April 2022 New Releases

This April, we have four incredible nonfiction titles debuting across two of our imprints: Amplify Publishing and Mascot Books. All of them are great reads to inspire you, feed you, and teach you. Plus, we have six wonderful Children’s books from Mascot Kids. We hope they catch your eye and look forward to hearing your reviews!

New Books from Amplify Publishing

Amplify Publishing, our flagship imprint, is dedicated to excellence in business, politics, and big ideas. This month’s new releases include Expansive Impact by Sarah Young, a book that aims to empower  readers to lead in everyday situations, The Golfer’s Wife by Janet Thompson, which details Janet’s personal story of being married to a pro-golfer as well as the stories of seven other wives of golfers, and finally The Business of Timeshares by W.H. Campbell, which illuminates the world of timeshares for the non-real estate readers as well as exposes the problems in the industry. 

Additionally, Steve Cadigan’s book, Workquake, is being released in paperback after its successful debut in hardback in 2021.

The Golfer's Wife
Expansive Impact    

WorkquakeThe Business of Timeshares

New Books from Mascot Books

Mascot Books publishes everything from fiction to nonfiction, and each month features a different mix of genres and titles. This month, we are excited to share our latest cookbook, written by Heather Antonelli. Filled with beautiful photos and delicious recipes, this book is sure to send you into your kitchen and have you planning a dinner party!

The Brooklyn Suppers

New Books from Mascot Kids

Mascot Books started by publishing Children’s books, which are still a large part of our work through our imprint, Mascot Kids! We always have a wide variety of stories to share and this month is no different with bunnies for Easter, lots of sports, and even Rosie going on an adventure in Paris. 

Bunster, An Easter Story
Touchdown Auburn

Chickens Chickens EverywhereSecret Angel Meetings

Bonjour RosieGo Dawgs

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