Happy St. Patrick’s Day with Laddy O’Luck

Laddy O'LuckIn honor of St. Patrick’s Day, it is only appropriate that we give our readers a peek inside the story of Laddy O’LuckWritten by Mac Kennedy, Laddy O’Luck a is picture book that imagines the history of Laddy, one of the first leprechauns in all of Ireland. Laddy is in charge of sharing the luck of the leprechauns with the whole world. His story provides a message of hope: if you are down on your luck, Laddy will be there for you. You just have to look for him! 

Below is the start of his whimsical story. 

Laddy O’Luck was one of the first ever leprechauns
in all of Ireland. He was given the job of sharing the
leprechauns’ luck with the rest of the world.
He traveled from land to sea,
leaving luck everywhere he went for people to find.

You see, luck is not something to stumble
upon, no, no . . .
Ol’ Laddy leaves his luck only in places it is meant
to be found.
He knows when each of us will need a hint of luck,
and if we look hard enough, it will be there.”
The Adventures of Humfrey the Hummingbird

If Laddy O’Luck is right up your alley, you can buy the full book in our bookstore. Also, keep an eye out for The Adventures of Humfrey the Hummingbird, a tale about friendship and leprechauns being released on May 3rd!

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