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March Releases

MoralDissipation_AmazonMoral Dissipation: The Only Thing That Matters Is the High By: S.M. Jarvis Vermont is in the middle of an opiate epidemic. Moral Dissipation, set in a fictional Vermont town, is the heart-wrenching story of how twenty-seven year old Ryan Landry’s drug addiction destroys his potentially bright future. He tells the tale of sex, drugs, fatal overdoses, rehab, and robberies from his jail cell. Portions of the book are also written in the perspectives of his mother, half-brother, and girlfriend, and provide intimate glances at how a single addiction can ruin multiple lives.    
ThisIsAboutAWBYou_Amazon (1)This Is About You: Amazing, Weird, Beautiful You By: Mary England Have you ever struggled with low self esteem or confidence? You don’t need to let self doubt prevent you from reaching your dreams. You are an incredible human being with the potential to live a life that sparkles from a mile away! Learn how to start the never-ending journey of self love, the ultimate key to a happy life.        

Children’s Books

AdventuresHarryWMouse_AmazonThe Adventures of Harry W. Mouse: The Sea Monster By: Corina Whyke The Adventures of Harry W. Mouse is a children’s book that teaches kids heroes can come from unlikely places. Follow Harry as he boards an unusual ship and goes on an exciting adventure.      
BestChristmasYet,The_AmazonThe Best Christmas Yet By: Jack Stembridge The Best Christmas Yet is a holiday and family children’s book where a boy receives a new best friend for Christmas. Through The Best Christmas Yet, readers can follow along as the boy and his new dog Max learn life lessons and grow up together.      
Blue'sRoadTripThroughIndiana_AmazonBlue’s Road Trip Through Indiana By: Trey Mock Blue’s Road Trip through Indiana is a children’s book by Trey Mock. Blue, the Indianapolis Colts mascot, takes a trip to see the sites of Indiana.        
FoundersForceGWWingedWarriorFlag_AmazonFounders Force George Washington: Winged Warrior and the Flag By: Kyle and Brandi McElhaney Founders Force George Washington: Winged Warrior and the Flag is a historical fiction children’s book that teaches children about the earliest years of the United States of America. In Founders Force George Washington: Winged Warrior and the Flag, Winged Warrior enlists the help of Betsy Ross to create a flag to inspire the country!    
IForgotSomethingBICRWIW_AmazonI Forgot Something (but I can’t remember what it was) By: Nelson Dellis I Forgot Something (but I can’t remember what it was) is a children’s book that teaches kids a new way to help them remember things that shouldn’t be forgotten. Follow along with Elephant to find out if this new trick works for him!
MrSnakesSecret_AmazonMr. Snake’s Secret By: Eve Swanson Mr. Snake’s Secret is a children’s book that teaches kids things aren’t always what they seem. When Baby Bird falls out of the nest, she’s rescued by an unlikely animal with an unusual secret.
TheOdysseyUGA_AmazonThe Odyssey of UGA By: Suzanne Casagrande by Suzanne Casagrande The Odyssey of UGA is a children’s book by Suzanne Casagrande. Follow the University of Georgia’s mascot, Uga, as he encounters his SEC rivals.      
PadminiIsPowerful_AmazonPadmini is Powerful By: Sailaja Joshi This primer introduces our readers to Hindu gods. Padmini is wise like Ganesh, she is generous like Lakshmi, and energetic like Parvati. Through Padmini, we will meet these gods and learn that power has many forms.  
RoundsofSounds_AmazonRounds of Sounds By: Paul Mooradd Rounds of Sounds is a concept children’s book that helps children learn the different sounds of the alphabet. Through Rounds of Sounds, children are exposed to exciting sentences and illustrations designed to assist with their pronunciation and reading skills.      
TheStoryoftheSugarFairies_AmazonThe Story of the Sugar Fairies By: Robin Mizwa The Story of the Sugar Fairies is a magical tale about the Tooth Fairies’ lesser-known cousins, the Sugar Fairies. Find out how the Sugar Fairies work their magic to help their cousins and children everywhere in this sweet tale.      
Sylvia'sBigAdventure_AmazonSylvia’s Big Adventure By: Gary Herrmann Sylvia’s Big Adventure is a children’s book by Gary Herrmann. Sylvia the cat’s adventure takes her far away from home, can she make it back?      
WhatHappensNext_AmazonWhat Happens Next? By: Joan Pounds Joan Rita Pounds, a disabled artist, shares with readers her unique collection of paintings. With stories and drawings by children accompanying each painting, this compilation is sure to make you laugh, imagine, and perhaps write a story of your own! Please enjoy this wonderful journey Joan took with friends, family, and the children from local schools and the Boys and Girls Club of Pasadena, California. A portion of the author’s proceeds will go to the Boys and Girls Club in Pasadena and Catarina’s Club in Anaheim, California.        
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