New Releases March 2017!

Mascot books announces new releases for February 2017!


Children’s Picture Books

  THE GIRL WHO HAD ALMOST EVERYTHING By Alycia Pace Join Colette as she discovers that true happiness comes not from receiving, but from giving.   THE PRINCESS AND THE SUNFLOWERS By Leonie Pickett and Catlyn LeGault Inspired by the sunflowers outside her window, Princess Amara painted a beautiful picture. But when she showed her painting, the sunflowers looked away.  Amara tried everything, but the sunflowers still looked away. Will she learn the secret to the sunflowers?   HAZEL HUMMINGBIRD: LA COLIBRÍ HAZEL  By Natallie Rochester Hazel Hummingbird starts her day in the waking garden, quickly flying here and there, stopping at her favourite flowers. She works in perfect time with flowers, bugs, and bees, while children quietly gaze into the garden world. At the end of a good day, the children say goodbye so they can all settle down to rest. Join them on a tropical garden adventure.   PORSCHÉ PORSCHA THE PINK PIG: PIGS DON’T GO TO SCHOOL By Edith Lamira Odiwo Porsché Porscha loves adventures! She wants to learn to fly a plane, but she has to go to school first. Unfortunately, she’s not allowed to go to school. What’s a curious pig to do? Let’s find out! Porsché Porscha the Pink Pig: Book 2 is the second book in a series following Porsché Porscha as she discovers the world around her. Look for more adventures to come!   GRANDMA HEARTS By Dionne Kelm Now if you are a grandma, or even if you’re not, there are things we should remember and these things mean a lot!  Every child is a wonder, every child is a gift. Each one needs care and kindness, every child needs a lift!  Bedtime should be loving, bedtime should be sweet.  Evenings end with songs and stories, make every child’s day complete.   PEPPER FINDS HER WAY: A BLIND PUP TALE By Suzanne Moore and Shelby Moore Pepper’s a dog like any other dog, except one day, she can’t see anymore. So finding her way around the house is a challenge—she ends up in the closet, lands in a pup pile with her dog pals, even sits on the cat. Then she realizes there are other ways to “see,” and she finds them right under her nose.   OPEN YOUR HEART TO HAPPINESS By Sherri Graves Smith A grateful heart makes a happy heart.  From the author of Is My Cup Empty? comes another positive message for children and children at heart. In Open Your Heart to Happiness, Lil’ Sherri, with some help from her friends, shares a message about gratitude. Lil’ Sherri shows that by opening one’s heart to what is good and positive, one’s life can be full of joy.   A DAY AT THE BERNS FAMILY FARM: A BOOK OF PHONICS By Laura Hudgens With a cute family farm story, phonics, and colorful illustrations, this amazing book is great for any young reader. Come along with the Berns as they have a full day of excitement.     THERE WAS AN OLD LADY WHO SWALLOWED A COLLEGE By Amanda Meyers The old lady has swallowed a college so dear, but Trojan fans should have no fear.  She gulped it down without a sound; in her will your college memories be found?   ANDI’S PERFECT TOY By Rae Abshire Andi is a spunky and playful Yorkie. She’s also very picky about her toys. Join Andi as she sorts through her basket to look for the perfect one!   DESERT BLISS By: Rachel Bate Meet a calico kitten who decides to go on a very dangerous journey. Suddenly, a mysterious white coyote appears in the middle of the New Mexican desert… what could he want?   THE LITTLEST SOUL SWALLOWER By Sean Hughes Name your own little soul swallower in this delightfully dark tale and search for a soul to swallow! Learn the difference between a soul swallower and a zombie (they are not to be confused), discover the recipe for Soulritos, and so much more inside this fun book!   THE ADVENTURES OF OPIE THE OPOSSUM: THE FISH POND By Robert D. Gordon and Heather M. Perry Join Opie for his second adventure on the farm! Meet new animals and find out what Opie finds at the fish pond.   TAIMA THE SEAHAWK By Lucas P. Kok Taima serves as a watchful protector of his town, swooping down from his nest atop the Space Needle to save Seattle’s creatures in need. In his heroic endeavors, he meets a football team from his town who call themselves “Seahawks” as well! After he watches them suffer a heart-breaking loss in their first Super Bowl, he realizes he must lead them in showing the world what it means to be a Seahawk!   MY PURPLE KINGDOM By Gabrielle DeGroat If you like purple, just mix blue with white.  Step into My Purple Kingdom and see the magnificent sights.  With light purple days, and deep purple nights, the magic of this land will help you take flight.   TEXAS FARM GIRL: AQUACULTURE FARMING By Rebecca Crownover Texas Farm Girl takes a trip with PawPaw to Global Blue Technologies shrimp farm in Taft, Texas. As she tours the farm, she is excited to find out how the farm is making an impact on the world with the environmentally friendly way they are raising shrimp. Texas Farm Girl is inspired to learn the life lesson of how striving to make a little difference can make a big impact in the world.   A LITTLE JAYHAWK TALE By Steve Kveton Did you ever wonder what you were going to do when you grow up? Jay couldn’t decide until he got some good advice from his teacher. This is a story about how Jay became the biggest cheerleader for Kansas.   ANIMAL HOMES ZXA: AN OUT OF ORDER ALPHABET BOOK By Barbara Gibbon Children often depend on ABC order to name letters. If the letters were mixed up, would your child still recognize them? With this book, you can help your child learn letters by shape, beginning letter sounds, new words, and animal habitats.   HAVE A GOOD DAY AND A BETTER TOMORROW By: William Kobe Thank You!!!  I did not write this book for me… I wrote it for you… Enjoy every day, This is a message from me to you!!! – William Edward Kobe  

