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Know your target market…and how to reach them.

Successful authors think about how to engage their target market early in the publishing process. Sure, high-quality content is important in today’s competitive publishing landscape, but having a creative launch strategy and an ongoing customized marketing plan is what separates best-selling books from most books

Whether you’re published by the largest New York City publishing house, you self-publish via Amazon, or you work with Mascot, an author must be engaged in promoting and marketing his or her book. While there are no magic bullets or one-size-fits-all marketing initiatives, there are best practices. Over the years, we’ve seen what works (and what doesn’t) and we call on that experience as we work with our authors on book launch strategies and sustainable marketing efforts.

We offer three levels of book marketing promotions to our authors.


Mascot Marketing

We know what it takes to devise and implement a winning book marketing campaign. Every author we work with receives the highest level of included marketing support in the industry. Here’s what Mascot Authors can expect:

  • Mascot Marketing and Sales Plan
    This is your title’s playbook. Based on your content and target market, our marketing professionals put together a customized road map for marketing and sales efforts, including strategies for book launch, ongoing marketing efforts, author events, social media outreach, reviews, and distribution.
  • One Page Book Flier
    Also known as the “sell-sheet” this is impactful and the most efficient way to introduce your title electronically.
  • Book Order Form
    For authors who want to attack the retail market on their own, this is a great tool to get orders directly from retailers and special groups, like schools and other organizations.
  • Customized Press Release
    We draft a press release announcing your books arrival, and more importantly, offer ideas on how to best use the press release.
  • Social Media Presence and Plan
    Social media is how readers are learning about hot new books, so it’s important to have a platform for you as a writer and your work. We help you set up your presence and give you the tools necessary to implement a professional social media plan.

Mascot Premium Marketing Services

Websites, Apps, and Promotional Material.

As part of our commitment to providing indie authors with tools independent needed to maximize each publishing project’s potential, we offer web development services ranging from a simple website landing page to complex custom websites. Each website is fully integrated to our existing shopping cart and linked directly to our distribution center for book shipment. View sample websites here.

Some book projects lend themselves to a complimentary mobile phone app. Our team of designers can create apps designed to further engage readers on a different platform. View sample apps here.

Finally, here are sample bookmarks, postcards, and posters that have proven to be a low-cost way to promote certain titles. View sample marketing collateral here.

View a sample book trailer video below.

Mascot Marketing Plus

Successfully marketing a book can become overwhelming, especially for first-time authors. Mascot Books offers an upgraded marketing program called Mascot Marketing Plus for authors who might not have the time or experience to successfully market their book. Mascot Marketing Plus is a customized marketing plan designed to help authors promote their book on a local level. Authors can expect the following:

  • Marketing Support and Outreach
    We offer ongoing marketing and sales support for the duration of Mascot Marketing Plus, including an introductory phone call at the beginning of the campaign and a final closing call and report at the end of the campaign detailing our marketing efforts. We’ll also reach out to press outlets, reviewers, and blogs to help create buzz!
  • Retail Sales Outreach
    Our team works to set up signings and other events as well pushing for placement on the shelves at retail locations like bookstores, gift shops, and libraries.
  • Pitch Guidance
    While we reach out to markets and sell books ourselves, we also provide authors with call and email scripts to use as guidelines when approaching retailers, bloggers, press, and reviewers in the future.
  • A Promotional Page
    We design a one-page media kit that includes an author bio and book summary to help introduce titles not only to prospective retailers but to media outlets and reviewers as well.

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