Mascot Marketing Premium

Many of our authors use their books to establish or grow their brand or business. Mascot Marketing Premium offers expanded outreach support and access to top-tier markets only reachable through an established publisher. This service is designed to build your brand, cement your messaging, and get the word out about your book

Six-Page Website

Mascot Marketing Premium authors will work closely with a marketing manager to design, draft, and write content for a six page website. You’ll get to work with experienced web writers while still retaining complete creative control.

Electronic Press Kit

An electronic press kit (EPK) will tell media outlets, bloggers, and reviewers everything they need to know about you and your book. From biographical information to subject matter expertise to speaking topics, this custom-branded EPK will help secure the coverage your book deserves.

Submission to Trade and Specialty Book Reviews and Awards

While the literary world is full of reviewers and prizes, there are several top-tier outlets that can only be reached through the support of a publisher. Mascot Marketing Premium customers will have access to trade and specialty publications, reviewers, and prizes they’d otherwise be unable to reach.

Goodreads or NetGalley

The Big Five often use these ARCs (advance review copies) to secure reviews and build buzz before a book’s release date. In this program, Mascot will create either a Goodreads Giveaway or publish a digital copy of your book on NetGalley to make it accessible to these platforms’ thousands of readers and reviewers.