January Book Releases

New year, new me, new resolutions! If reading more is one of you New Year’s resolutions, then we’ve got you covered! Check out our full list of January book releases below.

January Featured Title: Our American Dream

By Fiona McEntee

Immigrants come from countries far,
to dream their dreams beneath American stars.

Let’s see who’s here in this great place,
a land of diversity: the United States!

Our American Dream is written by Fiona McEntee, an award-winning nationally recognized immigration lawyer. As an immigrant, mom of two young children, and lawyer who fights for justice every day, Fiona wrote Our American Dream to help explain the importance of a diverse and welcoming America. Our American Dream is the first in a series that celebrates immigrants and immigration. You can find out more at ouramericandreambooks.com. Please note: this title will not be released until January 21, 2020.

By Christine M. B. Smith

Lucy has the wiggles and it keeps getting her into trouble! Can the Wise Old Beagle help her learn to be calm and quiet? Join Lucy as she sets off on an adventure to find out!

In the first book of this new series, Lucy becomes homesick…until she encounters Sam, a proud cattle dog. As friendship becomes family, Lucy realizes that with patience, there is joy to be found in the journey, not just the destination!

For every book sold, a $1 donation will be made to the Utah Friends of Basset Hounds (UFBH). For more about their work, visit www.UFBH.org.

By Nicholas J. Stevens

In this mischevious romp of a memoir, Nicholas recounts stories of 50 kisses. He wrote the first 49 chapters as a homage to the 50th (and presumably last) woman he would ever kiss: his wife.

The original plan was to write only 49 stories of kisses because the 50th story was theirs and theirs alone. It was a story that he thought had no ending. But the 50th story is included here, and it’s also the namesake of the collection.

By Lauren Mosback, MA, LPC, NCC

David is having a rough day…but his emotions are no match for his older sister Lily, who swoops in to save the day with some super skills! When Lily observes her brother feeling frustrated, sad, and irritable, she quickly shows him some helpful tips and tricks to help him feel better. And though David might not feel like jumping up and down for joy at that very minute, he soon learns that an improved mood is just a few actions away. Will Lily’s super skills be enough to save the day?

In My Sister’s Super Skills, licensed children’s counselor Lauren Mosback introduces various kid-friendly coping mechanisms that help manage emotions and promote positive social and emotional development, while highlighting the importance of an emotional growth-oriented mindset and healthy sibling relationships.

By Hunter Novak

Hunter is a nine year old who loves to play soccer, ride four wheelers, and spend time with his family. But Hunter doesn’t have just one family, like all his friends…he has two. Follow along as Hunter discovers what makes having two families special and great in its own way.

By James Blackburn

Drake the Dragon, born with a lame wing,
seeks to see what this new day will bring.

Through hapless adventure, where he dare not go,
Drake mistakenly tumbles into the world below.

How will he make it back to his home above?
Well, of course: through courage and bravery, and with lots of love.

By Quinn Woodard

Zoey loves math and science, but she doesn’t know what she can be when she grows up. As she says: “It’s difficult to see what I can be when no one looks like me.”

With the help of a friend, Zoey learns all about the amazing things she can become if she follows her passions just like the pioneers who have come before her.

Aimed at introducing new possibilities in STEM for young children, Like Me is perfect for the budding scientist in your family.

By Watt Hamlett and Jill Olinger Vinson

Join Sadie the Cow, Digby the Pig, Sol and Luna the Sheep, Marguerite the Chicken, and Willie the Mouse as they take a field trip from Frying Pan Farm Park to spend one summer day exploring Herndon. Their adventures take them to the W&OD Trail, Bready Park, Herndon Farmers’ Market, Fortnightly Library, Herndon Community Center, ArtSpace, Dranesville Tavern, and more. Find out how much fun they can have before heading back to the farm! Learn more at www.adayinherndon.com

By Michelle Kim

Goose is the smallest dinosaur in his herd. Teased and bullied because of his size, he wishes he could be a normal height. When Goose and his best friend Duck unknowingly come across a magic mushroom in the woods with the power to make him taller, will he take a bite? And if he does, will he realize that being tall isn’t everything he thought it would be?

By Valerie Barlow

Amanda, Eric, and Ashley didn’t usually like to try new things—especially new foods—but when their Mom announces they’ll be having white steak for dinner, they go on a mission to find out more. But what will they discover? Based off of true events, Do You Like White Steak? was inspired by Valerie’s own picky eaters.

By TJ Dennis

Oh no! Mango’s family has left on vacation, leaving him with only Cousin Ian for company. But Mango wants to be where his family is! Follow along as he goes on a memorable journey to follow his family to New York City in this whimsical book for children of all ages.

By John V. Amodeo

Talented actor and singer Jim Santoro left the small upstate town of Mechanicville when he was eighteen, destined for the brightest lights and biggest stages New York City had to offer. Even after four decades of commercial work, unnamed extra parts, and walk-on roles, the dream didn’t die—but he almost did. When Jim experiences a medical miracle, he embraces the gift of a second chance, touching lives and taking Broadway by storm.

By Garry Gekhman

Little Yura enjoys fun activities and wishes to make friends with all of his peers. However, people at school start to bully him. His friend suggests that he take up dancing, especially because it is healthy and fun! Little Yura quickly learns that he loves to dance and develops confidence in the process.

