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Before the writing process can begin, a creative spark ignites an idea. Ideas are woven into stories that entertain, educate, and/or inspire readers. Having worked with many authors over the years, we know there are many reasons to write a book.

Some authors view publishing as a way to share their storytelling talents. Others seek to establish or enhance their subject matter expertise. In some cases, a book is part of a larger business plan…or the business plan itself. