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New Releases for July!

Happy July! Now that summer has comfortably moved in, be sure to find your vacation read from our new releases below. This month, we’ve got a wacky sex-education picture book, an adventurous memoir, and the educator’s new best friend. Check them out: Fiction Legend of Alastar (Young Adult Fiction) By David Corrado A young girl, adopted into royalty, yearns to know more about her father. A warrior, hidden from humanity, longs to know more about his forgotten past. Their lives collide at the hands of two mysterious threats that hold all the answers they have been searching for.   Memoir Deep in the Heart of Mumbai Cover Deep in the Heart of Mumbai By Rhonda Erwin When Rhonda Erwin’s husband announces their family must move to the bustling city of Mumbai, India for five years, the Texas socialite isn’t sure she will survive… Follow her deeply honest and hilarious journey from bewildered tourist to certified resident: driving skills included. Spared by Shaun Deane Three weeks before Shaun Deane was scheduled to graduate from college, just before his final exams, a series of unspeakably tragic events began to unfold in his life. These events influenced Shaun’s life from that day forward, as he tried to make sense of a time when the world was upended. While moving his parents out of their home, decades later, new details surfaced enabling him to see the entire arc of this complex story. Spared tracks the story that began in 1977, a story that cut a swath through all the ensuing decades. It honors what we cannot control and celebrates the times when we are able to reject that which would pull us down. It is a tale of survival, death, fathers, sons, and husbands and wives, told with earthshattering clarity. The Power to Dream By Edmund Naemeka Okwuchukwu The Power to Dream is a detailed account of how a young Nigerian, born into a financially challenged family in the 80s, went through school often saddled with the psychology of poverty and ended up with low grades. In 2005, he decided to turn things around and pursue a future of extraordinary brightness. Within seven years he became an elite IT Communications Consultant, the first in Nigeria, the third in Africa, and among the few in the world. The Power to Dream is a passionate and heart-warming account of how various societal, cultural, economic, and financial barriers were broken to keep dreams alive and bring them to fruition. The Psychotherapist By Julius Lanoil In this unique novel, follow the story of a woman, as told by her husband. This is a story of losing love, and the journey to find it again, while dealing with painful life situations in the progress.   Self-Help Chloe Has Chlamydia By Jackie Prince It’s mating season in Australia but Chloe’s got some unfortunate news: she has chlamydia. Even so, she’ll make the best of a bad situation. Follow this little fuzzball as she and her friends learn all there is to know about safe, fun sex. Code For Teens: The Awesome Beginner’s Guide to Programming By Jeremy Moritz Love computers? What about video games and social media? Ever been curious about how they work? If so, Code for Teens is for you! Software developer Jeremy Moritz’s Code for Teens is your one-stop-shop to learning all there is know about JavaScript, the most commonly used coding language in the world! Filled with tips, tricks, strategies, and quizzes, this guide is the perfect way to learn the fundamentals of programming with JavaScript!   Coffee Table I Teach, Therefore I Wine By Christina Hammons Every teacher knows the power of a good glass of wine at the end of a long day, or an even longer school year. Filled with anecdotes paired with the perfect glass, Christina Hammons’ so funny, yet so true I Teach Therefore I Wine will have any educator rolling.     Children’s Always Anjali cover Always Anjali By Sheetal Sheth Sometimes its hard to be different, which Anjali knows a little too well. First, she can’t find her name on a personalized license plate like her friends can. Then, she gets bullied for having a unique name. She’s soon fed up. Though she struggles along the way, Anjali soon comes to see the beauty and power of being unique—growing to take pride in that which makes her different. Are My Thoughts As Big As They Say? By Kristina Cherep Normal things people do everyday leave Kristopher’s thoughts in a blur, but then he learns his friends sometimes feel just like him. Anxiety affects many people, adults and children. Are My Thoughts as Big as They Say? shows kids what anxiety might feel like, how they can cope with it, and most importantly that they’re not alone. Being Different Rocks By Dawn McCarty Mickie might be a little different than other dogs, but that’s okay: being different rocks! Follow the true story of Mickie and how he found his furever family in this cute tale for all ages Brutus and Red the Rooster By