New Releases for February

Happy February! Love is in the air this month, why not fall in love with a new book? From a travel memoir that crosses continents, to a hometown political scandal, with plenty of adorable children’s picture books, there’s sure to be something that captures your heart.

Our full list of releases this month can be found below.

February’s Featured Title

Dads Know Best

by Don Miggs & John Luzzi

Congratulations! We bet you haven’t heard that before. Everyone’s probably been congratulating you for a while now. After all, you’re getting to meet a person you helped make. That’s exciting, but it’s also shit-your-pants terrifying. Before, you were only responsible for finding the best deal on beer at the grocery store, but dads have real responsibilities. Like keeping a person alive, for example. Don’t worry though: this kind of insanity is normal. You’re not alone. Dads Know Best—the first book in the Know Best series—is a real-talk book about parenting. No sugar-coating. No pandering. No clichés. Just honest advice from two fathers who did everything wrong but ended up getting it right. From navigating epic diaper blowouts, to managing pregnancy cravings, to learning about the wonderful world of nipples, Don Miggs and John Luzzi have you covered. They’ll teach you how to be there for your baby mama and take care of your kid without losing your mind in the process. After all, they know best.


Casita 26: Searching for a Slice of Andalusian Paradise

by Karethe Linaae

Have you ever wanted to get rid of everything you own and move someplace unfamiliar?

This is a true modern-day immigration tale of how Karethe and her husband Jaime left a North American city of millions for a small, rural mountain town in Andalucía.

What are the challenges of a transatlantic move in the 21st century? Will an outsider ever be fully welcomed, especially when settling in a very Catholic, hyper-traditional community located way off the freeway system?

Take the leap with Karethe and Jaime and discover a world of priceless riches, where passions and tempers run high, kisses are abundant, and where “Help thy neighbour” really means something.

Politically Indicted

by Anthony Suarez / CALM Books, L.L.C.

Imagine being implicated in a crime you know you didn’t commit and feeling as if those in your closest circle had turned against you in its wake. Can’t imagine what that would feel like? Just ask Anthony Suarez. He lived it.

In 2008, then-United States Attorney for New Jersey, future New Jersey governor, and failed presidential candidate Chris Christie used his position as the state’s chief federal law enforcement officer to advance his own political goals. Unfortunately, Mayor Suarez was caught in the complicated crossfire and wrongly accused of extortion and conspiracy. He spent a nightmarish year and a half fighting the outlandish accusations.

In this searing first-hand account of the biggest political sting operation in New Jersey history, Mayor Anthony Suarez of Ridgefield recounts his experience of being one of those implicated in the Operation Bid Rig III takedown, a corruption web so big that over 25 public officials were arrested in connection with the case.

Candid, accessible, and revelatory, Mayor Suarez shines a light on the complexities of Bid Rig III in Politically Indicted, a memoir that is as sincere as it is compelling. By exploring our criminal and political system, as well as reflecting upon all of the ultimately rewarding aspects of spending his life serving the public, Mayor Suarez offers an exceedingly unique look into what happens when the world of politics and justice collide.


Personal Finance for Tech Professionals

by Bruce Barton

Whether you want to build your wealth, manage your finances, or learn best practices for handling the unique financial issues you face as a technology professional, wealth manager Bruce Barton lays out the information you need to know. Whether you’re on the hit-or-miss path through a succession of tech startups or you’re steadily moving up in the corporate tech world, following these accessible practices will help you feel secure in your financial future while enjoying your life to the fullest today.


Adventures of the Super Bunny Club

by Dale Perry

Adventures of the Super Bunny Club follows a bunny named Blue as he’s introduced to the wild, wonderful, and WHOOSH-ing world of international floppy-eared intrigue where there’s much more to being a bunny than hoomins realize. Along the way, Blue meets other bunnies, some of whom look a lot like him but couldn’t be more different. Together with his friends, they establish themselves as a competent (and hungry) team of spy bunnies who have everything it takes to teleport around the world, create a variety of disguises and plans, and work with other animals when the situation calls for it.

For the Super Bunny Club, one mission rises above all others: sharing Blue’s rules of the Super Bunny Club that allow others to reach their full potential, work and live alongside others, and realize what it means to be a true friend and outstanding bunny. Find out how much hoomins can learn from their twitchy-nosed, carrot-loving companions in this bunderful tale!

Adventures with Jax: Jax Finds His Match

by Meagan McCallum

Jax notices that everyone and everything has a match, except for  him. Join the curious Jax as he explores his neighborhood in search of adventure…and his new best friend!

Austin’s Allergies

by Erin Mandras

Is it possible to be a “typical little boy” if one has several life-threatening food allergies? Yes! As long as he understands and is aware of ways to stay safe and healthy, it is very possible for him to still enjoy the things he loves to do—enjoy the playground, play sports, go to birthday parties, and attend preschool! Austin describes the importance of acting quickly, the diligence to avoid allergen foods, and shares new tricks on what others can do to help keep him safe.

This story was inspired by Austin’s heartfelt, true story. It illustrates how Austin’s food allergies were discovered, a few simple steps that can help keep him safe, and important concepts related to cross-contamination, epinephrine, and the physical signs of an allergic reaction.

A portion of all proceeds will be donated to Allergy & Asthma Network

Barlow, Lost in the Everglades

by William (Bill) Ericksen and Lanny Scholes-Ericksen

Barlow’s a scruffy pup who lives in the United States during the winter and Canada during the summer. He loves going on adventures, but sometimes get himself in a little bit of trouble. Come along with him through the Florida Everglades and see what he’s up to in this fun, adventure-filled book!

Billy and Gracie Unplugged Adventures: The Pirate Ship

by Christina Trudden

In the big brown house, on top of the round green hill, there lives a set of twins named Billy and Gracie. Surrounded by birds, flowers, and a smiling sun, they can’t seem to get away from their screens. Billy and Gracie are shocked when their mom turns off the TV and tells them to go play. With only a box of simple supplies, they use their imaginations and end up on a memorable pirate adventure. Join in on the fun of this unplugged childhood experience sure to inspire one of your own.

The Boy, the Boat, and the Beach

by Brett M Zambruk

When a boy washes up from a boat wreck on a far away beach, he’ll need to learn to work with his surroundings and the natives to decide his fate.

Green Beans & Tangerines

by Tiffiny Mariano

Everyone knows that picky eaters can be perplexing. Nikki’s 8th birthday is fast approaching, and she has a big decision to make.

Will she take the plunge to try something new or will her birthday just be the usual?

Hammy the Hamster Counts to Ten

by Keione Vance

Hammy visits his friend’s house every day, and every day he counts the apples on the apple tree. But they’re so juicy and sweet, he can’t help picking some. Come along and count with Hammy as the apples disappear!

I Love My Paper

by Dr. Emma G. Haley

I Love My Paper is a story about one little girl’s love of paper.

With the help of her paper, Ta’Moria goes on her own kind of adventures. What will she learn using her vivid imagination and creativity?

I, Zoe

by Carolyn Britten

Zoe is a cat living in beautiful San Francisco, California, with her owners Nancy and David. Come along and see the world through her eyes as she tells her heartfelt story of love, loss, courage, and ultimately hope.

Includes discussion questions and activities for parents and teachers.

Kaye’s Quilt

by Julie Palmer

Kaye, a little girl from a big city, learns that life is full of unimaginable twists and turns of fate. Over the years, as Kaye and her grandmother sew a “life quilt,” Kaye’s grandmother teachers her about God’s plan and how to handle the challenging times that may come her way. In the midst of a tough time, Kaye applies what her grandmother taught her and illustrates what it means to walk by faith, not by sight.

The Little Lost Fairy

by Rebecca Sosny

One snowy day in the woods, a fairy named Jocelyn is caught in gusts of wind and stranded until Taylor finds and rescues her. What they discover about one another results in one of the greatest of gifts of all—hope!

My Brother Ate My Homework

by Jennifer Lobasso

When Chase has to go to school and say, “My brother ate my homework,” he knows there’s no way his teacher believes him. But it’s true! His brother really did eat his homework. What is Chase to do?

My Brother Ate My Homework is a story of adversity and reconciliation and the special bond between brothers that shines even in the worst of times.

Queen Celine’s Vaccine Machine

by Kevin Gendreau

Far, far away in a queendom named Aires,

a land full of berries, canaries, and fairies,

a beautiful queen, whose name was Celine,

built a magical, powerful vaccine machine.

It made an elixir that kept people well,

until one day a disaster befell!

Find out what happens when her machine breaks.

Will everyone suffer from chills, coughs, and aches?

Who from the village will help our fair queen?

Can two little children help fix her machine?

Rescuing Ralph

by Carolyn Jones

Woof! Hello there! My name is Ralph and I’m a dog—a piebald dachshund to be exact. I’m different from most dogs because I was born and raised in a puppy mill. Have you ever heard of a puppy mill? Well, it wasn’t a very warm and cozy place for a puppy to grow up, but I made some good friends and had some interesting adventures. There was that one time I tried to escape when…

I’ll stop myself there because I don’t want to give anything else away, but this is my story. I’m so excited to share it with you and tell you all about how I made it to my forever home and became the happy Ralph I am today!

Roger Williams Makes a Big Wish

by Kerri E. Lanzieri

In 1790, Roger Williams founded Rhode Island, our country’s smallest state,

So when his birthday wish to visit again comes true, he can hardly wait!

Join Old Roger on his trip back to the state he always did adore

And go with him on a memorable ocean state tour!

Sabal: A Dog’s Life on the Tree Farm

by Leonard Brown

Sabal is just a puppy when she gets lost by herself on an old country road. When a truck races past and scares her, she has no choice but to run away. Lost in the brush, she stumbles upon a tree farm and a man who will change her life forever.

Filled with laughter, encouragement, and hope, Sabal: A Dog’s Life on the Tree Farm is a heartwarming tale about one dog’s journey to finding a home.

Back by Popular Demand!


by Preston Thorne & Langston Moore

#JustaChicken is a classic coming-of-age story. We witness Cocky on his hero’s journey to discover the greatness that lies within all of us. On his quest to win a trophy, he gains something much more valuable. This is the story of YOU, The Story of ME, The story of US(C)!

A Hug From Heaven

by Anna Whiston Donaldson

What if grieving children could hear uplifting words from a loved one who died?  A Hug from Heaven offers exactly that in the form of  poetic, touching message from a passed loved one. This book serves as a reminder to live a positive life, that God is loving, and that it’s okay to hurt. The newest work from New York Times bestselling author Anna Whiston-Donaldson, this book is a must read for grieving children and adults alike.

My Magic Hat Rules

by Debi Novotny

Improve your reading skills as you follow a magic hat on a whimsical adventure!

Learning new reading skills becomes fun and delightful as you discover how to make and use new words, and even maybe learn how to use your own magic hat…

Rojo: The Perfectly Imperfect Llama

by Shannon Joy

Rojo: The Perfectly Imperfect Llama is a heartwarming tale about a llama who realizes just because he’s not perfect in the show ring, doesn’t mean he’s not a “perfect” llama. Based on Rojo, the real life therapy llama, this book is perfect for anyone who needs a little inspiration to find out where they truly belong.   

Rojo: Where is My Hair?

by Shannon Joy

Rojo and Napoleon have lost their hair! Where could it be? Join this funny llama and alpaca pair on an adventure to find their hair!

Author Shannon Joy writes stories inspired by her real life llamas and alpacas. Joy loves to share the many fun and unique ways both llamas and alpacas are used, while also providing heartfelt messages. You can find out more about these amazing therapy animals and about Joy’s first book, Rojo: The Perfectly Imperfect Llama, at RojoTheLlama.com.

Tuesday Bluesday

by Angel Stull-James

When you think of a hero, you might think of a man dressed in black or red too,

But in Pensacola, Florida, our hometown heroes dress in yellow and blue.

And soar through the clouds like Angels do.

Uniquely Me cover

Uniquely Me

by Trace Wilson

Every child worries about being different. Follow one brave little boy as he embarks on a wild adventure and learns to understand, accept, and love the differences that make him unique.

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