What Drives You?

Like most of you out there, I’m often asked what “I do” wherever I go. Be it while getting a haircut or grabbing a coffee, or whenever small talk arises, I usually answer people by saying I’m a publisher or children’s book author – both are true.  However, there’s another thing “I do” that all self-publishers do, as well— produce and sell books for profit. Those who choose to self-publish are, by very definition, entrepreneurs.

We are all entrepreneurs.  It’s true.   However, here’s the caveat … some authors are interested in getting their book published solely for creative reasons– in other words, they don’t care if their project is a success financially.  That’s usually the exception as most people not only want to create compelling content, but they also want their project to be a financial success.  For a myriad of reasons, some people are not solely motivated by money. Yet, whether they’ve thought of it in these terms or not, these people are, in fact, entrepreneurs.

To be a successful entrepreneur in the publishing industry, you have to know which decisions should be dominated by creative considerations, and which should be dominated by business considerations.  Case in point, the decision whether to go with watercolor illustrations versus digital ones … this is primarily a creative consideration, however, the impact will be felt on the business side, too.

The key to my success as an entrepreneur is that I have surrounded myself with a group of people who understand the fine balance of creative and business considerations better than I can explain without taking up all your time! It’s up to you to decide your own motivation for publishing, or even creating any art for that matter– what drives you?

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