March Children’s Book Releases

This March, we’re excited to highlight our new children’s books separately from our adult titles.  From stories about a colorful collection of much-loved socks, to the pandemic through the eyes of a teacher, to spotlighting women in STEM and real estate agents, our March list of titles has a book for every reader.

We hope you enjoy this wonderful selection of children’s books and you can find them all in our bookstore


Trixie Bixby and Her 66 Pairs of Socks

Trixie Bixby and Her 66 Pairs of Socks
By Angela Delf

Trixie is an energetic girl who loves her fun and colorful sock collection! But is 66 pairs of socks too many? Follow along as Trixie discovers a new way to use her socks to help others. A story for all ages, this book about the intentionality behind minimalism will be enjoyed by your whole family.

Teacher, Tell Me What You See

Teacher Tell Me What You See
By Kristin Spenser

This is a unique school year! Students gather online, which has taken the place of in-person learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. Follow along as each student describes their “virtual classroom,” shares new experiences with the class, and shows us how they adapted to their “new normal.” A fun story about resilience, this book encourages everyone to look around and answer the question—what do you see?

Draw Paint Tell

Draw Paint Tell
By Caren Sacks

In the pages of this interactive book, you can see a child’s artwork as he grows from a toddler to a young boy. His art styles change as he ages, too! From scribbled lines and shapes to the people and places around him, Reed loves to tell stories about his art pieces to everyone he can find! Children can join along and interact with the book as they are encouraged to talk about and make their art. With real artworks from actual children scattered throughout the book, Draw Paint Tell is likely to prompt many fun hours of creation and long-term benefits for all children. 

Introducing Kam the Extraordinaire

Introducing Kam the Extraordinaire
By Holli North

Take a trip inside the mind of a special little boy on a quest to find his true identity. After tons of questions, and with the help of his loving Nana, you will be surprised when you learn what he discovers. Climb on in and let’s start our extraordinary adventure!

Baby’s First Real Estate Book

Baby's First Real Estate Book
By Andrew Dorazio

Baby’s First Real Estate Book is an exciting ABC guide to real estate terms for children who may want to be a realtor one day! Share the ABCs of important real estate terms and definitions with your kids and prepare them for the crazy ride that real estate brings! Fortune favors the courageous!

You and Me in the Trees

You and Me In The Trees
By Amoris Walker

For both the young and the young at heart, You and Me in the Trees is a delightful storybook that reminds us to protect Mother Earth and all her wonderful creatures. 

Nittany Lion Celebrates the 4th of July

Nittany Lion Celebrates the 4th of July
By Denise Kaminsky

Nittany Lion tailgates with friends before celebrating with 4th of July fireworks.

Elephant Tales

Elephant Tales
By Shanthi Radhakrishnan

Our Planet Earth is home to all the creatures that walk and fly, swim and crawl, and stand still. Each one is unique, indispensable, and beautiful. Elephant Tales provides young readers with the valuable lesson that Planet Earth can sustain everyone’s need, but not anyone’s greed.

A Family for Riley

A Family for Riley
By Tammy Knudtson

Every puppy dreams of finding their very own family—one they can love and be loved by. Riley and his brothers spend their days eating, playing, and sleeping on the farm where they were born. Riley is happy, but when his brother’s begin to leave the farm to go live in their forever homes with new families, Riley worries he will not find a family of his own.

Families come in all different shapes, colors, and sizes, but they all share one special ingredient: LOVE.
A Family for Riley is a story about enduring love and new beginnings.

Barbara the Bunny and the International Lovie Network

Barbara the BunnyBy Jennifer Lavelle

Barbara the Bunny is a Lovie, not just a toy.

She doesn’t need Lovie friends, because she has her special Boy.

But Boy leaves Barbara behind when he goes away,

and only other Lovies can help save the day.

Barbara calls on the International Lovie Network, the ILN.

Keep reading to discover how her journey will end!

Laddy O’Luck

Laddy O'Luck
By Mac Kennedy

Laddy O’Luck was among the first leprechauns in all of Ireland, and was assigned to share the luck of the leprechauns with the rest of the world. Laddy’s story provides a message of hope: if you are down on your luck, you can always count on Laddy to be there. You just have to look for him. 

Women in STEM: Against All Odds

Women in STEM
By Annika Nikhar

Women in STEM: Against All Odds features profiles of brilliant women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics from around the world. Spanning from the early 1800s to the twenty-first century, all of the women in this book overcame many obstacles to become trailblazers in their fields. Two centuries ago, most women couldn’t get a comprehensive education, let alone enter the science fields. Today they hold some of the world’s most prestigious prizes, including the Fields Medal, the Nobel Prize, and more. They have come a long way! This book highlights some of the world’s underrepresented female scientists and their lasting impacts. From pure mathematics to phytochemistry to meteorology, learn about the various STEM fields and hurdles that these women faced in gaining their success.

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