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New Releases for August 2017

It’s that time of month! Finish off summer and get ready for back-to-school with these great new releases.

Children’s Chapter Books

The Startup Club by JJ Ramberg, Melanie Staggs, and S. Taylor Claire and Janey have their sights set on two things: a red leather AdventurePro backpack and new running shoes. They just need about $200. When the best friends realize they can earn money selling Claire’s handmade lanyards, they launch a business: CJ Chainz. But will their friendship withstand the pressures that come with starting a company?

Adult Coloring

Color Penn State: A Coloring Book for Nittany Lions Fans of All Ages by Megan Elmer Simple enough for kids but detailed enough for adults, Color Penn State is a spirited coloring book that captures the unmistakable pride of Penn State® with remarkable vision. Unleash your creativity and Penn State® spirit today!

Universities and Professional Athletes

Glory Days Press Sports Biographies: John Wall by Andrea Alexander Sports Biographies: John Wall from Glory Days Press is a biographical children’s book about one of the NBA’s biggest stars. Designed to help kids fall in love with books, young readers can advance their vocabulary while learning everything there is to know about John Wall’s life. The Adventures of Young Shep: Young Shep Saves the Game by Ashleigh Shepard and Sterling Shepard NFL player Sterling Shepard teams up with his sister Ashleigh for a fun story about believing in yourself. When Sterling “Young Shep” Shepard finds a pair of shoes in a trash can, little does he know they’re magical! He can catch every pass and run faster than ever. But at the big championship game, his shoes break! Will Young Shep still be able to lead his team to victory? The Three Little Buckeyes and the Big Bad Wolverine by Daniel Kelley No one is as nuts about football as the three little buckeyes, Fletcher, Dellroy, and Cecil. But when the Big, Bad Wolverine steals their football, they are forced to face him on the field to win it back. Help cheer on the three little buckeyes in their endeavors to defeat B.O., the wolverine, through this twist on a classic fairy tale that Buckeyes fans of all ages will love! The Scarlet Cleat by Daniel Kelley Dirty, sweat-soaked laundry, two loathsome step-brothers, a dream to play football and a…Fairy Godcoach? Enjoy this gridiron twist on a classic fairy tale as Fubsy Lento tries to achieve his dream of playing football for the mighty Ohio State Buckeyes. With a “BiPpity-Hut, BippiTy-HikE!” Fairy Godcoach Woody uses hard work and sweat to prepare this little buckeye for the biggest day of his life. But will it be enough for the tiny buckeye in the scarlet cleats to make the team?
Count on UVA: Fun Facts from 1 to 12 by Robin A. Ward, Ph.D. Come to UVA and count with me! You’ll learn things, too. 1, 2, 3! It’s Gameday in Death Valley! by Julie Smart An ABC book for Tigers big and small! Follow the Clemson Tigers through an exciting gameday in the Valley in this book of stunning photographs from Julie Smart. Perfect for showing your Clemson pride or reliving treasured Clemson memories!

