May Book Releases

Those spring allergies can be miserable, but luckily, we have new books to distract yourself from the sniffles and sneezes. From heartwarming picture books to gripping memoirs, enjoy our May releases below!

Children’s Books


Balloons for Tiger

By Lori Orlinsky

How can children begin to heal after losing a pet? Balloons for Tiger takes an imaginative look at this tough topic as colorful balloons travel from the hands of children to their beloved cat who has passed on. This book lets children open up their hearts and imaginations for a magical journey to the farthest corners of the world, where they’ll meet skydivers, astronauts, superheroes, and everything in between. As they watch the balloons’ voyage to the other side of the rainbow bridge, they learn to positively process their grief. Balloons for Tiger is a great tool for any child who has experienced the loss of a pet—or any other loved one, too.

Bluette and Poppy Celebrate a Birthday

By Kelli Baker-Bennett

Bluette is a seahorse who loves blueberries, pizza, and her Poppy! Poppy’s birthday is a very special day…so special, in fact, that Bluette saved up all of her clams to buy Poppy the best gift imaginable.

But when the gift falls through on Poppy’s birthday, Bluette will have to think on her fin to come up with a creative solution.

Will Bluette save Poppy’s birthday?

Fishy, Fishy

By Brielle Lilygarten

Fishy, fishy has so much to do! Will little fishy be able to get it all done? Follow along with little fishy as it finds some food, plays with friends, and sings along to a happy tune.

Go Bananas!

By Emily Cole

Hannah is a girl who is confident and cool,
until her classmates start to make her feel like a fool.
You see, she is different in a way some don’t understand,
because Hannah was born without her left hand.
She learns that trying to find your place in the world is hard,
especially when your “friends” leave you scarred.
However, on a trip to a Savannah Bananas game,
Hannah starts to understand it’s ok to not be the same.
She starts to realize that she is special in her own unique way,
and that won’t change, no matter what others say.
Join Hannah and the characters and players at the park,
and learn how you can show the world your special spark.

I Am a Rainbow Baby

By Lindsey Leask

I am a rainbow baby. But what does that mean? Before there was me, there was another baby. Then some storms came, and when they were over, there was color and light—that’s me! Now, Mama and Daddy have me, and we still love the baby who came before we became three. I am a rainbow baby, and this is my story!

A note for parents: a miscarriage is likely one of the most devastating events that can happen to a family. Whether the parents were expecting their first child or had a future sibling to share in the joy of a new baby, the loss is heartbreaking. In this story, a rainbow baby shares the tale of the painful events that happen to a family during a miscarriage, but proves that light can shine after even the darkest storms.

I Love You More

By Logan Phillips


How much does a father love their child? This fabulously funny book tries to answer this important question. Story time, bedtime, or anytime—this is a perfect way for any dad to laugh with their kids and let them know just how much “I LOVE YOU!”

It Smells Like Tuesday

By Amy Thomas

Have you ever smelled something, and the scent immediately took you to a specific place and time? Like the smell of roasting marshmallows around a bonfire or walking into the warm, sweet smell of a bakery?

A little boy named Tyler never wants to forget his favorite smells. He bottles them up, adds a label, and puts each one neatly on his bedroom shelf to smell whenever he wants.

What new, exciting smells will Tyler sniff and save next?

Lexi Decker and Her Super Power

By Amy K. Harris

Lexi Decker wants to try new things — but she’s worried about feeling silly and making mistakes.
Until one day, she realizes that believing in herself is the best way forward.
Follow along as Lexi discovers her super power … CAN-fidence!

Lima The Lime Green Bear

By Judy Gray

Lima’s the new toy on the block, and while she thinks she’s great, the other bears aren’t so sure. Join Lima on her rollercoaster journey to explore self-esteem, resilience, and confidence.

My First Book of Shona and Ndebele Words

By Yeve C. Sibanda

Little learners will read essential first words in Shona and Ndebele, the two main native languages of Zimbabwe. Colorful illustrations are paired with simple first words for readers of all ages to learn.

Papa’s Gift

By Denise D’Angelo Roland

Kurt loves to visit Papa’s farm! There’s just something different about being there, but he can’t quite put his finger on it. Spend a weekend unplugged with Kurt, his family, and Papa on the farm to discover the secret of Papa’s gift.