Samantha Hill In this fun book, follow Brutus, a spotted dog, on his journey along his favorite dirt road. Brutus, along with the help of his friends, have to find out what happened to the missing farm animal. Follow Brutus and his friends to see what happened to their missing friend! Gluten Free is Part of Me By Laurie Oestreich Things that make us different can sometimes make us feel limited — especially if that limit is about what you can and can’t eat. Follow along to learn more about celiac disease, what it is, why it happens, and how it affects those who’ve got it. The most important thing though? Remembering that being gluten free is only one part of you! One Good Turtle By Stefan Michael Burns Turtle hides while Alligator lashes out. What insecurities are they dealing with, and what lessons can Turtle and Alligator learn in order to face and conquer their fears? In this inspiring story about a shy turtle and a frightening alligator, the complex issue of bullying is addressed in an easy-to-understand manner for kids and adults alike. As bullying becomes more prevalent in today’s world, One Good Turtle empowers every parent, teacher, counselor, and child to practice kindness through its memorable cast of characters and uplifting message. One Good Turtle is a heroic tale about overcoming the struggles of being bullied and discovering what makes you uniquely special. Parrot Man By Macknight Black Barney was always a little different from the other kids, but that never stopped him from loving baseball. When he grows up, Barney begins to feel accepted at Griffith Stadium, home of the Washington Senators, but his baseball journey isn’t over yet. Children and adults of all ages will love reading this heartwarming story of the Parrot Man. Peyton’s Mommy Works By Ann Carpentiere Peyton loves her mommy, especially when her mommy takes her to museums or plays with her in the park. She loves her mommy so much that she wishes that they could spend all of their time together. But, in order to buy things that Peyton needs, such as food, new clothes, and toys, her mommy has to go to work. Even though they have to spend some time apart when her mommy is at work, Peyton knows that her mommy loves her. Peyton’s mommy always comes home as soon as she can to spend time with Peyton and their family. Secrets of Plymouth Rock By Diane Finn Plymouth rock is one of America’s oldest treasures—it was how the Pilgrims came onto shore all the way back in 1620! Follow along with the Plymouth Rock to learn all the stories you might not know about the place he calls home. Filled with cute illustrations and historical insights, The Secrets of Plymouth Rock is sure to bring a smile to your face. Summer the Firefly By Victoria L. Smith King Deer has a feeling it’s going to be a very special day in the Woods. The animals are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the year’s first firefly. Even Sequoia, the friendly golden retriever who lives near the Woods, has come in for this special occasion. Will the glow bug shine her light in the Woods soon? Join King Deer, Sequoia, Mr. Frog, Little Squirrelin, and many others as they celebrate the birth of Summer!   The Amazing Chase By Steve Wize Bringing home a dog is life-changing. That was certainly the case for the family who adopted Chase, a cute, cuddly, rescue dog. This is a heartwarming tale of a family who rescued a puppy, and the impact he had on their life. The Stinky Day By B. Somer There is an unpleasant smell coming from somewhere in town. Bogale thinks that the smell is coming from him, but as he realizes that it isn’t, he becomes determined to find out where it’s coming from. Follow Bogale on his journey to find out where the terrible smell is coming from! True Keys to Friendship By Theodora Omagbemi Making, keeping, and growing new friendships can be tough for anyone—let alone children who may be shy or uncomfortable. Learn the tips by kids, for kids to help them make new friends, keep their friends, and be the best friend they can be. Wee Friends: Playground Adventures By Deborah Lormeus Patty, Phoebe, Joy, and Justin come to the playground every week to play while their parents chat. But this week, something is different… a baby bunny is on the playground! What are Patty, Phoebe, Joy, and Justin to do? Why, rescue it of course! So starts their playground adventures! Follow along as the kids work together to save the baby bunny and find its home.   Back by Popular Demand! Loretta, You Can’t Wear Shoes to Bed! By Bradley Weldon Loretta knows that if she doesn’t wear her shoes to bed, she won’t be able to go on adventures in her sleep! So she insists on wearing them even though her father begs her not to. He tells her she can’t wear her shoes to bed! She says of course she can! Will Daddy win the shoe war or will Loretta be able to use her imagination to find a compromise?
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