Mascot Books Spring Update

Mascot Books has had a very busy almost half year! 53 of your ideas have come to life and been released for the public to enjoy. Here’s a list of the books we’ve published since the start of 2013. You can purchase all of these books here:

Jeremiah’s House – Cynthia Neal

Let’s Go Air Force! – Yumi Lafortune

How God Made Me Special – Michelle Walstrom

Let’s Go, Freddy Falcon – Naren Aryal

Hello, WebstUR! – Dana Misner

Mommy’s Favorite Juice – Mike Nemeth

Daddy’s Favorite Juice – Mike Nemeth

She Cooks, She Scores – Jennifer Stoker

Big Al Teaches the Alphabet – Sherri Graves Smith

Counting with Big Al – Sherri Graves Smith

Marine Service Pals in the Honor Relay – Johnathan Edmonds

Air Force Service Pals in the Amazing Air Show – Johnathan Edmonds

Gotta Be Tough in Texas – Gerri Jimenez

One Blue Shoe – Alexis Conti

Elephant on Deck – Larry Crone

Lily’s Little Life Lessons Featuring “Only Lily” & “Lily Learns” – Rebecca Perlman Coniglio

Dominic and Pete – Shannan Rae

Army Service Pals Search for Sergeant Mike – Johnathan Edmonds

Navy Service Pals Travel Around the World – Johnathan Edmonds

Alfred the Alligator Visits Mount Vernon – Marie E. Bubelenyi

Sabrina’s Buttons – Terri Kelleher

Mike’s Game Day Rules – Sherri Graves Smith

A Big Problem with a Small Tooth – Barbara C. Helton

Dr. Dee Dee Dynamo’s Mission to Pluto – Oneeka Williams

Nutley, the Nut–Free Squirrel – Stephanie Sorkin

Countdown ’til Daddy Comes Home – Kristin Ayyar

Later Tartan Gator: A New Orleans Tale – Lorraine Johnston

Rameses’ Game Day Rules – Sherri Graves Smith

West Point: A to Z – Mike Nemeth

Oscar P’s Alphabet Adventure – Kathleen Davis

Princess Twinkle Toes – Sara Beth Williams

Bugeye – Andreas Bier

The Shoe-Swap Serpents – Andreas Bier

Tip & Happy – Andreas Bier

I Wish I Could Fly – Andreas Bier

Amnesia – Andreas Bier

Trolley Dodgers, Pinstriped Yankees, and Wearing Red Sox – Jon Lindenblatt

Adventures of Darling Darwin: Monkey Mess – Yasmin Nakhuda

The Polar Bear Who Couldn’t, Wouldn’t Swim – Karen and Brian Cohn

Born an Angel – Briley Rossiter

The ABCs of Southern Virginia University – Nelson & Suzanne Knight

Sophia Discovers Occupational Therapy – Nicole Thompson

Bitsy Bop Wants to Hippity Hop – Takisha M. Payne

Amy Lynn on the Edge of Gravity – Marjorie Kerr Crabtree

A Place to Get Well – Beverly Michelle Rasberry

Sneaky e – Julie Brudos

When I Grow Up, I’ll be A Tiger – Amy Hammond

Mooses & Gooses – Fr. Paul Mooradd

Albert and Alberta: A Day in the Life – Mark D. Damhon

A Story of Lawyers with Views from the Bench – Jacqueline J. Buyze

Don of a New Day – G. Bortolussi

All in the Kitchen: Cooking for the Auburn Family – Emil Topel

Destined to Run: My Spiritual Journey from Couch Potato to Ironman – Wes Harding

Write away

– Naren

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