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March Book Releases

Spring into March with our new book releases! From cookbooks to memoirs, our March book releases have something for every spring reading list. 

March Featured Title: Coral’s Quest

By Zoë Williams

Coral’s Quest welcomes us to an underwater world where sharks and ocean life are under constant attack from climate change. This essential and timely book examines the ability of humans to pollute the planet – but also their ability to fix it, too.

When Coral mistakenly eats a plastic bag, she has no idea that she is starting a chain of events that will make her into a human and force her to learn tough lessons about what it means to be a global citizen. Integrating magic with our real-life environmental problems, Coral’s Quest forces readers to think about how their choices affect all living creatures – on land and on sea.

By Etaine Raphael

These days remind me endlessly

It’s the simple things that matter:

Hugs, nature, cups of tea,
Art and pancake batter!

By Mary Anne Moharnraj

We come together with other Sri Lankans—homelander and diaspora, Sinhalese and Tamil, Buddhist and Hindu and Christian and Muslim—over delicious shared meals. Sri Lanka has been a multi-ethnic society for over two thousand years, with neighbors of different ethnicities, languages, religions, living side by side. We try to teach our children to be welcoming to all, to share our unique cultural traditions. That is part of what it means to be Sri Lankan, what it has always meant.

Dark roasted curry powder, a fine attention to the balance of salty-sour-sweet, wholesome red rice and toasted curry leaves, plenty of coconut milk and chili heat. These are the flavors of Sri Lanka, a South Asian island at the crossroads of centuries of migration and trade.

Can we choose the good parts of our culture to cherish, and leave the darker aspects behind? I hope so. I hope food can help provide a pathway there. Come together at our table, sharing milk rice and pol sambol, paruppu and crab curry. Linger over the chai—just one more cup. Eat, drink, and share joy.

In A Feast of Serendib, novelist and post-colonial academic Mary Anne Mohanraj introduces her mother’s cooking and her own American adaptations, providing an introduction to Sri Lankan American cooking that is straightforward enough for a beginner, yet nuanced enough to capture the unique flavors of Sri Lankan cooking. Please note this title will be released on March 6, 2020.

By Alysson Foti Bourque

A “Mom’s Choice Award Winner”! Alycat’s brother, Bugsy, is playing in a golf tournament with some of his friends, and wants to use his lucky ball to win the game. But when Alycat forgets his lucky ball at home, Bugsy learns what luck is really all about. Can Bugsy win the tournament without his lucky ball? Alycat and the Tournament Tuesday is part of the Alycat Series: Please note this title will be released on March 17, 2020.

By Andrea Alvarez

When Andres sees a new friend in the neighborhood solve a Rubik’s cube incredibly quickly, he asked if he could learn to solve one too. He tried twisting the multicolored cube but it seemed insurmountable. With a bit of encouragement from his mother, Andres started to practice every day. And when he found a Rubik’s cube competition to qualify for the largest championship, he knew he had to make an attempt.

Andres and His Rubik’s Cube Madness is based on the true story of Andres — a young boy who constantly practiced and learned tons of algorithms to solve the Rubik’s cube in lightning speed. He was dedicated and worked hard, but most importantly, he never once gave up.

By Turner J. Barran

Do you want to be a Deputy Sheriff? Take a look at the life of Barrington. This loveable bear wishes to work for his local Sheriff ’s Office and make a difference. The first day at the Academy is terrifying, and physically challenging, but as Barrington advances through 16 weeks of Louisiana P.O.S.T. Academy, he starts to realize that he is getting better. Confident, tough, skilled, and ready to serve and protect the people in his community, Barrington is driven by a Captain who wants him to thrive and attain his goal of working for Sheriff Joseph Lopinto.

By Donna Glass

All parents know the struggle of feeding a picky eater. Some evenings feel like war. Nerves are frayed, and a nice, peaceful dinner can swiftly be bursting with tears, tantrums, and occasionally, a battle of wills. It is my goal that this book tips the scales in our favor. I’ve learned that one reliable way to get my picky eaters to eat is to allow them to help make the meal. After all, food tastes better when you have helped create it. Allow your kid to try their hand with the recipes in this book. A kid who becomes the superhero of suppertime is one who eats super well.

By Adrás Törő

As the iron curtain descended on his home in Budapest, Hungary, András Törő turned to one of the few opportunities permitted by the communist government—the sport of canoeing. Selected to represent Hungary in the 1960 and 1964 Olympic Games, he made a life-changing decision. With no money, no belongings, no marketable skills, and no comprehension of the English language, András Törő decided to defect.

