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By Emily Evans-Miller With Contributions by Jordan Latham   With the weather getting colder and the days shorter, our writers on staff are cozying up to get some work done on the various projects they’re tackling. While a majority of our authors aren’t from the Northern Virginia area, we asked where they like to go to be the most productive. Take a tour of the best writing spots in the DMV (at least, according to team Mascot) below!  

Ben Simpson, Acquisitions Editor

Since I usually write with a partner, a lot of my work is usually done over platforms like Google Docs, which is a set of great tools cause you can see the other person writing at the same time and you can work on the same thing at the same time without having to be in the same space. As far as where I usually am writing it’s usually something like in my room or, a lot of time, I’ll get an idea in the middle of the night. I’ll literally have to write notes in my phone, otherwise I will forget whatever it is that I’ve thought up. A lot of it is over text: we’ll try out bits and drafts. For me, it’s about finding your comfort zone and getting in a good headspace to write. My biggest thing I tell people all the time is don’t force things. If you really don’t feel like writing today, just don’t—you’ll always have another opportunity to do it.  

Jess Cohn, Acquisitions Editor

I don’t like to go other places because I feel like I get distracted easily. If I try to go to a library or something like that, even the silence distracts me. So, I like being at home, where I have more of a mindset to get things done. I think finding some place that suits you is the most important thing, and it doesn’t have to be that consistent. A lot of writers get paranoid if they’re trying to travel or if they’re trying to go other places with family, thinking they won’t have a writing atmosphere. You can try to recreate it. If you do best where there’s a lot of people, then go to the nearest coffee shop–don’t sit alone in the hotel room, or vice versa. Finding a conducive environment is possible, but you don’t always have to go to the same place. You can play around with it because you might find something that’s even better.  

Daniel Wheatley, Senior Production Editor

The best spot that I ever found for writing was a while ago, when I was working in Crystal City. I took the train in everyday and it was a half hour to get to the city and half hour back. So, I had all this time on the train, not doing anything really. It was nice because it was fairly quiet, but also it was a definite, daily window where I could get work done.  

Susan Roberts, Senior Production Editor

I’m part of a weekly (ish) writing group. We always go to Panera and sit underneath a picture of a man juggling bread (inspiring–we know). It’s great to work with friends, like Daniel and Michelle on staff here at Mascot, that can make writing fun but still keep you on task. I like having a dedicated time to write, but I feel like whatever I write depends on what kind of mood I’m in, so if I see something creative or fun or goofy (like our good friend Mr. Bread Man), suddenly I’m wired up and ready to write.  

Kiley Garrett, Production Editor

I do a lot of writing on my phone, actually. I tend to write down notes to myself about things I see or hear that resonate with me, and then those end up being germs of stories. Most of my stuff starts with an observation so I write whenever and wherever I see something that intrigues me.
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