Why cats are great to have, to hold, and to color

Lazy Ass Cat Meow Coloring Page My name is Lindsay, and I’m the author of Lazy-Ass Cats: A Coloring Book for Adults. I’m so excited to be on the Mascot Books blog today as part of the blog tour for my new book. Last year, I created a coloring book, and it is finally in print and for sale in stores! You can pick up Lazy-Ass Cats: A Coloring Book for Adults on Amazon.com and at Mascot Books, among other retailers. LazyAssCats_Cover In honor of the coloring book’s release, I’ve decided to write an ode to cats everywhere. Let’s face it. We love them, and yet they are often selfish, eating and sleeping without end. 10 reasons you put up with your cat…
  1. The Purr. What’s better than that soft yet powerful rumble? When you scratch your cat’s head and they give that immediate feedback, you know everything is right with the world.
  2. It’s easier than getting a dog. Who wants to walk a dog in the snow? Or pick up poo? Cats are easier than dogs, which is reason enough to love them a little bit.
  3. Just look at that face. Flat faces. Whiskered faces. Grey faces. White faces. They’re all so good.
  4. Petting privileges. Petting a cat is comforting, and owning a cat may even lower your stress level. Nobody else will lay across your computer while you work and keep you from working too hard.
  5. They can help you get a date. Some women prefer to enter a relationship with pet owners, saying that cats make men nicer.
  6. For future generations. If you are planning to have a kid, you can bet that introducing your baby to a cat will help prevent them from having cat allergies in the future.
  7. What else are you going to do with all those small cardboard boxes? Exactly.
  8. For the love. Adopting a cat from the shelter has made you feel like a better person. After years of owning a cat, you realize that you are, in fact, a more loving and caring individual.
  9. The weighted blanket. Your cat sleeps on your legs, stretched out from paw to paw, creating the perfect weight and cozy warmth to help you sleep like a baby.
  10. Cats make money. Take videos of your cat. Dress him up. Upload to Youtube. Watch the cash pour in.
  Lazy Ass Cats Bed Coloring Page I’m celebrating the release with a blog tour of some wonderful coloring books and cat-centric blogs. Lazy-Ass Cats Blog Tour

Join us on the Lazy-Ass Cats blog tour!

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Through June 1, 2017, I’m offering 20% off all orders placed on LazyAssCats.com with the coupon code purr20. Coloring books make a great gift for cat lovers, people who love to color, and even those who don’t consider themselves to be creative. Save now.

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