New Releases for November!

Happy November! Here at Mascot, we’re thankful for all our authors and all our readers. Be sure to check out the full release list to find your next favorite book.  This month, we’ve got everything from alien fiction, to illustrated political satire just in time for the midterms. Don’t forget some adorable children’s books featuring monsters and disappearing socks!


Lost Children of Andromeda: Zosma

By Jason Primrose In this tale of dramatic conflict and high-stakes action, Allister Adams, a young superhuman, searches for an intergalactic refugee whose otherworldly energy source promises the planet’s salvation. But at what cost? Jump into this riveting tale with Allister and encounter rogue organizations, fly across galaxies, and investigate an alien legend. You will quickly learn that there is no truth; there is only perception.

Ten Elephants Ten Memories

By Ellen Gordon Cate Kingston’s eccentric aunt, Aunt B, has amassed quite the collection of elaborate costumes, miniatures, dolls, men’s pipes, and, most intriguingly, a mysterious ebony and ivory elephant family. Cate soon beings her own collection of elephants to commemorate the precious moments in her life. This enthralling tale of travel, mystery, memory, and family will encapsulate your attention and imagination unlike any story before.

The Call: Faithful Endeavors

By JMA Ziegler How would you respond to your own complicity in a childhood indiscretion? What if the memory of that one singular event persisted throughout your life as vividly as the day it happened? What if it prompted a choice and a reason to fulfill your purpose? Ken is haunted incessantly by these questions. A single phone call, made when he was just nine years old, initiates a cascade of circumstances that eventually become the core of his reality. Every action has intent, every intent has motive, and every motive has necessity. Without announcing itself, love stirs necessity and grows quietly, waiting patiently for the moment when it is recognized.

The War At Home: Assault on Fordham Heights

By John McEveety Woodruff Join the Prescott family: a bright and enigmatic mix of characters who struggle together, and pick their way through the different perilous minefields of Flushing, Queens, during the Vietnam War era. At the center of this story is a boy becoming a man, simultaneously surrounded and set ablaze by his unstable yet supportive family. Set in this tumultuous time of our nation’s history and peppered with vivid atmospheric nods to both the time and place, this is the second installment of The War at Home series, a timeless family saga that will reverberate in spirit for generations to come.


Finding the Yellow Brick Road: Adoptees’ Stories of Truth, Love, and Self-Discovery

By Jeffrey LaCure Whether you are an adoptive parent, birth parent, or an adoptee, the process of adoption leaves its legacy on all involved. This collection of stories and essays offers heartfelt insights into the journey of growing up adopted. As a psychologist, social worker, and adoptee, Dr. Jeffrey LaCure is no stranger to the unique challenges and joys that come with raising a child through adoption. Finding the Yellow Brick Road will move and inspire readers as they explore these compelling and thoughtful stories, sprinkled with grace, honesty, and powerful self-reflection.

I’m A Double D: Divorced & Dating

By Dayna Zimmerman In her mid-50s, Dayna Zimmerman found herself divorced and dating again. Chronicling her adventures in the dating world with refreshing insight and humor, Dayna explores and re-discovers what romance means in the 21st century. Whether you’re a Double D or just going on your very first date, I’m a Double D: Divorced & Dating will help you rest easy knowing you’re not alone.

Life Is An Ultramarathon: The Dixie Madsen Story

By Dixie Madsen with Sid Shapira Overcoming adversity and embracing life’s challenges with grace and dignity is the hallmark of Dixie Madsen. In her memoir Life is an Ultramarathon – Embrace the Journey, Dixie illustrates that anything can be overcome and anything is possible.  

Politics/Current Events

How the People Trumped Ronald Plump

By Brian and Ed Krassenstein An ego-driven selfishness overtakes a man named Ronald Plump. Though he is influenced by a toupee-dwelling squirrel named Weave Bannon, no political figure is strong enough to overpower the will of the people they represent. Will the people end up trumping Ronald Plump?  


A Hug From Heaven

By Anna Whiston-Donaldson What if grieving children could hear uplifting words from a loved one who died?  A Hug from Heaven offers exactly that in the form of  poetic, touching message from a passed loved one. This book serves as a reminder to live a positive life, that God is loving, and that it’s okay to hurt. The newest work from New York Times bestselling author Anna Whiston-Donaldson, this book is a must read for grieving children and adults alike.

Bunn Bunns and the Helping Hands

By Attila Krutilla Bunn Bunns is a curious bunny who is always seeking adventure. But when Bunn Bunns gets lost in the forest, he starts to get worried. Fortunately, a kind young girl with helping hands comes to his rescue! Enjoy this beautiful story written and illustrated by Hungarian writer and artist Attila Krutilla.

Cast Your Cares

By Kristina Gipe How do we keep faith when it feels as though we are all alone? Cast Your Care teaches young Christians how to trust God and show him your praise. Kristina Gipe beautifully details how the Lord is always watching his children and how he has a plan for each and every one of us. Complemented by original illustrations by Richard Paul Lilly, this story highlights an important message that readers of all ages need to learn.

Chrismouse: A Christmas Story

By Lou Spaventa Meet Chrismouse: a small, adventurous field mouse who is wont to explore the fields and the church near his home. But what happens when curiosity gets the best of him? Follow Chrismouse’s journey as he finds himself first in the claws of a cat, and then in the pocket of a pastor, over what turns out to be one very exciting Christmas season. This is a tale of loyalty and friendship for every season of the year.

