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As you may know, Mascot was founded in 2003 with a self-published children’s book about Virginia Tech’s lovable mascot, the Hokie Bird. That’s how we got our start … and that’s how we got our name. From there, we’ve gone on to publish children’s titles for hundreds of colleges, professional sports teams, and even elementary schools across America.

More recently, under the Mascot Books Author Program, we’ve helped both aspiring and experienced authors turn their ideas into high-quality children’s books. Our turn-key solution has proven to be unique in the children’s book marketplace. We make available a host of services for authors. On the production side we offer editing, illustrations, design, and printing. On the sales side we offer marketing and distribution services. We are able to keep all of these services under one roof, making the process of self-publishing a simple and pleasant experience. We’re now happy to announce more services that are available to our authors such as, eBook solutions, interactive iPhone apps, website development, and more collateral marketing materials. We’re also pleased to offer the option of Keepsake Publishing which includes print runs as low as ten books.

In response to the growing number non-children’s submissions we’ve received, we think now is the right time to expand our market presence to include titles for adult readers. Under our new imprint – mBooks – we’re publishing all genres. The first batch of mBooks titles will include two political titles in time for this year’s general elections, two engaging historical fictions, two highly anticipated cookbooks, a business-themed title, and a science fiction thriller.

Adding a second imprint will not affect our mission as a book publisher. Our goal of helping independent authors achieve creative and financial success is something that will drive all our projects, whether Mascot Books or mBooks. We also remain committed to providing an unmatched level of service and a premier forum for authors to share their experiences and their stories.

More detailed information about our new titles and services will follow, but in the meantime … write away!


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