New Releases for April!

Spring has officially sprung! Why not celebrate the longer, warmer days outside with a new favorite read? This month, we’re releasing a financial literacy guide to help your family flourish, children’s books perfect for any early reader, and fiction titles to take you on a new journey.

Check out the full list of titles releasing below!

April’s Featured Title

Owning the Dash

by Anthony C. Delauney


The phrase “Owning the Dash” was adopted by fitness guru, model, motivational speaker, and Anthony Delauney’s late cousin, Greg Plitt. A force of nature in and out of the gym, Greg pushed his clients—and himself—to take advantage of every moment and opportunity, making smart decisions now to ensure a healthy future. The more Anthony, a Certified Financial PlannerTM practitioner, became familiarized with Greg’s philosophies, the more he realized that they applied just as much to his field of expertise: personal and family finance.

In comes Owning the Dash, a clear, concise, and accessible guide to finance that makes planning for your future easy and pain-free. Learn how to manage cash flow, knock out debt, minimize taxes, financially protect loved ones, invest with confidence, and save for both education and retirement.

Leaving a lasting legacy is important. Let Owning the Dash help you establish yours.


Belle O’ the Waters

by Raima Larter

Belle Waters is about to celebrate her fourteenth birthday, and she is terrified. The fear of marriage looms large for her, and every other girl who was born into the Mormon settlement of Salt Lake in the 1850s. She knows it is her duty to marry and bring Heavenly Father’s children into the world, but she’s not interested in tying the knot with anyone—especially not the Prophet, an old man with a number of wives and counting. But when the US Army invades Salt Lake intent on arresting the Prophet, Belle soon realizes that the possibility of becoming a child bride is only the beginning in a series of disastrous threats.

This is a work of fiction, but is loosely based on a true historical event: the Mountain Meadows Massacre of September 11, 1857, which sparked a short-lived Mormon War. Although set over a century ago, the themes and issues explored in this novel are timely and current: religious freedom and extremism, the role and status of women in society, and the contemporary impact of homegrown terrorism. Belle o’ the Waters is a searing exploration of those living within an oppressed community, and an ultimately revelatory novel about what it means to lead a courageous life, despite one’s circumstances.

The Magician and the Engineer

by Michael Stone

We all seek happiness in life, elusive as it might be sometimes. But what if the answer to happiness lay within us?

James is a disheartened resident of London. Even while surrounded by millions of people, he finds himself alone and isolated from society, trapped in a stagnant reality without direction or meaning. When he embarks on a trip to Edinburgh for a few days, he finds himself bound on a strange adventure that transforms his thoughts. With the help of new friends, he finds the strength to face the questions that have left his mind crippled for the last few years. Only through rediscovering his own mind can he solve the puzzles within it.

For many of us, the mind is the last thing we think about. Meanwhile, we wonder why we are so vulnerable to the chaos of life. What if the first step to happiness was understanding your own mind?

Wouldn’t you want to get started?

Things left Unsaid

by Charli

A searing, emotional collection of poetry from up-and-coming voice Charli. Beautifully illustrated with touching black-and-white illustrations, this selection of poems reveals the raw heart of a woman on her tortuous journey to becoming a fully realized and powerful conqueror.


by Alan S. Kolok

When Iowa State University environmental science professor Alex Pendergraf reads about a horrific mass murder in Stockton, California, his scientific curiosity is piqued. Could the killer’s rage be somehow related to Alex’s research on prions, the misformed proteins that cause Mad Cow Disease? As Alex digs into the toxicological mystery, he discovers a new infectious agent dubbed “the Stockton Prion” that causes mood swings, bouts of aggression, and unspeakable violence. And what’s more…it’s spreading.

With the clock running out, it’s up to Alex and his colleagues to curtail the violence threatening to spread across Stockton. But with the prion infecting Alex himself, it might already be too late.


by Diane Balda

Tim, his younger brother Josh, and Dad had just finished dinner. Dad just rinsed out his soup bowl and poured himself a cup of coffee. Two seconds later, the coffee cup had shattered into hundreds of pieces on the floor and Dad had slowly slid down the side of the cabinet and was sitting on the floor gasping for air. Tim jumped up and grabbed the phone, dialing 911.


Startup Vietnam

by Andrew Rowan

Having undergone significant change during the last 20 years, Vietnam is poised to become a 21st century startup nation. Capturing the challenges, efforts, and successes of Vietnam’s youth, local startups, and foreign entrepreneurs throughout its transition from tradition to modernity, Startup Vietnam presents the spirit and potential of the nation in clear, informative strokes. An essential primer on modern-day Vietnam and its place on the international business stage.