By Jeff St. Germain

How I Read rejoices in the magical yet plausible responses from our pre-readers, who are asked, “How do you read?” Join us as we explore the imaginative, inspired, and occasionally surprising answers of children from all around the world. Learn more at howtoreadbooks.com

By Vanessa Kleypas

All Dutch dreamed about was being big enough to work at Auburn University like Daddy. Little did he know, he was soon to get a helping hand from Aubie to help make his dream a reality. Will they have what it takes to get ready for the big game day?

By Lori Orlinsky

Ellie has been eagerly awaiting the day she can finally trade in her first baby tooth for a coveted prize from the Tooth Fairy. But when the time comes, the unthinkable happens! Ellie swallows her tooth!

Knowing she can’t disappoint the Tooth Fairy, Ellie decides to lie about what really happened to her tooth. But when her fib leads to big trouble in Fairyland, will Ellie be able to set things right again?

In Bolivia in the year 1940, citizen voting rights were restricted, along with the acknowledgment of rights in general toward the native First Nations. After a painful experience at age 7, Constantino, a native indio, makes the decision to stand up for his people. His journey begins in his tiny village up in the mountains and leads him through activism in the streets, jail, torture, and an outcome that would have never happened if it wasn’t for his courage.

By Erin Lough and Mave Lough Duke

A family who loves both Alabama and Auburn is a house divided! College mascots, Aubie and Big Al, surprise the family and come over to watch the Iron Bowl game. They are ready to cheer for their teams and rally the family. But which side will leave with the victory?

By Mel O’ Drama

Darlene the Drama Queen Raises the Curtain on Bullying is the story of an ordinary little girl with an EXTRAordinary imagination! At only six-and-a-half-years-old (“that half is quite exciting!”), she lives in a beautiful castle with her pet dragon Shakespeare and her floating mask mentors, Comedy and Tragedy. She takes readers on a tour of Drama Land which is bursting with color, positivity, and hope. She has a “stage of magic” upon which she stands when friends in need come to visit her. From that stage, she gives advice to children who struggle with issues such as low self-confidence, or in this case, problems with bullying. With the help of her royal friends, she offers techniques which every child can benefit from, and together they spread the word that every child is awesome, unique and special in their own way.

By Julius Lanoil

What is the essential reality of togetherness? This book of poetic narratives features the positive aspects found in the relationships of 55 different couples. Abstracted from their stories are the ingredients that make a relationship strong, courageous, enjoyable, and long lasting. The perilous adventures and challenges that make up their lives are anything but ordinary. They are unique, special, and even heroic. Their stories are about the unification of two into one. The give and take of one to the other. And the creation of a bright, new reality based on the products of their merger. The poems of these uniquely different couples demonstrates the connectedness of us all. The more of these ingredients you incorporate into your own recipe, the better your plate full of food will be.

By Rainer Niederkofler and Katalin Peli

“How can you make music visible?” Perhaps you will find a few answers to this question between the covers of this book. This collection of unique pictures came into being through the acoustic sonification of water. We watched as different songs from recent musical history formed into colorful water crystals before our very eyes.

We invite you to admire a wide selection of songs, ranging from rock to rap, from international hits to the obscure treasures in pop music. And to join us in discovering the fascinating world of water crystals!

By Kelly Canova

Everyone adores cats for their sneaky, beautiful, and finicky personalities. But how does one cat handle the arrival of a newborn baby who seems to disrupt the kitty’s wonderful life? Hey! There’s a Baby in My Bed! discovers the hysterical highs and lows of a cat interrupted!

By Rhett Dawn

Reeling from the deaths of his wife and daughter, Nick Reed sets out to find solitude in the Virginia farmlands. He soon learns that his small town is not as quiet as it appears when he uncovers a sex trafficking ring. In this suspenseful thriller, Nick must take on the evils of institutional corruption, as well as the demons from his own past.

By Lauren Wailer

Lauren always believed she was destined to be a dancer! Though her brain would not send the correct signals to her feet, she wouldn’t let that get in her way. With the help of her dancing partner Mayo and the support of her friends and family, Lauren was prepared for her debut on stage as the Dancing Swan. Based on the actual life of ballroom champion Lauren Walier, this encouraging story demonstrates how anyone can overcome their obstacles to reach their dream.

By Torie J. Anderson

Why be ordinary if you can be REVOLUTIONARY?

By Erin Harrington

Izzy is excited about the holidays, and she has a very long wish list this year. But when she shows the list to her mom, she starts to learn about other traditions, how good it feels to give rather than to receive, and having compassion for the less fortunate during the holiday season and beyond.

By Ben Stein

Little Benny Piggy is bored at home, so he decides to go to the local park. Once he gets there, he gets a scare because he doesn’t know anyone playing ball. Will he summon the courage to make new friends?

By Anna Bauereis

Alexei is a young dancer who enters a garden fantasy world to find dance partners. There, he finds a teacher as well as partners who express themselves through dance movements instead of words. Through dance, you can be angry, can be happy, and any of the other emotions you may think of. In Alexei’s story you will discover that dance is an expression; an art that is beautiful not only for the dancer, but for the audience too. Things We Wish to Say celebrates dance and the difference it can make in the world.

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