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Checking in with the #MascotAuthor Community

Virtual readings, Netflix-binging, and bread-bakingdue to COVID-19 and social distancing restrictions, many of us are turning to new hobbies to pass the time in quarantine. For authors, this is also a time to work on your manuscript or market your book and connect with your readers.

Last week, we took to Instagram to ask our followers what questions they had about the Mascot Books publishing process; how they are connecting with their readers in light of COVID-19; and of course, what they are currently reading!

Whether you’re looking to start your publishing journey at Mascot Books, gearing up for your book’s release, or just need a pick-me-up, our quarantine blog has got you covered!

For the aspiring #mascotauthor…

Q. What questions do you have about the Mascot Books process?

A. “How do you get started?”
Whether you have a fully developed manuscript or just have an idea, we always encourage future Mascot authors to submit their book idea through our website. From there, one of our knowledgeable acquisitions editors can talk you through our process and our offeringsfrom editing and ghostwriting services to promotion and marketing plans.

A. “Is it possible to publish a graphic novel with you all?”
Yes! While Mascot Books’ start was in children’s books, today we publish any and all genres. Whether you are looking to publish a graphic novel or a nonfiction, our wide variety of offerings can bring your idea to fruition.

For the #mascotauthor community…

Q. How do you stay connected to the book/writing community?

A. “By following book and author accounts on Instagram”
Social media is a great tool for staying connected with the writing and #mascotauthor communities. To find more accounts to follow and interact with, try searching by hashtag on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter (#mascotauthor, #mascotbooks, and #bookstagram are great places to start). Additionally, you can find more members of the #mascotauthor community by looking at photos that Mascot Books has been tagged in on Instagram.

Q. In what ways are you marketing your book and connecting with your readers?

“Virtual story times”
Last month, we posted a blog on virtual readings and Q&A sessions in light of event and school reading cancellations. To develop a successful virtual reading, be sure to first choose which platform you are going to use (Facebook Live, Google Hangouts, etc.), create an event structure, and finally develop a promotional plan.

A. “Creating coloring pages about the characters in the books I illustrate”
Whether you are an author or an illustrator, this is a great way to keep your followers engaged in your story and your characters! Alejandro Echavez (@alejoartworks on Instagram) posted coloring pages for the books he has illustrated, and Alysson Foti Borque (@thealycatseries on Instagram), author of the Alycat series, posted cut-out versions  of her characters for audience photos. These are both great examples of using your social media platform to engage and interact with your audience.

For anyone looking for their next quarantine pick-me-up…

Q. What are you currently reading?

A. The Happiness Trap

A. The Confessions of Frannie Langton: A Novel

A. “My own manuscript”
If you are reading and editing your own manuscript, check out our tips on how to write a compelling first chapter and how to incorporate stylistic variety into your writing.

A. “Way too many books at one time!”

Q. What is your favorite quarantine activity?

A. “Writing!”

A. “Puppy cuddles”

A. “Cooking”

A. “Reading, reading, and more reading!”
P.S. Check out our Mascot bookstore to find your next read!

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