By Lindsey and Vincent Jackson

After receiving military orders, Danny’s family has moved yet again. As Danny prepares to start at another new school, he feels anxious and nervous about fitting in and making friends.

Follow along with Danny as he seeks to find his place among his classmates. Every day is an opportunity for Danny to be his best, and he may just find out he has more than a few things in common with his new friends.

By Kelly A. Hartmann

My name is Andrew. I love the color blue!
I’ve asked a ton of people, and they love it, too.

Do You Like Blue Like I Like Blue?
Come along with me, and see if you do!

By Will Mason

Duffy The Famous Wing is a classic tale every chicken wing lover will enjoy. It’s a story about a very special chicken wing, named Duffy, and his journey finding the place where he belongs, eventually making him famous! It’s also a story about friendship, and looking out for one another when times get tough. As Duffy is accompanied throughout his voyage home by his “wing-man” Bleu, the duo embark on a journey of friendship that will forever change the world.

By Ridley Nelson

This richly-textured book leads you into cultures and farming across five continents. The author takes you on a lush, lively journey from his birthplace in Australia, to Egypt, to English boarding schools, and to sheep stations in Australia. Step onto a merchant ship, or into a quaint English pub or peaceful village church. Glimpse the lives of African smallholder farmers and the iconic Maasai tribe. Join the author for wildlife tales around a campfire in Kenya. Listen and learn from the wisdom of a progressive women’s group in India. You will find here tales from a wide swath of human life laced with heart, humor and warm wit. In this intimate, wayfaring expedition, watch in horror as an aircraft explodes overhead, cast a line for trout in elephant and lion country, observe the human side of war through the author’s military ancestors, and, at the end of your travels, take a deep breath and settle into a sweeping final chapter that contemplates meaning and life.

Join the author on this ride. It will be the journey of a lifetime.

By Joshua White

Legend is a typical boy, but he has just one problem–the only thing he wants to do is play games on his phone. What happens when his phone frenzy goes too far? What games can he play without his phone? Join Legend on this messy, silly, and creative journey as he finds out what happens when he has to put his phone down.

By Cathy Fragale

“Henry & Shirley” tells the tale of an unlikely duo whose friendship forms through accidental circumstances to create a lifelong bond. Founded upon the values of love and acceptance, “Henry & Shirley” wishes to teach readers an understanding and appreciation toward other points of view. This touching story will certainly move the hearts of kids and adults alike, sending readers along with meaningful morals to carry with them for the rest of their lives.

By Portia Ingram

How to Survive Your 20s is a gem-packed reference guide for teens and young adults that provides transformational and down-to-earth tips on how to understand the transition into adulthood. The book discusses empathy, our unique pathways, and healthy relationships. Whether you are a skimmer and need a good word, or someone in need of greater support, How to Survive Your 20s introduces themes that are emotionally difficult and shares years of experience and insight to encourage those tackling the idea of adulthood.

By Dane Rauschenberg

Do you give up when faced with your limits? Dane Rauschenberg asks you to work through, move past, and, ultimately, Ignore the Impossible. Armed with his own life experiences and sharp wit, Rauschenberg explains how you can face your limitations and overcome your obstacles. He also shows you how to isolate the bad advice in your life, transforming “I can’t” into “I can.”

Ignore the Impossible is a collection of ideas, methods, and hints that can assist you in creating the best version of yourself. After all, the best way to find out how far you can go is to go further than you’ve ever gone before.

By Stephen M. Shapiro

Solve Any Problem Faster, with Less Risk and Lower Cost
Unprecedented access to infinite solutions has led us to realize that having all of the answers is not the answer. From innovation teams to creativity experts to crowdsourcing, we’ve turned from one source to another, spending endless cycles pursuing piecemeal solutions to each challenge we face.
What if your organization had an effective and systematic approach to deal with any problem? To find better solutions, you need to first ask better questions. The questions you ask determine which solutions you’ll see and which will remain hidden.
This compact yet powerful book contains the formulas to reframe any problem multiple ways, using 25 lenses to help you gain different perspectives. With visual examples and guidance, it contains everything you need to master any challenge.
This book will help you:
• Discover why we are hardwired to ask ineffective questions and learn to work through those barriers.
• Understand the power and importance of well-defined questions.
• Reframe any problem multiple ways to help you find the optimal solution.
• Move from idea-based innovation to question-based innovation that drives higher ROI.
Apply just one of the lenses and you will quickly discover better solutions. Apply all of them and you will be able to solve any problem—in business and in life.

