Shirin Alavi Goodarzi on her new book, The Art of Fearless Living: A Glimpse into My Heart

The Art of Fearless LivingShirin Alavi Goodarzi’s book The Art of Fearless Living: A Glimpse into My Heart debuted this week and became one of the top 100 books in lifestyle photography. In honor of the book’s release, Shirin sat down and talked with us about fearless women, inspiration, and how photographs fit into her new book. 

1. What motivated you to write a book that empowers strong, complex, and fearless women? 

This book was inspired by my upbringing. What I went through as a child, growing up during the Iranian revolution and living through two different wars gave me a completely different perspective and a sense of deep gratitude. In addition to my childhood, I was also influenced to write this book by the experiences I faced as a young female immigrant getting settled in the US and pursuing the American dream. 

2. This spiritual memoir and inspirational self-help book encompasses many beautiful quotes and words of wisdom. What is your favorite quote from your book and why? How did you decide what quotes to include in your book?

They all are my favorite. They all speak to my heart. I am constantly writing about the things that can unleash the potential of women. 

3. What is the secret to living a fearless life? Is it a continuing journey or something that can be accomplished in an end goal?

I always say one must have an open mind and a positive outlook on life, and at the same time, to trust the process. It’s definitely a continuous journey. You will certainly get to a point of being at peace with who you are and what you have accomplished, but the journey is never-ending, which in itself is a beautiful thing.  
The Art of Fearless Living

4. Why did you choose to include photography in your book? How do these visual enhance your book’s message?

Photography is my way of capturing moments that I sometimes fail to put into words.  It’s one way of my daily gratitude while practicing compassion. I feel like I can express myself and my love through the photos I take. It gives me a sense of peace, freedom and being in the present—always finding so much beauty in the little moments. There is an unspoken sense of interconnection we all hold under the same sky, and I think pictures put everything on pause and allow us to appreciate our surroundings.  

5. What do you hope women will take away from your book? How do you hope this can change their perspective on their life and the world around them? 

I want this book to inspire them to also be role models. To have hope despite what life throws at them. To change their lens in which they view the world or situations. To have a sense of self-acknowledgement. To turn their challenges into opportunities and inspire others. To remind them that even on the bad days, there is always magic to be found even if it’s only for a moment. And that at the end of it all, it ALWAYS works out! It really does! It always does!  

Thank you Shirin for all of your insight into living fearlessly and a peak into your new book. You can purchase your own copy of Shirin’s new book now. 

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