What’s Your Idea?

Writing begins with an idea. Some authors view publishing as a way to share their storytelling talents. Others seek to establish or enhance their expertise on a subject. In some cases, a book is part of a larger business plan, or even the business plan itself. Whatever your idea and whatever your motivation, going from an idea to a refined manuscript is a critical step. Mascot Books can help.

Our acquisitions editors carefully review every online submission, synopsis, outline, and manuscript we receive and provide a thoughtful review of the work, noting strengths, weaknesses, and possible areas for improvement. As a Mascot author, you’ll have access to our network of professional editors and ghostwriters who can take your work to the next level.

Concept Development 

If you’re passionate about your idea but aren’t sure where to begin, our acquisitions editors can provide guidance and feedback to jumpstart your publishing journey.

Ghost Writing

If you’re an expert in the subject of your book but don’t have the time to commit to writing it or if you’re unsure of the style that would fit it best, we work with a network of talented ghostwriters that can bring your story to life—without costing a fortune. From business books to current affairs to children’s books, we work with ghostwriters in every genre.


There are several different kinds of editing, and Mascot Books is committed to helping you find the right editorial match for you. If you’ve never shared your book with anyone before, we can give your book a thorough developmental and structural edit to make sure that your story is clear and well-organized. If you’re confident in the structure but aren’t so confident about the way your language works on the page, we can provide line-level editorial services to improve the flow of your work and make your story shine. If commas are the problem, we’ll give you a thorough copy edit and proofread to make sure your book is error-free.

Ready to get started?

If you have a manuscript-in-progress, an outline, or even just a brainstorm, we’d like to evaluate your submission to help you decide which of the three options above best describes your needs. If we’re a good fit, we’ll guide you through the writing and editorial process before moving on to illustration and design.