By Kyle Little

Every year, flamingos flock by the millions to the heart of Africa to feed on the algae in the fiery-red Lake Natron. The lake becomes the perfect place for the beautiful birds to hatch and raise their newborn babies, absorbing the crimson color from the water and turning their wings from grey to pink.

Shine and wonder, coats of pink,

Pink is best; we need not think,

For every creature, everywhere,

Wishes they were pink!

When the river stops flowing to the lake, what will happen to the flamingos? Who will save their beautiful coats of pink? Will the flamingos ever dance again?

PINK is the story of Arossa, a baby flamingo, and how she saved the birds and their beloved pink feathers. She’ll teach everyone how being different can be a wonderful thing!

Pink is great, but it’s not better

It’s not about the fur or feathers—

We’re all just better off together.

Raindrops to Rainbow

By Lorraine Sperone Stocks

Have you ever felt like you just don’t know what to do? Do you sometimes feel like you can’t really say how you feel, or that no one is listening anyway? Well, no matter how you’re feeling or how your day is going, you can always turn your day around! You will feel so proud when you challenge yourself to use your imagination to solve your problem. Remember, there is always a rainbow after the rain!

Ralphy’s Rules for Living the Good Life

By Talar Coursey

Ralphy is a very happy dog. Joey is a very cranky squirrel. When Joey bumps into Ralphy at the park, he finds a friend who shares his rules for living a better life. As Ralphy shares his “Rules for the Good Life” with Joey, Joey learns the value of kindness, not taking things personally, and being brave. It’s never too early to practice these important skills of emotional intelligence, and this duo is the perfect pair to start those conversations.

The Comfy Spot

By Krista Legge

Do you ever have trouble falling asleep? Well, Keira does!

Keira is a strong and adventurous girl, and she loves skateboarding and karate. But she also has trouble winding down and falling asleep. She often needs help, and has a special “spot” to calm her. One day, when she and her family move to a new house, she notices that her “spot” has gone missing! Luckily, her “spot” is just as eager to make its way back to Keira as she is to find it. Will they be reunited?

The Fin-Tastic Cleanup

By Laura Mancuso

Sara, Alix, and Lucy are happy mermaids living in their quaint coral village . . . until, one day, the three mermaids are forced to face the pollution riddling the sea that surrounds them. With the help of some friends, the mermaids jump into action! The Fin-tastic Cleanup will transport young readers to an imaginary world while they explore a real world problem.

The High Flying Adventures of Luke and Dancing Duke

By Robert Reid and Ruth Reid

Inspired by a true story, a young boy named Luke and his dog Duke were THE most famous and beloved barnstorming duo ever! Every day they would thrill the crowds with amazing death-defying daredevil stunts way up in the sky. Everyone loved seeing Duke dancing on the wing and standing on his hind legs. On this autumn day the wind was blowing very strong; Luke and Duke were uncertain whether to perform given the weather conditions, but not wanting to disappoint everyone, they decided to proceed with the show. As the plane rose skyward, they could see the smiling faces of the crowd cheering and waving. Midway through their act, a strong gust of wind violently shook the plane, the wind grew in intensity, and they were left with only one option: to abandon the plane and parachute to safety. When Luke touched ground, he quickly looked around, but sadly Duke was nowhere to be found. This would begin Luke’s frantic search to find Duke.

Wheyd’s Grate Adventure

By Atheana Zinser

Wheyd is a cunning, determined, and spunky mouse who dreams of having his very own farmstead—with Gouda cheese—to call home. As he travels from the Netherlands to America to pursue his dream, he encounters self-doubt, hardships, and harrowing adventures. But Wheyd believes in himself and, with the help of some new friends along the way, refuses to give up. Follow along to see Wheyd’s adventure unfold!

Wiggly Worm and Her Friends Recycle Organics

By Lissa Landry

This is the story of a Red Wiggler worm named Wiggly. Wiggly has a special job she is a natural recycler! Wiggly and her friends help the farmer by turning organic materials into compost for growing fruits and vegetables. Follow Wiggly as she teaches all about recycling organics.

You Can Do It, Chickadee

By Maria Luisa Salcines

You Can Do It, Chickadee uses vivid, person-centered, age-appropriate language to describe the physical and emotional challenges brought on by depression. One step, two steps, three steps, four—by putting one foot in front of the other, Chickadee models resilience, patience, and self-compassion for children who can relate to her thoughts and feelings.