Memoir & Biographies

Through My Father’s Eyes

by Barry Fischer

Self Help

The Blind Grind: Success: It’s Not Hard Work

by Yuen Yung

Ever wonder why you work so hard but don’t feel like you’re getting ahead or gaining ground? Why does it seem like the other person who’s not working as hard gets further ahead or paid more? If you want to understand the answers to these questions, then this book is for you. You will learn and understand why working hard is not going to get you there, but rather focusing on the right elements of success will! Begin your journey to increased financial success today.

Politics & Current Events

Restoring America’s Soul

by Rita Dunaway

Today’s culture derides and dismisses the traditional, time-proven values that made America great. So-called conservative values, which are being consciously undermined at every turn: truth is attacked and vilified, sexual harassment is rife among those in power, and cohabitation is replacing marriage as the new norm. Though many mainstream media outlets convince the nation’s youth that “conservatism” amounts to hateful extremism, nothing could be further from the truth. It’s more important than ever to articulate the timeless principles of conservatism in compelling, gracious ways that will attract and aspire more Americans.

Restoring America’s Soul reignites the vision and mission of authentic conservatism, and offers a fresh and persuasive case for conservative public policy positions on key issues. Conservatism can never be a “lost cause” because it is, at its core, the timeless effort to champion virtue and conserve goodness, truth, and beauty. The true heart of conservatism is its desire to protect the principles worthy of being kept and to pursue virtue through disciplined self-governance. In Restoring America’s Soul, Dunaway refreshingly suggests an enlightened course forward for the thoughtful conservative in contemporary America.

Coffee Table

In the Sand Golf Collection

by Mary Whitworth

This is a story written from the perspective of an avid golfer and aerial photographer. Aerial photos of sand traps that happen to be shaped like letters of the alphabet were found throughout Florida and printed in this book, A-Z. Each letter has a chapter devoted to the author’s take on the golf game pertaining to that letter. Some parts are funny, while some parts reveal profound ugly truths about the game. Golfers will laugh along with the author who reveals her insights on an addictive game with each letter. Go ahead, open it up, read it! FORE!


Cannabis Confectionery Art

by Kystina Gallegos VanCleef

Tired of making edibles at home and not knowing how high you’ll get? While there certainly aren’t any at-home testing kits on the market yet, this one-of-a-kind cookbook offers a precise formula for proper dosing. as well as easy-to -follow recipes perfect for experienced and budding home chefs alike.

Just be warned, these aren’t the type of cookies you’ll want to leave out for Santa. Have fun. Make a mess. And get someone else do the dishes


Abracadabra Whoopsie

by Adam Kargman

What if you could make your little sister disappear?

When Jordy discovers a magic wand, he learns he can do just that. But after the wand is stolen, Jordy must recover it or risk losing his sister forever!

The Adventures of Cat and Jude

by Marie Reigns

Cataleya and Jude-Marie are cousins who live on an island in the Caribbean. They are roughly one year apart in age and enjoy spending time together exploring new things. Sometimes they get into mischief, but it’s all in the name of learning.

The Adventures of Kermit the Newf: Kermit Gets a Puppy

by Molly Tischler

Getting a puppy was a wonderful surprise for Kermit. However, it soon becomes clear to him that having a puppy is not always as much fun as he thought it would be. Can Kermit overcome his feelings of jealousy and accept the newest addition to the family?

The books of The Adventures of Kermit the Newf are inspired by actual events in the life of a charming, hardworking Newfoundland dog. From his devotion to his service work for his disabled owner, to his compassionate and gentle therapy work with young children, and his showmanship and sense of humor in his acting and modeling career, he has won the hearts of all those with whom he has come in contact.

Come visit the real Kermit and Fozzie Bear on their website: www.KermitTheNewf.com

The Amazingly Awesome Amani Takes On JITTERS & FEAR

by Jamiyl Samuels & Tracy-Ann Samuels

It’s the first day at a new school for Amani and he is a bundle of nerves. Not only is he meeting a new principal, a new teacher, and new friends, he must deal with JITTERS and FEAR following him around everywhere he goes. Will Amani summon up the strength to conquer these ghastly emotions, or will they overcome him?

W.R.E.a.C Havoc Heroes series presents the story of a boy who is faced with the challenge of adapting to a new environment and finding the courage to deal with his feelings head-on. This is a tale about CHANGE and how it affects the mind of an amazing boy.

