An expertly produced book is a prerequisite in the highly competitive world of publishing.

We’re in the business of making beautiful, high-quality books. Mascot authors benefit from our years of book production experience while retaining full ownership of their words, images, and ideas, including any contributions we make during the production process. Our production editors coordinate our efforts across departments and serve as day-to-day contacts for our authors. From writing and editing, to book design and illustration, to printing and ebooks, our experienced team of industry experts will help bring your best book forward, whatever stage you’re in.

Writing & Editorial

Whether you have an idea, a completed draft, or a polished manuscript, we can help. We offer ghostwriting, developmental editing, and copyediting services for all of our titles, no matter what genre.

Design & Illustration

Our team of experienced graphic designers have the know-how to make your book stand out on the shelf with gorgeous covers and intuitive interior layouts. If you’re looking to bring your story to life, we can help you find the right artist for any budget.

Printing & Ebooks

Whether you know the exact specifications you envision for your project or only have an idea of the types of books you like, we’ll make a personalized recommendation based on your project and your budget. Looking to go digital? We’ll upload your book to Kindle, Nook, and iBooks.