy under the sea to explore a new and unusual world. An amazing adventure awaits him at the bottom of the ocean.        
9781620868621 Life on Earth as Told by Owl By: Naveen Chandra, Ph.D “Can you explain to us how life developed?” asked the bear cub. “Okay!” Owl replied. “Do you remember how old the earth is?” Owl was testing them. They both said, “About 4.6 billion years old.” “That will do. My grandma taught me about how life came to be on this Earth. And now, I’ll teach you.”    
9781631771606 Lila and the Stinkbug By: Sheryl Hershey Ugh! What do you do when a Stinkbug’s stinker is stuck? Call in Lila and the gang! Being deaf doesn’t stop Lila from investigating this “odoriferous” mystery!      
9781631772764 Marcello Wonders, Gilly Discovers By: Karen Gens Marcello Wonders, Gilly Discovers is the story of two nine-year-old piglets who live in Europe. Marcello lives in Florence, Italy with his adoptive family, and Gilly lives in Bath, England with her family. Both piglets are interested in their family history and how their families settled where they did. Marcello also wants to learn more about his birth family. The lives and adventures of the two piglets come together when they both enter an essay contest sponsored by a new magazine KidsLife. The story is about family life, friendship, geography and history in an easy, informal, and often humorous manner.
9781631773112 Musket’s Big Adventure By: Tony Dobies & Jake Stump Follow your new furry friend, Musket, on a wild adventure as he seeks out the magical Gold-and-Blue Mountains. The curious pooch encounters all kinds of critters on his journey — although one, in particular, isn’t so friendly. Will Musket be able to dodge danger and find his new home?    
9781631771323 Our Cherry Tree By: Robert Lytle Can a tree really become part of a family? After thirty years and three transplants, this cherry tree learns it will be left alone. The children have grown and moved away. The parents want a lake house that the grandkids will want to visit. What follows defies logic, but really did happen.    
9781631774003 The Prince S. By: Mikayla Spence He dreamed of being a princess. He went out and did his best to reach his goal. Meet Prince S.        
9781631773273 Sophie and Paige: Soccer Twins By: Joseph Hicks Sophie and Paige are twins! They may look identical on the outside, but on the inside, they are very different. They excel and struggle in their own special ways. However, it’s only when they work together, that they shine!      
9781631771590A Teaspoon of Magic By: Jaimie Molgard “I woke up feeling not so swell. Fever, chills, and a headache as well. A teaspoon of magic is what I got. Now, back to bed to dream a lot!” While being sick is never fun, dreams sure make you feel good. Come explore this little girl’s journey of fun and adventure as she wakes feeling better for the day.    
9781631773730 Uniquely Me By: Trace Wilson Every child worries about being different. Follow one brave little boy as he embarks on a wild adventure and learns to understand, accept, and love the differences that make him unique.      
9781631773884 Whooo Eats What? By: Velya Jancz-Urban Whooo Eats What? is a science children’s book by Velya Jancz-Urban. Join Mrs. J.U. as she teaches her students during an Owl Pellet Dissection Class.        

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