March Adult Book Releases

This March, we are highlighting our adult book new releases separately from our children’s book releases. Our March adult books range from fearless women to human kindness, and from reducing stress to dating in NYC. 

Enjoy all of our new adult titles this month! 

The Art of Fearless Living: A Glimpse into My Heart

The Art of Fearless Living  
By Shirin Alavi Goodarzi
Seasoned women are complex and full of flavor. We are strong but can be vulnerable. We are unique and worthy of celebration. Despite the boxes the world may try to squeeze us in, I know there is so much more to enrich our lives, because I have lived it. This is my call to you—to all women: be fearless.


Pulling Each Other Along: 31 Inspirational Stories of Human Kindness 

Pulling Each Other Along
By Todd Civin & Doug Cornfield
Pulling Each Other Along contains 30+ inspirational stories of human compassion intended to provide practical advice and inspiration for acts of kindness. The significance of helping people while helping ourselves is monumental as we grow in kindness and bring people together regardless of gender, race, abilities or disabilities, wealth status, or political affiliations. You’ll hear inspirational stories from people like Dave Clark, the only professional baseball player who went from crutches to pitching; Rocky Bleier, who, after being wounded during his service in the US Army, became a starting running back for the Pittsburgh Steelers; Laura Chagnon, who became paralyzed and legally blind after an assault on her twenty-sixth birthday but is now a motivational speaker; and many others. This book will inspire, challenge, and enlighten you with stories that highlight some of the good in this world—showing you, step-by-step, how we can all pull each other along.

Un-Hinged: What I learned from Saying, “It’s You, It’s Not Me” in the NYC Dating Scene

By Mariann Yip
In Un-Hinged: What I Learned from Saying, “It’s You, It’s Not Me” in the NYC Dating Scene, Mariann Yip recounts her dating experiences from over a span of two years in New York City.

Written with the familiarity of Mariann telling her close girlfriends about her dates for the first time, each chapter presents a different suitor and dives into the lessons she learned. In the stories of each of the twelve men she discusses, she reveals the ups and downs of online dating, the realities of dating in a city like New York, and the personal development she experienced in her late twenties.

When it comes to dating, love will come and go. It’s important to remember that finding love is a journey and takes patience and time. Your unique dating experience is valid, and the way your relationship ends does not define your worth or what you deserve. And, most importantly, you should never settle, because oftentimes, honey, it’s them—it’s not you.

A Spoonful of Gratitude: Tips to Reduce Stress and Enjoy Life to the Fullest

A Spoonful of GratitudeBy Najma Khorrami
In this inspired collection of sixty-eight articles published over five years, public-health expert Najma Khorrami reveals why gratitude is the foundation of personal growth. Writing with emotion and experience, Khorrami offers readers the tools they need to thrive and enjoy their lives to the fullest. Whether you’re already an expert in gratitude or a novice looking to acquire a new skill, A Spoonful of Gratitude provides a wealth of research-based evidence and straightforward advice to help reduce stress, build confidence, and improve your mental and physical health. Containing more than just a spoonful of insight into life’s most valuable lessons, this book will strengthen you from the core outward.

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