Kevin For Good: A Children’s Book that Will Awaken Your Inner-child

Kevin For Good: Awaken Your Inner Child

by David Wargo, Creator of Kevin for Good

We live in a world that demands our children “grow up” and “act like adults” yet most adults I know aren’t really happy. We grew up and acquired “adult stuff” like relationships, cars, houses, and gadgets—but that “stuff” has not really made us happy.

Working with Kevin over the past year, I’ve questioned what makes me happy, and that personal exploration led me back to my childhood and the young boy within that I’ve protected my whole life.  It’s that little kid inside of me that I tap into when I need to create something original (like Kevin), and that child is my “happy place” where I feel anything is possible.

Many of our followers tell us that Kevin reminds them of their childhood, and that they miss childlike feelings.  Some of our followers even question why they ever allowed themselves to become adults caught up in a world that’s not really fun anymore.

I find it curious that the majority of adults most admire other adults who embrace their inner child…inventors like Elon Musk, adventurers like Richard Branson, or those who championed big, impossible dreams as did Emelia Earhart, Walt Disney, and Jackie Robinson.

Kevin For Good reminds us of the simple joys of childhood and validates the distinctive qualities that make us uniquely human.  Those childhood feelings of imagination, curiosity, and wonder are who we are and they have built bridges, moved mountains, and created timeless works of art.

I believe it’s time more people rediscover and embrace their inner-child.  At Kevin For Good, we believe that your inner-child is not immature or a mere developmental stage to transcend; but rather, a gift to be nurtured, developed, and protected.

You can help bring Kevin’s first adventure to life by donating to their Kickstarter project!

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