Children’s Chapter Books

  IN SEARCH OF A LITTLE PIECE OF SUNSHINE By Carlos Jimenez A band of young adventurers embark on a journey in search of the heart of America, where the sunshine that can save New York and North America from an uninterrupted blizzard lives. But a series of mythological creatures and fierce forest predators stand in their way. It’ll take all the bravery and cunning of these young adventurers to survive and bring back a little piece of sunshine.  

Coloring Books

  LAZY-ASS CATS: A COLORING BOOK FOR ADULTS By: Lindsay Conner Trouble in Purradise? Having a catastrophic day? Unwind with the Lazy-Ass Cats Coloring Book. Whip out your colored pencils—forty clever coloring pages are ready for your artistic touch. Haven’t tried coloring? You have got to be kitten me. A hilarious gift for coloring enthusiasts, cat lovers, and even people who don’t know they like to color yet, the book features single-sided pages on crisp, quality paper.  


  THE 50 BEST COLLEGE FOOTBALL TEAMS OF ALL TIME By: Bill Connelly College football’s history is rich and regionalized. You know your team’s history and maybe your conference’s, but our shared knowledge doesn’t go too far beyond Heisman winners and recent national champions. It’s time to change that. In The 50 Best* College Football Teams of All Time, Bill Connelly dives into the history and evolution of the sport, telling its story through 50 particularly interesting teams. From 1906 Chicago through 2013 Auburn, Connelly tells the story of innovators, transcendent players, burgeoning dynasties, and greatness denied. From Joe Guyon and Red Grange to Michael Vick and Tyrann Mathieu, from Amos Alonzo Stagg to Chip Kelly, from the jump shift to the spread offense, from world wars to integration, from the 1925 Rose Bowl to the 2013 Iron Bowl, learn what made college football so unique, maddening, and addictive.  This is not a book about college football’s best teams; it’s a book about college football at its best.     TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE SUN: COAST TO COAST USA By: Pam Hine Pam Hine, best-selling eclipse author and math graduate, brings you this easy-to-understand introduction to the 2017 Total Eclipse in the USA.  Pam saw her first total solar eclipse from a local field in the United Kingdom in the company of family, friends, and neighbors and it was a perfectly magical day. Wherever you are for this year’s solar eclipse, it will be a very special event and  something to remember for the rest of your life.   LEAVING SOUTH DAKOTA: A MEMOIR OF A JEWISH FEMINIST ACADEMIC By: Beryl A. Radin Leaving South Dakota is the tale of Beryl Radin and her experience growing up as a first generation Jewish American in the Midwest. From her small Jewish community of Aberdeen, South Dakota, to her career as a successful academic and professor in and out of Washington D.C., Radin weaves together the threads of a life composed by fragments of feminism, civil rights, Americanization, and activism.  Spanning eight decades, Radin’s memoir offers a vision of the twentieth century through the lens of a woman defined by multiple identities attempting to define her place in a shifting world.   EQUAL By: Edward S. Kohler The name of this book is Equal—simple and to the point. My desire is for all to think and feel that way—whether they do or not. This book was started well over a year ago to whet this thinking and feeling. Then on November 8, 2016—boom!—the historic election of Donald Trump. Many cheered—many cried. No one was more surprised than me; my equanimity was shattered and I was stunned. Nevertheless, I decided to publish this book with a short epilogue. It was not meant to be provocative, though it is. It was not meant to be divisive, though it is. I do hope it will be part of the healing so necessary in our country. I look forward to hearing from others with the rest of this process as we go forward. I hope you find this book informative and try to understand why I wrote it and why I published it, for I am one who cried.   PREVENTING TEEN SUICIDE: LIFE SEEN THROUGH YOUR TEEN’S EYES By: Suzanne Wirth Life Seen Through Your Teen’s Eyes is a self-help book for parents interested in understanding and being able to protect their teen from themselves. This book explores the inner mind of the teen and reveals practical parental strategies useful in surviving the storm of raising a teenager. It was written by a psychotherapist who has been working with adolescents since 1970 and who owns and operates The Safe Place for Family Counseling in Hamburg, New York.          

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