The Rule of One-Half Million The potential reach of your platform should be at least ten times greater than the number of books you expect to sell during the first five years of your book’s life. IT’S ABOUT POTENTIAL It’s about potential. Your platform must have the potential to reach a big audience because at any given time, it will only reach a fraction of that audience,and that fraction needs to be large enough to sell a meaningful number of books. “One-half million” means that when you combine all the components of your author platform, they should have the ability to connect with at least one-half million total potential readers. That’s not a hard, fast rule; you can have solid salesof your self-published book without hitting that 500,000 threshold. But it’s a good mark to shoot for, whether you’re trying to build a platform that will get publishers interested or turn your independently published book into a full-time income. Look at every piece of your platform and take your best guess about how many people it could possibly reach. Then add those numbers together. If you get one-half million or more, shout “Yahtzee!” If you don’t, you have work to do… To read more about The Rule of Half a Million or to read all 10 marketing secrets now, send an email to marketing@mascotbooks.com and we will send you a free copy of How to Sell a Crapload of Books: 10 Secrets of a Killer Author Marketing Platform by Naren Aryal and Tim Vandehey. Stay tuned for Secret #4!

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