High-Quality Printing

If you’re hoping to achieve meaningful distribution and placement in brick and mortar stores, having a well-constructed physical book is essential. Our books are printed using state-of-the-art equipment and processes and premium materials

We are not a print-on-demand publisher. POD generally produces substandard products that book buyers won’t purchase for their stores, and unit pricing is often so high that it’s difficult for authors to make a profit. To ensure a high-quality product and to keep you in the black, we do offset print runs, giving you more flexibility in retail pricing and a beautiful end product.

Most of our books are printed domestically, but we offer lower-cost, overseas options as well. Because we print so many books, we’re able to pass along volume pricing to our authors, meaning more profit for you. Whatever your specs, we have relationships with printers who can deliver.

While there are standard sizes in all genres, we’re able to accommodate any size, page count, paper type and weight, binding type, and cover finishing that’s right for your project. Tell us about your project and we’ll send you some samples of our titles and get a quote for your project.

Dream Job cover
The Best Year Ever cover
My Scientist Friends cover
Portable Magic cover
10 Gulab Jamuns cover
Publish An eBook

Our design team is well versed in eBook conversion for distribution on all prevailing platforms, including Amazon Kindle and Apple iBooks. If you’re looking to publish only in digital, you’ll have access to the same high-quality design and editorial expertise as you would with a physical book, and a beautiful finished product that most authors who go it alone can’t achieve.

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