Children’s Books

The Adventures of Finn and JJ: Equation Salvation
When Viking Village is threatened by a greedy dragon, there’s only two people who can help: Finn and JJ. With the help of their math and counting skills, Finn and JJ will have to prove to the dragon why he can’t steal from the village anymore. Will they succeed?
Teaching children basic math and counting skills, The Adventures of Finn and JJ: Equation Salvation is perfect for children of all ages.
by Irene Maslowski Judah’s Promise brings comfort to children mourning the death of a pet. It shares the message that the emotions they’re feeling are normal and that it’s okay to believe that even in death our pets are still with us.
Oz is Kansas by J.R. The movie said Dorothy’s adventure in Oz was a dream, and the book by L. Frank Baum said her adventure was real. But what if it was both? Dorothy continues her adventure and finds out Oz is Kansas…and that’s just the beginning. Time For Bed With Ford and Red by Jacqueline Leigh An adventure awaits Ford and his rabbit companion Red every night they lay down to sleep. Journey with them through blistering deserts, deep oceans, and wild savannas in this beautifully illustrated tale of the power of a young child’s dreams. Respectful Lil’ Mac: Book 1 by Clarence McFerren II Lil’ Mac can hardly wait to visit his family in Fayette County, Tennessee, for the summer. Things move a little slower there and he always has a great time with his cousins. This year, he faces quite a trial when his cousin Perry challenges him to a race, but he soon finds out he has much more to learn than how to run fast. Join Lil’ Mac and find out how he discovers respect is an important character trait no matter who you’re with. The Fall Suitcase Stories by Margaret “Peggy” Rose Dolan Traveling storyteller Margaret “Peggy” Rose Dolan has collected three of her fall holiday stories in this wonderful collection: Penelope the Pint-Size Pumpkin, Timothy and Tobias: A Thanksgiving Turkey Tale, and Freddy the Christmas Snowflake. Come gather around as she lights a candle and opens her suitcase of stories for you and your family to enjoy. The Mermaid Princess by Jennifer Cua Lorelea lives under the sea and loves to stir up fun. When she meets a scary sea monster, her adventures have just begun! Join Lorelea on her undersea adventure as she learns that sometimes extending a friendly hand can go further than you think. Salty the Sea Turtle by Claire Lawrence Join Salty on her journey through the ocean as she grows from a tiny baby turtle to an adult. Rudolf Discovers the Plaza Lights by Paul Schreiner It’s the night before Christmas Eve, and Rudolf decides to travel all through Kansas City. He sees stadiums, memorials, museums, sunken treasure and fountains–and the iconic Plaza lights falling down! Can Rudolf save the lights and still have time to help Santa deliver gifts to the city? Codey’s Song by J.A. Eaton Codey the Cricket isn’t like his cricket friends and family. He can’t sing! With one leg shorter than the other, he feels like he just doesn’t fit in. It’ll take an adventure and help from a new friend to show Codey that he might have a talent his very own. The Krayon Kids by Karen Márquez Morales
Follow the Krayon Kids as they take yo on a colorful journey of how they learn to work together despite their differences while living in their box.
I Walked My Dog Around the Pond by Becky Gibby
Walk your dog around the pond, there’s plenty to see! With robins, frogs, geese, and more, each month of the year offers new animals to find, and young readers will learn the basics of counting through wonderful rhymes and illustrations.
Zydeco Zoom
by Theresa Singleton Zydeco Zoom is a children’s book about the history and culture of Louisiana zydeco music. Zerick is a first-time performer, and he’s as nervous as can be. But with the help of his parents and memories of the zydeco greats, will he conquer his nerves and give the performance of a lifetime? With a special song inside, this book is sure to thrill fans of Louisiana’s beloved musical style.
Pepipacifoofoo by Theda Fresques Pepipacifoofoo’s fairy job is simple—to get the pacifiers from the big girls and boys and give them to newborn babies. Lately, however, some big girls and boys have forgotten to give Pepi their pacifiers and the newborns are upset. Now, the whole town can’t sleep. Will the big girls and boys ever give up their pacifiers? Will Pepi be able to collect pacifiers fast enough so everyone can get a good night’s rest? A School Year in the Life of a Pencil by Kelli Martin Sharpening, biting, erasing—it’s not easy to be a pencil in school. In fact, it’s dangerous! When Howie starts a new school year, he takes his trusty pencil along with him. Will the pencil survive the grade? Luno! A Children’s Book Drawn by Foot by Cary Gray Determined to prove that anything is possible, Luno embarks on an epic journey to South America–by unicycle! Along the way, Luno learns the value of seeing and taking care of our world, and the triumph of overcoming adversities. Illustrated entirely by foot, Luno! tells the story of the limitless human spirit and that anything is possible you set your mind to. Noah’s Fight by Lisa Carson In this touching tale, songwriter Lisa Carrion Carson shares her struggle with illness and her thanks to the doctors and nurses who have dedicated their lives to helping others. With rich, warm illustrations, Noah’s Fight is an inspirational story for all those who wish to love and help cure the sick. Bark Once For a Cheeseburger by Lucia Arno-Bernsen Lucy visits beautiful Nantucket Island with her family every year. She rides her bike, visits the penny candy store, and sells water lilies. But when Lucy adopts Duncan, a golden retriever puppy, things get chaotic. As Duncan runs around town making friends, Lucy tries to keep up all summer long! Max: The Polka Dotted Mouse Celebrated Differences by Dr. Patricia Moody & Dr. Robert Sherfield Max the Polka Dotted Mouse is no ordinary mouse! He doesn’t have any friends because he thinks he looks so different from all the other mice. Join Max on a wild adventure as he gains confidence and discovers that being different is really a great thing! Campfire Stu & The Backwoods Jamboree by Mike Struwin Meet Campfire Stu, a creative, adventurous boy who loves music and playing outside. Running away from home to avoid his chores, Stu sets out into the woods to meet new friends and start a band, but his travels are beset by moral dilemmas and challenges that Stu is forced to solve. With vibrant hand-drawn illustrations The Backwoods Jamboree is a must read and a must listen with the accompanying music and audiobook. Come along on a musical walkabout with Campfire Stu and friends. Peanut Butter and Toast by Michael Alden Morgan loves her dad. She also loves her toast…but it gets a bit crazy when dad gets ahold of the peanut butter and the toast! What’s a girl to do with a peanut-butter-obsessed Dad? Penny’s Adventure by Kelli Sweet Join Penny, an outgoing and curious young chick, as she explores the farm outside the big, red barn that she calls home. Embarking on an unintended journey of discovery, she befriends the other farmyard animals and finds out what it means to belong. Every Boat by Brett M. Zambruk Life lessons shared through metaphors and empowering words, guiding children toward successful choices, self-advocation, confidence, and empowerment. Rico’s Fripp Island Adventure by Mary Jacobs Join Cousin Rico on vacation as he explores the lively spirit and colorful residents of Fripp Island in this engaging children’s book. Confronting the complex difficulties that language barriers and cultural differences can present, Rico’s Fripp Island Adventure is a tale of curiosity, mystery, and discovery that reminds us all to have faith in the power of friendship. Is Your Dad a Pirate? by Tara McClary Reeves Her daddy went away to fight for our country. And he came home changed. What’s a young family to do when a parent is injured? How might they respond to curiosity? In this tender account based on her childhood experiences, beloved author Tara McClary Reeves shares how her family adapted to the extensive physical losses her father, Marine Corps Lieutenant Clebe McClary, sustained. With warmth and humor, this book encourages children and spouses facing similar trials to cherish the gift of family. To hold on to faith. And to choose to be loving heroes on the home front. Is Your Dad a Pirate? will challenge your perspective and deepen your commitment to love. The One-Week-Old Fawn: A True Story by Suzanne M. Malpass The One-Week-Old Fawn: A True Story is a children’s animal book about a fawn who gets stuck in a fence. After the fawn’s mother reaches out for help, it’ll take a team of two selfless people to help bring her home. Sophie’s Stutter by Ingrid Bruske Sophie was born for the stage! But her recent speech troubles have made her nervous about messing up her lines at her upcoming play. Will Sophie build enough confidence to wow the audience with her performance, despite her struggles?
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