By Brandon Potter

The sun’s set, this day’s come to a close,
There seems to be nothing left to do.

But yet, something tells me there’s more to achieve
Is it because of you?

By Susan Dils

Oh, how delicious it would certainly be

If we could all eat what we wanted freely!

Join Jessica Tandy in this humorous tale as she learns a lesson the hard way, finding out that poor eating habits can lead to a lot more than just cavities. 

By Kelan Davoud

Kelan and his best friend Noah are fed up with bullies. At every turn, their tormenters come up with new and creative ways to make Kelan and Noah’s lives miserable. Luckily, everything changes once Kelan finds a sparkly, colorful glove in the forest. They soon discover that whenever Kelan wears the glove, magical things start to happen! Finally, Kelan and Noah are able to put a stop to their bullies’ mean pranks. Join our friends as they figure out how to stand up for themselves with the help of one magical glove, a few Legos, and their imaginations!

By Karen Morales

It was dark inside the box. Three Krayon Kids cautiously peeked out. They saw a world they did not recognize. Where were they and what had happened to them? Find out if the Krayon Kids can survive this new adventure and help clean the planet alongside their new mysterious friends.

By Scott Middleton

Lil’ Wildcat wants to play basketball with the bigger animals…but everyone he knows thinks he’s too small.

Follow along with Lil’ Wildcat to see if he has what it takes!

By Mike Murphy

The Moozites have returned! Moozy Toozy and Moozy Woozy have brought their friends with them. Join them and Lilly Lou as they meet new people from Paddy’s World-Famous Pancake Place to Washington, D.C. Laughter and fun escapades await Lilly Lou and our Moozite pals. See if you can solve the mystery that surrounds the Giant Pandas.

By Tom Madden

After Angela, his cherished wife of fifty-four years, passes away, seventy-eight-year-old Tom Madden finds himself lost in rough and desolate seas. He feels unprepared without the help of his first mate and incapable of navigating to shore. He emerges from the depths of his grief and decides to stop sitting idly in his oceanfront condo, watching his life sail by— the time had come for a change.

Following advice from a friend, Madden plunges back into the dating pool headfirst. But he quickly finds that it isn’t just a pool—it’s a whole ocean. From whirlwind romances to digital breakups, he voyages through all Internet dating has to offer. Love Boat 78 delves into how Madden’s massive heart, racing libido, and cheeky humor help him deal with loss and set sail into the sunset once again.

By Hayley Francis Cann

Mandy accompanies her mom for a day at her work as a music therapist. She watches her mother carefully, interacts with people, lends a hand, and asks questions about things she does not understand. Follow along as Mandy learns about the benefits of music therapy, and later shares them with her class!

By Trista Jordan

Mirror, Mirror: Confessions of a Celebrity Makeup Artist is the story of a single mom in Hollywood leading up to—and during—the #MeToo movement. Trista uses humor, grit, and her makeup brush to rise to the top…and deal with the high-pressure demands that whipsaw her between drama, deadlines, and disasters while working with some of the most colorful characters on the planet.

By Alison Clary & Jason Pappas

“Adopting a senior rescue dog forces you to live in the present. You may not always know the details of their past or what their future holds, but you can always count on them to enjoy the present.”

In Old Dogs, New Chapters, authors Alison Clary and Jason Pappas share the touching stories of nearly thirty senior rescue dogs, all of whom found themselves, for various heartbreaking reasons, in need of a permanent home when they were eight years old or older. Fortunately, compassionate people from different walks of life stepped forward to provide these wonderful senior dogs with loving forever homes and blissful new life chapters.

Ringing with themes of resilience and empathy, each story in Old Dogs, New Chapters is uniquely inspiring and powerful, and is sure to stay with you long after the last page is turned.

By Ben Glass

Life is about exercising choices!

So, you read recently that many lawyers are depressed and unhappy about their profession. Pick up almost any bar journal and you will read about how “leadership” is putting together more educational programs, so you can learn how to be happier in your chosen profession.

I’ve got news for you. There are a ton of us out there who have fun, make money, and enjoy being lawyers all without screwing up our personal lives.

