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Mascot Books Announces the September Releases!

Mascot Books is very excited to announce their September releases! Check out what we’ve been up to the last few weeks:
A Big Hit with the Cubs – Chad Pio. Follow a young Cubs fan named Ernie and his two friends, Billy and Ron, as they play a baseball game against some Cardinals fans.

Bun Bun: A True Story – Kathy Snowden. This true story is about rescue, rehabilitation, release, and the bond between a rabbit and the woman who saved her.
The Brave Adventures of Captain Courage: The Bully – Ricki Lasky and Paula Siqueiros. Follow Karson’s adventures as a superhero, Captain Courage.
Cat and the Beautiful Mrs. Butterfly – Lena Anderson. Valerie finds herself assisting Cat, a caterpillar, in the search for the colors that belong to Elf King Forest.
The Magic of Fairy Dust – Megan Few Evans. Michelle teams up with fairies to save their small town from the evil witch.
Hate – Suzanne Nelson. Let Hate teach you how to use the word properly.
Hello, Big Red! – Heather Little. Follow Big Red Bear around the campus of Cornell University as he makes his way to Lynah Rink for a hockey game.
Hello, Hawk! – Naren Aryal. Follow the Hawk around the campus of Saint Joseph’s University as he makes his way to the basketball arena for the big game.
Hello, Rufus! – Naren Aryal. Follow Rufus around the campus of Ohio University as he makes his way to the football stadium for the big game.
Hello, Marco! – Naren Aryal. Follow Marco around the campus of Marshall University as he makes his way to the football stadium for the big game.
The Adventures of Wacko Rabbit – Donald & Ronald Williams. Join Puppy and Wacko Rabbit on a fantastic journey and learn why being different is not only interesting, but magical.
Why God Made the Songbird – Bethany Calton. God created each of us with a special talent and purpose and when we accept ourselves for who we are, we can enjoy the wonderful life God has given us!
– Naren
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