May Book Releases

Our May book releases are here! Your stay-at-home reading list just got a little bit longer.

Featured Title: The Conscious Marketer: Inspiring a Deeper and More Conscious Brand Experience

By Jim Joseph

The parameters of what constitutes successful marketing are shifting. In today’s increasingly competitive, global marketplace it is essential for companies and brands to not only understand what consumers are buying, but why they are making those purchases. That is where The Conscious Marketer comes in.

It’s one thing to be conscious, but it’s something else entirely to do something impactful with that consciousness. In this expansive guide, Jim Joseph breaks down the ways the marketing industry is changing to meet the needs of a more conscious, engaged consumer, and how those within the marketing industry can adapt to meet those expectations.

The Conscious Marketer provides readers with the tools to navigate the ever-changing landscape of effective marketing and branding, explaining how to market empathetically, actively, and with intent.

By Katie Marcucci

Have you ever had a little one question the meaning of deployment? Join the very brave and loyal family dog, Ace, as he smuggles himself aboard his dad’s deployment-bound aircraft, seeking to discover answers for himself and the family left behind.

Air Force Ace brings reassurance to any child facing the deployment of a loved one that their service member is happy and proudly doing important work for us all.

By  Erica Gwynn

Mondays can be the worst. Sometimes it seems like the only way to get through the day is a gallon of coffee and a prayer. Instead of drowning that start-of-the-work-week-bitterness in endless cups of caffeine, pour yourself a cup of encouragement with Caffeinate Your Soul, an insightful guide to making Mondays more meaningful and manageable.

This collection of concise, but impactful, “Monday Mantras” will guide you through a year of Mondays, meeting you where you are and walking you step-by-step to where you want to be. Erica Gwynn provides a year’s worth of lessons, in sip-sized segments that will teach you how to:

• Step out in courage and carry on after hardship

• Grow through what you go through

• Give yourself grace and give up the guilt trips

• Get comfortable being UNcomfortable

• Act on your dreams and do hard things

• Clear out the clutter in your life, say no more often, and fail forward

Rooted in faith, and overflowing with practical takeaways, Caffeinate Your Soul will leave you feeling uplifted, energized, and ready to take on your day, just like any good cuppa coffee should.

By Andrea Williams

Kindergarten has been full of fun and learning, but the school year is almost done. It’s time to say goodbye to your teacher and friends.

No need to be sad! Celebrate the special people, places, and things in your classroom, and all the knowledge you’ll take with you into first grade!

By Pip the Beach Cat

After my first summer at Ocean City, chronicled in my first story, I soon found there was a lot more to do in town than I realized! So, come with me (again!) through Ocean City one more time to learn about this amazing resort town, and make some special memories of your very own, too! 

By Karla Brinkman

In Show Your Shine, a young boy named Joshua learns that we all have a unique purpose when, suddenly, the stars stop shining, the waves of the seas halt their movements, and vegetation begins to wilt. Seeing his planet without light and life demonstrates for Joshua how connected we are to the Earth and to one another.

This story is an urgent reminder to readers that what each of us gives to the world—no matter how large or minute—has significance.

By Jennifer Ryan Woods

This tale is about Rosie. . .a very big klutz,
Always covered with bumps, scrapes, and cuts.

She wished there were something she could do.
Then one night her dream came true!

Off on a wild ride Rosie goes.
No longer tripping or slipping or stubbing her toes.

At first, she’s excited—happy as can be!
But her adventure isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

By Julia Meschter

Former Nike designer Julia Meschter brings you The Little Baking Book, a collection of delicious recipes designed to bring creativity to your kitchen! Bake with your family, friends, or on your own—there’s a yummy treat for everyone!

By Liz Kruse

Loras College students are used to the age-old question: “What’s a Duhawk?” In this book, written and illustrated by two Loras College alumni, you’ll find the answer to the complex question. Discover landmarks and the history of the college and learn more about what it means to be Duhawk. Share this book with others and invite them to join the Duhawk family!

By Darcel Dicosmo

You try to stick to your goals but something keeps getting in the way. YOU! All you need is someone to hold you accountable. Get-It-Together Gina is your gal!

Please note: this kit will be released on May 19, 2020.

By Mike Crowder

With some exceptions, I bet you’ve never seen these animals in a book about the alphabet. Have you ever seen a coelacanth? If you’re reading this, you probably know the alphabet. You might, however, want to read about the animals. For each letter, I’ve written something interesting. Or clever. Or both. Or, maybe you just want to look at all the pretty pictures (and they are pretty). Most importantly, you’re probably reading this to those who can’t read it by themselves, and that is the main reason I wrote it. So you won’t get tired of saying:“D is for dog…”again.

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