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By Emily Evans-Miller With Contributions by Jordan Latham The holiday season is a great time to give back and support causes that make a change in your community. In recent years, there has even been a movement to give back after the busiest shopping weekend of the year on Giving Tuesday. This day of donation may have already passed, but there’s always a way to give. Consider buying one of our books that supports a charity when shopping for your loved ones this holiday season. Check out the list below of some of our titles whose authors donate proceeds or work directly with a charity dear to them.

The Amazing Chase

by Steve Wize Bringing home a dog is life-changing. That was certainly the case for the family who adopted Chase, a cute, cuddly, rescue dog. This is a heartwarming tale of a family who rescued a puppy, and the impact he had on their life. Steve Wize is an advocate for pet adoption and a portion of the book’s proceeds are put toward rescue facilities and foster dog programs.

The Amazingly Awesome Amani

by Jamiyl & Tracy-Ann Samuels Amani Taylor is a boy of few words until he falls asleep. When night falls, he becomes AWESOME AMANI—crime fighting superhero and defender of all that is good. Taking on life’s challenges by day and tackling superhero problems by night, there’s nothing Amani can’t do! The Samuels family works with Autism Speaks, Autism Speaks an organization dedicated to aiding individuals with autism through advocacy and research. Autism Speaks aims to increase acceptance of individuals living on the spectrum and provide resources to better their lives.

Brutus and the Red Rooster

By Samantha Hill In this fun book, follow Brutus, a spotted dog, on his journey along his favorite dirt road. Brutus, along with the help of his friends, have to find out what happened to the missing farm animal. Follow Brutus and his friends to see what happened to their missing friend! Proceeds support Pet Helpers, an adoption center and spay/neuter clinic that hopes to end euthanasia by providing low cost services and housing all animals until they are adopted, and The Humane Society of the United States, providing direct care to impoverished and abused animals through their sanctuaries, veterinary programs and emergency shelters and rescues. The Humane Society also advocates for protective legislation and enforcement to prevent abusive situations from occuring in the first place.

Chloe Has Chlamydia

by Jackie Prince It’s mating season in Australia but Chloe’s got some unfortunate news: she has chlamydia. Even so, she’ll make the best of a bad situation. Follow this little fuzzball as she and her friends learn all there is to know about safe, fun sex. Proceeds of Chloe Has Chlamydia provide STI testing to those in need at Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood is a low-cost health care provider centered on safe sex and sexual health for women.

Cristian’s Journey

by John “Gungie” Rivera and Robert Vazquez Cristian, the youngest train operator in big city history, takes pride in his train and he truly cares for every passenger who steps aboard. He spreads his daily message with words of encouragement and his love quickly spreads throughout the big city. Cristian also discovers that he is not feeling well and has a limited time to touch as many people as possible with his message. Despite it all, Cristian continues to move “full steam ahead” with spreading his message of love and benevolence. Step aboard and experience Cristian’s Journey, a tale about passion and never giving up despite the odds. 100% of the proceeds of the purchase of this book will be donated to D.I.P.G research and clinical trials. The Cristian Rivera Foundation provides education, support, and advocacy for those affected by Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (D.I.P.G.), or an inoperable brain tumor on the brain stem. The foundation was formed after the passing of the founders’ son, Cristian, from D.I.P.G. in 2009.

Adventures with Dolly and Jett: Always by My Side

By Jill Robbins In the first book of the Adventures with Dolly and Jett series, Dolly is eager for her little brother Jett to arrive! When Momma finally brings him home from the hospital, Dolly’s life changes forever. Dolly and Jett do everything together. As they learn, grow, and play, Dolly learns that Jett will always be by her side. Jill Robbins supports Best Friends Animal Society, an animal rights organization that promotes animal adoption and trap-neuter-return programs. She also supports Midwest Mastiff Rescue which seeks to provide education about K9 behavior and simplified route to adoption for Mastiffs in need.

Flight of Dreams

by Tanya Theriault Bah-bum…Bah-bum…Bah-bum…His heart beats fast in his chest. The smoke clears and he can visualize the clear sky ahead. The roar of the turbines pulsates in his ears. The thumbs up is given. He catapults off the carrier—the feel of wind under his wings makes the pride in his heart swell. He twists and turns, zooming through the sky. Excitement at mach 1.8. His dream of becoming a pilot is finally coming true! A portion of the proceeds from Flight of Dreams will go to support The National Naval Aviation Museum, which tells the history of naval aviation through vintage equipment up through the current day vessels.

Football Freddie: Gameday in the Carolinas

By Marnie Schneider and Goldie Grace It’s gameday in the Carolinas! Football Freddie and Fumble are on their way to the stadium to cheer for the Panthers. First, they’ll stop at Cape Hatteras, Kitty Hawk, and other historic locations to learn everything they can about the Carolinas. Come along and cheer with Freddie and Fumble for the Panthers! Gameday in the Carolinas proceeds support The United Service Organizations (USO), providing hospitality services to the armed forces during deployment, and The Ronald McDonald House providing support and resources to children and their families as they seek medical help.

