September Book Releases

We have seven new books just for you! Make some of these (or all of them) the last of your summer reads.

September’s Featured Title: I Love You More Than Coffee 

By Melissa Face 

Are you trying to balance raising a family with maintaining your own identity? Have you ever been so exhausted that you showed up to a meeting carrying your baby’s diaper bag instead of your briefcase?

In her debut collection, I Love You More Than Coffee, Melissa Face writes about the emotions we all experience as parents: anticipation, joy, fear, guilt, and worry. Whether you are a new or seasoned parent, you will find common ground in Melissa’s heartfelt, humorous, and authentic stories of her life with two young children.

If you love coffee a lot and your kids (a little) more, this book is for you. Fill your mug with your favorite brew and settle in with I Love You More Than Coffee.

18 Things College Students Need to Know 

By Renée Bailey

Getting ready for college can be so exciting. You’re putting in applications and getting responses. You’re talking to your friends, making plans. Maybe you’re the first person in your family to go off to college and that amps up the thrill of the process. But here’s the thing: college itself is stressful. It can leave you emotionally spent, financially broke, and completely disillusioned with educating yourself, if you’re not careful.

You’re going to have stress. 38% of female college students and 27% of male college students report that their stress level is so high that it negatively affects their academic performance. The goal of 18 Things College Students Need to Know is to give you the tricks, hacks, and tools to handle your college stresses in a proactive way and make the best of the educational opportunity that college is.

Can You See My Scars?

By Samuel Moore-Sobel

Can You See My Scars? is a story of trauma, adversity, healing, and recovery. Samuel, a young man about to begin his sophomore year of high school, accepts a job that culminates in a chemical explosion—leaving Samuel with severe burns on his face, neck, and arms. The tragic and sudden accident sets Samuel on an unpredictable journey of healing, recovery, and acceptance.

In the wake of the accident, Samuel endures grief, pain, and numerous surgical procedures for the scars on his body. He grapples with his appearance, faith, and the loss of friends. Through it all, he comes to view his scars as an unavoidable part of the human experience. Whether physical, emotional, or spiritual, we all carry scars—and it is simply what we choose to do with them that defines us. Samuel’s story allows us to see him for who he truly is, while also turning a mirror on ourselves.

Can You See My Scars? explores questions about identity, suffering, purpose, and ultimately, what it means to be uniquely human.

#ImpactMyLife: Being the Change

By Eric Godwin

This is a call to individuals who want to make a social change. The goal is to spread kindness and service across cities, towns, and communities around the world one social media post at a time. Join the movement to make a difference in the lives of others by doing tasks such as designing a kindness rock, donating seeds to an agriculture program, or reading to children at your local public library. Each week after you complete your task, you have the opportunity to reflect on the experience and share your adventure on your favorite social media platform.

Be the person who wants to give back to society. Be a role model for your friends, family, and community. Be a mentor to someone who needs it—that’s what the foundation of #IMPACTMYLIFE is constructed on. Be the change you want to see in the world and #IMPACTMYLIFE!

Yuri Was Very Brave

By Jason Cranford Teague

Yuri Was Very Brave is the tale of Yuri Gagarin, the first person to ever leave the earth. We follow Yuri from the launch pad, into space, around Earth, and back to the ground. Along the way, we hear what he thinks about the earth and space.

A Boy Named Penguin: Different is the New Perfect

By Aaron LaPedis

Logan and his friends find themselves in a fix when their classroom zoo is let loose and the hallway are jammed with hopping and fluttering critters. Even the powers of Super Penguin may not be enough to save the day—unless Logan and his friends can prove that “Different” truly IS the “New Perfect!”

A Boy Named Penguin: Finding Happy

By Aaron LaPedis

Logan (also known as Super Penguin) is on his toughest and most important mission of all. A little boy named Nick is feeling the pressures of life and runs away. Super Penguin needs to find him and then help him understand, through the love of his parents and friends, how Finding Happy is just around the corner.

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