Early Chapter Books

Football Magic: A Pirate’s Tale

By Sean Stellato and Gianna Stellato

Buddy and Gianna are riding high after winning the league championship at school. Even better, Buddy’s dad decided to keep the family in Salem, so that Buddy and his sister can stay with their new friends after adjusting to life in a new town in Massachusetts.

What could go wrong?

When Buddy and Gianna discover something magical, it leads them on a mysterious adventure through historic Salem and Marblehead. Things seem to be going great—until the wicked Kurtin Drapes and his raven reveal some dreadful plans. With the clock ticking and time running out, will they be able to outwit Drapes? Can Buddy and Gianna do the impossible, or will the magical ball lose its luster forever?

Ruby Foo and the Traveling Kitchen: Ruby Goes to Spain

By Tiffany Foo

RUBY FOO might seem like a normal middle schooler—until you get a taste of her amazing culinary creations! In the kitchen, Ruby transforms into a fearless superhero, the Fantastic Foo. In her latest culinary exploration, Ruby embarks on an adventure in Spain. She’ll need ingenuity, sleuthing skills, and empathy to uncover more family secrets. Follow Ruby in Adventure #2 as she dives into new culinary challenges in Madrid, Spain and discovers how history can change your life.

Autobiographies, Biographies, and Memoirs

Finding What’s Missing

By JoAnn Manali

JOANN MANALI’S LIFE HAS BEEN ANYTHING BUT ORDINARY: raised by abusive parents, stepparents, and other adults, JoAnn was physically, mentally, emotionally, and sexually abused as a young girl. Through unparalleled strength and faith, JoAnn survived her childhood and adolescence, eventually becoming a successful businesswoman and, finally, meeting a special man who, for the first time, would provide JoAnn unconditional love and support. 

Candid, surprising, and inspiring, Finding What’s Missing is an unbelievable true story of survival, one that will surely illuminate the possibility of happiness, love, and success against all odds.

This story contains depictions of emotional, verbal, sexual, and physical abuse. Reader discretion is advised.

Mixed: Exploring What It Means to Be Blended in America

By Jeanne Jones

In Mixed, Jeanne Jones reflects on being a white wife and mother raising her blended biracial family in the Midwest, while providing the call to action America so desperately needs: we need to fix the rampant racial injustice this country faces. Not tomorrow, not in a year, but today.

The Jones family exemplifies the race-related dichotomies that exist in America: their biracial twin girls have ancestors who served in the Revolutionary War and came to America via Ellis Island on one side, and rare documentation tracing their family to a runaway slave from Virginia who was captured and taken to Mississippi on the other.

Exposed to different cultures and races from a young age, Jeanne Jones has always been interested in viewing the world through the lens of others. Her children’s experiences with identity come to the forefront as she explores colorism and the impact it has already had on their twins: one is viewed as “passing,” with light skin and blue eyes, while the other is often perceived as Hispanic. Touching on the hypocrisy of race relations in America, Jones highlights experiences had by her own mixed family as they navigate the world as we know it, including contrasting the way her husband is treated by those who recognize him from his college football career, and the lack of awareness by others who questioned him as a possible “robber” while taking a walk in his own neighborhood.

Candid, compelling, and ultimately revelatory, Mixed is a heartfelt, necessary, and timely exploration into the heart and soul of what it means to be and live as mixed, blended, and biracial in America.

My Pseudo-College Experience

By Jess Kimball

At age sixteen, most high schoolers are trying to navigate college applications, Friday night football games, and SAT scores. But for Jess Kimball, age sixteen meant graduating high school and moving abroad, alone. Her decision to focus on running a business instead of going to college is one that she had no regrets about—except for her curiosity about college life. What did people mean when they referred to college as “a must-have experience,” or “the good old days?”

At age nineteen, Jess decided to audit classes at Dartmouth College; an experience that would change her life. What resulted was the social experience of college, minus the debt and anxiety—a pseudo-college experience.

In the current era of creative and unique career paths, is college necessary for everyone? Are the debt and stress worth it? Are you “missing out” if you choose a trade school or other career path, and can you get the “full college experience” without actually attending? Jess did—and she did it Ivy League style.

In My Pseudo-College Experience, Jess explores Greek life, party culture, course loads, student stereotypes, and her overall experience at Dartmouth, all through the lens of a “pseudo” student.

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