G is for Gorilla

by Dana Lynn Price Gorillas are an endangered species, and they need our help. With its interesting facts and touch and feel elements, G is for Gorilla is the perfect read for anyone interested in conservation or saving these wonderful creatures from extinction. Part of G is for Gorilla’s proceeds will help support efforts to protect this endangered species and its habitat.   

HoopSmiths: J.R. and Chris Learn Teamwork

by J.R. Smith & Chris Smith J.R. and Chris both have dreams of playing in the NBA, but they quickly realize they can’t do it alone. Join these two brothers on their quest of commitment as they learn the value of teamwork and work toward achieving their ultimate goal! A portion of Hoopsmiths proceeds support the JR Smith Youth Foundation, dedicated to assisting underserved children in their health, personal development, education and enjoyment of life.

The Adventures of Jelly, Bean, & Sophia: Jelly and the Lost Ball  

by Em Toth Jelly the goldendoodle has lost her ball! Come along with Jelly on an adventure through the wilds of Palm Coast, Florida, to find it. Jelly learns that not everything is as it appears to be at first glance and that adventure can be found anywhere. Part of the proceeds of The Adventures of Jelly, Bean, and Sophia will benefit scholarships for foster children.

PAWS and THINK Series

by Miranda Mittleman See the world through Weaver’s bright eyes, With each new day valuable lessons arise. Life is funny and can change in a blink, So always remember to PAWS and THINK! Miranda donates to a new charity quarterly, and is currently supporting Cool Kids campaign, an organization seeking to improve the quality of life for pediatric cancer patients and their families.

Rico’s Cabo Adventure

by Mary Jacobs After Cousin Rico sneaks himself into Grandfather’s trip with Big Daddy to Cabo, he and his new friend, Nacho, cause quite the commotion! Can his friend’s love and family help them have a happy ending? A portion of all Big Daddy proceeds are donated to the Solmar Collection, a nonprofit foundation committed to helping those in need throughout Los Cabos.

Secrets to Becoming A Financial Badass

By George “G$” Kroustalis Secrets to Becoming a Financial Badass will set you down the path to success without putting you to sleep. It’s the financial lecture you never bothered listening to. But luckily, financial advisor George Kroustalis has boiled down decades of experience into three simple chapters: Save, Spend, and Invest. You can’t screw that up. G$ supports Project 10.10, a 501(c)3 nonprofit that provides young people with access to basic financial education. Glory Days Sports Biographies Bryce Harper cover  

Glory Days Press Sports Biographies

By Andrea Alexander Glory Days Press is a biographical children’s book series about some of the biggest stars in the MLB, NFL, and NHL. Designed to help kids fall in love with books, young readers can advance their vocabulary while learning everything there is to know about D.C.’s biggest sports stars—Bryce Harper, Kirk Cousins, and Alexander Ovechkin. The proceeds of the Glory Days Press books support Glory Days Live is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to promoting the health and social well being of economically disadvantaged youth.

The Thing About Swings

by Mona Patel Meet Ava, an elephant who tries to use a swing but quickly realizes swings aren’t designed for elephants. In her debut picture book and follow-up to her bestselling design thinking manual Reframe: Shift the Way You Work, Innovate, and Think, author and Motivate Design CEO Mona Patel walks us through the design process and inspires children and adults of all ages to question, dream, and design a better world. Mona Patel supports E-School for Girls is a program designed to empower underserved young women to become confident leaders and entrepreneurs.

Webster the Beagle

by Frank Payne In this adventure story, follow Webster, a born hunting dog, on his journey out of the woods after getting lost. On his search for a way home, Webster finds something even better, a loving owner! This is a cute, heartwarming tale about love, family, and bringing joy to those around you. Frank supports several charities, including McV Children’s Hospital is a full-service children’s healthcare provider in Richmond, VA, H.A.P.P.E., a Richmond-area nonprofit that helps place homeless dogs, and Peaceful Passings, a senior animal rescue in Charlottesville, VA.

WOWsdom! The Girls’ Guide to the Positive and the Possible

by Donna Orender Book Summary: What happens when the WOW of girls meets the WISDOM of women? Donna Orender and her team at Generation WOW believe that when we live together and learn together, we will lead together. WOWsdom! The Girl’s Guide to the Positive and the Possible is jam-packed with letters, activities, and no-nonsense advice that celebrates the connection of the WOW of girls and the WISDOM of women. In their letters to themselves, women, men, and girls from all walks of life—artists, athletes, actors, business leaders, entrepreneurs, students, doctors, scientists, and humanitarians—share their hard-earned wisdom for girls who are seeking guidance and inspiration as they begin their personal and professional journeys. Creating a world where the leaders of today help shape and inspire the leaders of tomorrow is what WOWsdom! is all about. WOWsdom is the brainchild of Generation W, a non-profit initiative centered around education, inspiration, and connection to fuel women’s leadership potential.
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