You should read this book if you:

  • Are the owner of a small law firm and don’t have any hang-ups about talking about your law firm in terms of enhancing profits.
  • Like strategizing about how to build a real business that brings you joy and happiness.
  • Are okay with only choosing clients you actually like working with.
  • Believe that building a workforce that looks forward to Monday morning sounds like something you’d like to do.

Don’t waste your time on this book if you:

  • Think that being the best lawyer in town entitles you to anything.
  • Believe that the path to prosperity in the legal field is “do good work and they will come.”
  • Are resolutely against viewing your law firm as a profit-making machine.
  • Think that any one book will turn your life around in a week or so.

The choice is yours. Please note this book will release on March 24, 2020.

By Bobby O’Donnell

After almost losing everything at the finish line of the 2013 Boston Marathon, O’Donnell, a nineteen-year-old college student, was left empty and broken. In the aftermath of the bombing he not only struggled with the trauma of the events, but also found that terrorism had stolen his passion for running. Unable to find healing in his conventional life, O’Donnell embarked on an inspiring and ambitious quest to run a marathon on all seven continents. His search for peace took him everywhere from dodging penguins in Antarctica to running under the shadow of Mt. Everest. Finding new love for his sport and seeing the good of humanity in all corners of the globe, O’Donnell experiences triumphs and unexpected tragedy in this beautifully described journey. A true testament to following your dreams, this adventurous story serves as inspiration for overcoming fear in the midst of overwhelming adversity. Please note this title will be released on March 31, 2020.

By Jessica Fuller

Story of the One-Sock Monkey
 is an adorable tale depicting the life of a stay-at-home dad. From their morning routine to bedtime stories, this book will teach children about the importance of balance within a family and household.

By N.S. Shankar

“Frowning without any evident emotion,
she wipes the barrel of the gun on
his shirt And sets down her
wine glass next to his
arm, liquid still

“He might as well take his last stroll. Murder is not
uncommon, for this is the business of the Whiskey Express.”

“It’s a fog similar to cigarette smoke. A stench similar to
alcohol. A taste similar to poison.”

Welcome to the bar, I do hope you enjoy the ambiance. It will have everything from the welcomes till closing time. So, set your affairs in order, take a seat, play the game, and wait around long enough to see whether you might emerge victorious. The ice cubes like dice. The glass is their game board.

Now, roll. 

By R. Hammond

The beach season was ending and AJ wanted to surf one last wave!

AJ made himself ready with good reason.
It was probably the last day of the summer season.

Mom found something pretty that glowed,
while dad was happy, and it surely showed.

Others came and made castles with staffs.
There was lots of fun and plenty of laughs.

By J.D. McCabe

What occurs when the devil assaults your strength and remakes it into a weakness?

J.D. “Danny” McCabe lived in a loving relationship with his wife for almost twenty years before the foundations of their marriage, family, and world began to collapse. Their marriage had always been rooted in the belief that trust is necessary in a healthy relationship. Certainly, Erin had always claimed that things wouldn’t, couldn’t work without trust. Yet one day, for reasons Danny could not understand, Erin developed suspicions of his every move. Phone calls, text messages, and work emails were fashioned into proof of infidelity, drug addiction, and a web of lies.

She recruited her mom in her efforts, and together they forged the words of family, trust and honesty into a symbolic hammer and battered him into the ground. Their allegations amassed, twisting reality and ultimately resulting in Danny’s involuntary hospitalization.

Danny was forced to the edge and was damn near ready to jump. Then, God intervened. Erin’s shocking revelation, her Third Gift, lit the blind spots in his relationship that Danny had never before been able to resolve.

By Vincent and Jessive Caruso

Lino, Nico, and Mia are three courageous puppies who have set out as Pup Detectives to solve cases that no other detectives have the trained nose to sniff out. In this book, the brave trio is called upon to uncover the hidden clues to find a missing dog treat jar that has mysteriously disappeared. Who could have stolen the dog treat jar? Will these canine detectives be able to solve the case and return the missing dog treat jar to its owner? Let’s uncover the clues together and help these Three Pup Detectives solve the mystery!

By Pedram Parva

While on a special trip in France, Fiona’s father surprises her with a giant stuffed panda, but he’s too big to fit in her luggage! Getting back home with such a large panda isn’t easy, but Fiona manages to find a way. As she journeys around the globe, Fiona discovers that even though she can’t take her panda with her during her travels, she can still carry him in her heart.

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