New Releases for September 2017!

Happy September! Kick off fall and the new school year with some of our new nonfiction, sports-themed, coloring, and children’s books this month.


The Best Year Ever by Liam Caffrey
Liam Caffrey was at a crossroad in life, and the concept was simple: Select twelve once-in-a-lifetime events of personal importance, pursue them over one year, and write about the experience. From partying at the Playboy Mansion with Hugh Hefner, to trying his luck at the World Series of Poker, to running with the bulls in Pamplona, to celebrating Mass with the Pope in St. Peter’s Basilica, Liam followed his personal bucket list with abandon.
The Best Year Ever recounts the lessons Liam learned throughout the process and how each experience changed him. What began as a collection of fun-filled, buzzworthy events ultimately transformed into a soul-searching journey. Equal parts humorous memoir, adventure travelogue, and history lesson, Liam’s journey has something to offer readers at every stage in life.
  Launch! How to Take Your Business to New Heights by Jen Du Plessis For over 30 years, Jen Du Plessis has been at the top of the mortgage lending industry. She has been named in the Top 200 Loan Originators in the U.S. over 5 times, and is also the Founder and CEO of The Kirney Group, Inc., a commercial lending firm and Black Fox Investments, LLC, a real estate management company. Now she’s ready to share her tools, advice, strategies, and inspiration to spark growth in your practice and help you excel. Told in Jen’s signature down-to-earth, no-frills style, Launch! is full of tried-and-tested advice on systems, structures, implementation, and goal setting. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just getting into the business, Jen’s expert knowledge will help you reach new heights that you haven’t imagined before now. Stop waiting and talking about your future success. The time is now for you to launch! Angels Coming Down by M. Jacqueline DeRouen Through a miracle, Jacqueline DeRouen’s mother came back from a near-death experience, and her presence thereafter was so changed that a deeper respect for God and all He calls us to be was revealed. In this honest account of her childhood adventures in Cajun country, Jackie discovers that the love she searched for was always there for her.

Coloring Books

Portable Magic by Alexandra Theroux
Come along with Lawrence the Pug Rock as he visits fantastic worlds, reunites with old friends, and shares his favourite quotes with you as the one and only Lord Puggleton III!
With 30 original drawings, this interactive colouring book will have readers everywhere picking up their colored pencils and markers to enter Lord Puggleton III’s world of reading and magic.

University and Professional Sports

Football Freddie and Fumble the Dog: Gameday in Philadelphia by Marnie Schneider and Susan Spencer There’s only one thing that Freddie loves as much as football: history! Every time she and her trusty companion Fumble the Dog visit a new city, they set out to learn all about the city and its history before cheering on the home team! It’s game day in Philadelphia! Football Freddie and Fumble are on their way to Lincoln Financial Field to cheer for the Eagles. But first, they’ll make a couple of stops at the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, and other historical locations to learn everything they can about The City of Brotherly Love. Come along and cheer with Freddie and Fumble for Philadelphia! I Am Going to be a UCF Knight! by Lori Levoy
Calling UCF fans of all ages! Share your love for the University of Central Florida by joining Knightro as he embarks on an adventure to find out what it really means to be a UCF Knight. Richly illustrated and unapologetically spirited, I Am Going to Be a UCF Knight! shines a spotlight on the many characteristic experiences that make UCF remarkable.
Growing Up Auburn by Ricketta Wilson Sharing traditions such as rolling the Auburn Oaks, sipping lemonade on College Street, watching the eagle soar, cheering with Aubie, and hearing a toddler’s first “War Eagle”, the memories shared in Growing Up Auburn will warm your Auburn heart. With journal pages to include your own Auburn memories or record your Auburn Family Tree, this book will surely become a keepsake of your Auburn history. War Eagle!

Children’s Chapter Books

The Ringtails of Goodnight Road and the Case of the Stolen Wind-O-Band-Go by Dustin Summers When Chirp and the Hoot Owls’ beloved Wind-O-Band-Go goes missing, Rocky and Wrigley Ringtail find a perfect story and a perfect case for the first issue of their local newspaper. But they soon learn that facts are not always clear, and the most likely suspect may not always be the culprit.