Beautiful Hair

by Roshni Rountree

Regardless if it’s curly, locked, or in a teeny-weeny afro (twa), your child’s hair is beautiful and that’s something they should know! As you read this fun, empowering, and confidence-boosting tale with your little ones, help them discover that it takes all hair types to make the world go ’round.

Being Small (Isn’t So Bad After All)

by Lori Orlinsky

Being small is the worst! No one ever picks me for their sports team and my feet hurt from standing on my tiptoes all the time. There can’t be anything good about being small…right?

The Christmas Blanket

by Ed Damiano

What is the meaning of Christmas?

That’s what eight-year-old EJ wants to know. The other kids say it’s about getting toys…but is it, really? One evening, EJ’s mother takes him to the Rockefeller Center to see the lighting of the most magical tree in the world, and EJ meets someone who teaches him what Christmas is truly all about.

The Dreaming Butterfly

by Sandy Fischer

Linus is excited for summer vacation. He and his best friend Lucas can’t wait to swim, play baseball, and build secret forts over the summer. But when an unexpected illness changes their plans, can Linus’s journey help him find happiness again?

Football Freddie: Gameday in Pittsburgh

by Marnie Schneider

There’s only one thing that Freddie loves as much as football: sightseeing! Every time she and her trusty companion Fumble the Dog visit a new city, they set out to learn all about the location and its history before cheering on the home team!

It’s gameday in Pittsburgh! Football Freddie and Fumble are on their way to Heinz Field to cheer for the Steelers. But first, they’ll stop at Kennywood, the Duquesne Incline, and other historic locations to learn everything they can about the Steel City. Come along and cheer with Freddie and Fumble for Pittsburgh!

Koning the Lion

by Alexis Glaze

Koning the Lion is a story full of adventure and life lessons for children to grow on. In our story, Koning quickly learns that there isn’t always something better outside of

his father’s kingdom. Follow Koning as he meets new friends, discovers his purpose, and finds his place at home.

The Last Surviving Dinosaur: The TyrantoCrankaTsuris

by Steven Joseph

Many people grew up thinking that dinosaurs became extinct when the Dark Ages arrived. That is only partly true. Yes, the Dark Ages did come, but the tiniest dinosaur survived, and believe it or not, humans descended from this very special dinosaur: the TyrantoCrankaTsuris.

Maggie May and Lizzie Loo

by Maggie Cordish and Lizzie Schaul

Maggie May and Lizzie Loo would like to go to the park today. Read along with these sisters and join them in their play!

Melody’s Gift

by Corbett Babb

“I’m worthless.” Melody told herself this over and over, until it became her own sad song…

Inspired by a Christmas Eve trip to an antique store, Melody’s Gift is the story of how an old, forgotten jewelry box named Melody comes back to life by learning a timeless lesson: It’s through serving others that genuine self-worth is found. Beautifully illustrated by Michael Miller, this inspiring tale is sure to become an enduring classic.

Noah Depends on God

by Lori Long

Noah built a mighty Ark for his family and all the animals. But things could have turned out much differently! Find out how the day was saved in this folktale about how a dog got its wet nose!

Ordinary Ellie

by Kristin Obermire

Simon, Ellie’s lovable, younger brother, never really believed his ordinary sister could have super powers. But when he notices Ellie’s unexplainable abilities transform the ordinary into extraordinary, he starts to believe anything is possible. Ordinary Ellie ignites imagination and inspires creative thought. After all, we all have super powers if we have imagination!

PopReads: ABC and PopReads: Girls Just Want to Have Fun

by Jonathan Beacher

Pop Reads has partnered with Sony/ATV, the world’s largest music publisher, to bring officially licensed songs from their catalogue of over 3.5 million hits to the children’s book market. The first two titles from the Pop Reads series feature the Jackson 5’s classic disco hit “ABC” and Cyndi Lauper’s empowering 80’s anthem “Girls Just Want To Have Fun.”

A Pound of Kindness

by Doug Cornfield/Best Burn Enterprises, LLC

First-grader Dave Clark lost the use of his legs to polio as a baby, so when his teacher announces a walking field trip to the local firehouse, Dave is worried. What if he can’t keep up? Luckily, his fellow classmate Ernie Pound concocts a plan so Dave can join in the fun.

Set in the 1950s in Corning, New York, A Pound of Kindness is a true story from the childhood of Dave Clark, the only professional baseball player to pitch from crutches, a “National Hero of Sports” winner, and an advocate for children with differing abilities.

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