Tragedy at State College

Everyone at Mascot Books is saddened, disturbed, and angered by the recent happenings at Penn State.  First and foremost, our concern rests with the victims in this horrific case.

Collegiate communities are of particular importance to everyone at Mascot Books.  We started the company eight years ago with a self-published children’s book about my alma mater, Virginia Tech.  This book, inspired by my daughter, was the beginning of a publishing journey that has taken us to hundreds of campuses and led to the publication of similar titles for other great institutions, including Penn State.

In 2007 we worked with Joe Paterno and his wife, Sue, to publish a children’s book titled “We Are Penn State.”  The Paternos’ children’s book has been one of our best-selling titles, and a favorite of many Penn State families.

In light of the tragedy in Happy Valley, we’ve decided to immediately stop selling “We Are Penn State.”  Like many people, we applaud all the positive contributions made by Joe Paterno during his incredible career at the University.  However, due to the gravity of the current circumstances and the fact that all relevant details are still unknown, we feel it would be inappropriate to continue the distribution of “We Are Penn State” at this point in time.

Thank you for your understanding.



Naren Aryal


Mascot Books

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