Cristian’s Journey

By Cristian Rivera Foundation Cristian, the youngest train operator in big city history, takes pride in his train and he truly cares for every passenger who steps aboard. He spreads his daily message with words of encouragement and his love quickly spreads throughout the big city. Cristian also discovers that he is not feeling well and has a limited time to touch as many people as possible with his message. Despite it all, Cristian continues to move “full steam ahead” with spreading his message of love and benevolence. Step aboard and experience Cristian’s Journey, a tale about passion and never giving up despite the odds. 100% of the proceeds of the purchase of this book will be donated to D.I.P.G research and clinical trials.

Oh, To Be a Bulldog

By  Sonia Leverette Kaiden experiences his first homecoming football game at Oliver C. Dawson Stadium in Orangeburg, South Carolina, on the campus of South Carolina State University. Everything excites him, but Sanchez, the bulldog mascot, mesmerizes him. Kaiden desires his own Sanchez and devises a plan in hopes of acquiring a bulldog. Can Kaiden prove his responsibility to keep a pet and make his big SC State dream come true?

Princess Peppermint and the Kingdom of Swirls

By E.Claire On a magical journey, come with me to find A world full of wonders that is one of a kind. For the Kingdom of Swirls is an enchanting home Where wonderful creatures are sure to roam!

Rex’s Winning Day

By Mary Neville Last year’s Annual Wiener Dog Race had been a disaster for Rex! But this year was going to be different. He would make sure of it. Will Rex finally get his big win?

Stanley Big Thumbs

By Dorothy Prive’ Stanley was born differently from the other cats in his family. For a long time, it made him feel like an outcast, but when disaster strikes on his farm, the very thing that made him feel different gives him an opportunity to be a hero. Will he be able to overcome his insecurities to save the day?

The Adventures of Jelly, Bean, and Sophia: Jelly and the Lost Ball

By Em Toth Jelly the golden doodle has lost her ball! Come along with Jelly on an adventure through the wilds of Palm Coast, Florida, to find it. Jelly learns that not everything is as it appears to be at first glance and that adventure can be found anywhere. A portion of the proceeds will be used to establish scholarships for foster children.

The Amazing Adventures of Little Right Sock

By Brintha J. Gardner Oh no! A little girl is missing her right sock! It may have fallen off somewhere along the way…or could it have gone on an exciting elephant ride? Perhaps it’s hiding among sparkling jewels in a treasure chest! If you lost your very own little right sock, where do you think it would go? What would it do? Share this whimsical story of imaginative sequences and thrilling adventures with the children in your life! “A creative romp and a virtual sock hop!” —Robert J. Blake, award-winning author and illustrator

The Learning Buddies Book 2: Ricky Learns How Bullying Hurts

By Patrice Loge Go along with Ricky the Rhino as he starts a new school and learns to use his strength for good. See how he makes some friends along the way. This wonderful book is part of an eight-book series that teaches children how to navigate through the challenges of life.

The Thing About Swings

By Mona Patel What if an elephant really wanted to use a playground? Could that work? Would anyone try to make that work? At some point in life, everyone– even make-believe elephants– loses the drive to play, create, and try new things. Instead, we live by what we “should” do. We maintain the status quot. But what if we did more? Walk through the design process with an elephant to discover how a swing re-inspires curiosity, vulnerability, and persistence to go for “crazy” ideas, even when a skunk keeps saying it can’t be done. Our hope is that kids learn to question, dream, and design a better world.

The Turquoise Tail

By Rachel Bate One dark and starry evening in the desert, an unusual coyote pup with a turquoise tail was born. Cielo is shamed and made fun of for her bright tail; all she wants is to be normal. Will Cielo learn how her tail makes her truly special? Turquoise Tail, written by Rachel Bate, is full of wonderful messages for young children about how to treat others and themselves. With stunning illustrations by Rebecca Jacob, this story is the perfect book to read as you tuck your children in at night.

What Do Monsters Eat?

By Christine Azeez Hey, what’s your favorite treat? Is it sour, or super sweet? Well, open this book and take a peek to see what monsters like to eat!  

Back by Popular Demand!

A Dog Named Munson Finds the Missing Game Ball

By Charlene Thomas The game ball is missing! Can Munson, the Golden Retriever, save the day? Follow Munson as he searches the historic UGA campus meeting Hairy Dawg, the cheerleaders, the Red Coat Band and others along the way. Will the Dogs get to play?

Iowa State Cyclones Football from A to Z

By Ryan Sloth Iowa State Cyclones Football A to Z is a children’s alphabet book about Iowa State University. Fun for students, fans, and alumni, readers can follow along to find out everything there is to know about the history of football at Iowa State from A to Z!

Pet’a Shows Misun the Light

By Jessie Rencountre Misun is struggling to understand why the world can be a such a difficult place sometimes. Why do people do things that hurt others? When a mysterious stranger appears and takes Misun on an eye-opening adventure, Misun is finally able to understand what it really means to be compassionate and how each one of us has the capacity to change the world.

Running Breathless: An Untold True Story of WWII and the Holocaust

By Morey Kogul The Holocaust’s reputation as one of the most terrible periods of modern history stands, even almost 80 years later. As such, we can never forget the struggle of the men, women, and children who had to live through it. Morey Kogul’s honest retelling of his father’s personal experience in the Holocaust is gut wrenching, brutal, and cathartic. Running Breathless will keep you on the edge of your seat with personal tales in the fight against tyranny.

Rescuing Reed: The Little Dog Who Could

By Heidi Mottin When Reed is left homeless and alone in an animal shelter, it’s up to a special volunteer, who takes an interest in the lost and lonely little dog, to help him discover his purpose. Follow along in this heartwarming story of love, rescue, and hope as Reed finds out that everyone is valuable in their own unique way, and everyone deserves a second chance.

Salty the Sea Turtle

By Claire Lawrence and Randi Zwicker Join Salty on her journey through the ocean as she grows from a tiny baby turtle to an adult.

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