Children’s Books

Chester and Mittens Visit New York City by Michelle Campbell Chester and Mittens are headed off on their first adventure to see the world! The first stop is New York City, where they take in the bright lights of Times Square and look out over the city on the top of the Empire State Building. Follow along to see where Chester and Mittens go next. I Heart Art by Mukta Chowdhary & Sheena Raja Muskan is trying to draw a portrait of herself, but it keeps coming out as something else! Will she be able to add her portrait to the other great artists, or will she just end up with portraits that look nothing like her? Pun Intended: Welcome to the Punny Farm by Jon Hoefer Welcome to the PUN-derfully witty, purposely playful book full of farm-fresh twists on common words and phrases. This laugh-out-loud, delightfully tongue-in-cheek collection from author and illustrator Jon Hoefer takes you on a side-splitting journey to the PUNNY farm and beyond! Whimsically illustrated and sprightly written, Pun Intended: Welcome to Punny Farm is the perfect way to bring a smile to audiences of all ages. Miss Kate’s Very Special Class Adventure by Lori Buckland Miss Kate’s Very Special Class Adventure is a social themes children’s book that teaches kids the value in making good choices. Follow along with Miss Kate and her Pre-K class as they talk to their family about choices!
by Alicia MooPow-Brammer Today is the day Thomas’ baby brother Theo comes home! He’s extra excited because he gets an added treat–meeting Theo’s baby nurse!
Now I Know What Love Is by Megan McGarrigle Now I Know What Love Is was a gift given to me by my beloved Anakin. The universe brought us together seven years ago and my life was changed. Animals have the power to teach us great life lessons. Dogs in particular seem to be the best when it comes to lessons of love and loyalty. I know this to be true in my case as I’ve had no better teachers, and when it comes to teachers Anakin has brought the message home. He is the very embodiment of love. In 2009, Anakin became a certified therapy dog and we started our journey together of sharing this impact of love. I’m often left in a state of transformed grace and gratitude when I see him bringing this message to others. It’s a divine message for those that listen. I hope you do. Love and Light, Megan Vegan the Cow by Kathy Durand What happens when Vegan the cow’s life is suddenly disrupted? One day it’s grass in the field with the herd, and the next, she’s on the run! Life on the run is a little trickier than she imagined. When Vegan wakes up to a new smell and a rumbly tummy, she’ll have to decide how curious (and hungry) she really is! The Magic Binky by Gregory Fromme Inspire your picky eater with this little wizard’s tale of The Magic Binky that taught him how to eat a variety of foods without even realizing it! Funny, whimsical, and richly illustrated,The Magic Binky is a clever story that encourages children to try new things and to never let expectations limit their experiences. Shadows on Sunday by Mary J. Grant Maymay might usually have good nighttime habits, but Sundays are a different story. She knows she has to get a lot of sleep before school the next day, but she can’t help trying to stay up late. In this story, Maymay tries to conquer her fear of the dark and replace it with a special memory instead. Shadows on Sunday‘s simple rhyme comforts and creates a warm, delightful book. Just Breathe: Jack Braves a New School by April Fee Anxious about transitioning to a new school, Jack finds confidence and inner peace through the power of yoga. Written by April Fee, a registered yoga teacher, Just Breathe also includes a series of poses you can do to relax and lower anxiety. We Are One by Pinky Mukhi and Param Patel
After Mintu invites his friends over for dinner, he decides he might have made a mistake. He thinks he’s too different from his friends and that they won’t like the same food as his family. Will his mom and friends be able to change his mind?
Sure to instill pride in children for their own food, language, and culture, We Are One is an inspiring story that will lead to a meaningful dialogue with children of all ages.
There’s a Person on Top of My Bed by Nicholas Sampson
When the lights turn off, the things that go bump in the night come out to play. But could it be just a misunderstanding? There’s A Person On Top Of My Bed tells the story we’ve heard so many times before from a different perspective.
PAWS and THINK: I Am Important by Miranda Mittleman
See the world through Weaver’s bright eyes, With each new day valuable lessons arise. Life is funny and can change in a blink, So always remember to PAWS and THINK!
PAWS and THINK: We Are All Different
by Miranda Mittleman See the world through Weaver’s bright eyes, With each new day valuable lessons arise. Life is funny and can change in a blink, So always remember to PAWS and THINK!
Snowflower or Fleur de Neige by Gabriele de Ginant Snowflower or Fleur de Neige combines mystery, fantasy, and reality to entertain children of all ages. In this magical world, the Frost King rules in the winter, while the beautiful Sunshine Queen reigns in the spring and summer. They have each have incredible powers, and together they have a child—Snow Flower. Through the eyes of a storyteller and a group of children, young readers will enjoy the mystery of this wonderful book from beginning to end. Alycat and the Monday Blues by Alysson Foti Bourque One Monday morning, Alycat wakes up with the dreaded Monday Blues—she’s certain that everything will go wrong. But even when mishaps seem to ruin her day, she finds out that helping a friend can lead to discovering her own hidden talent and curing the Monday Blues!  

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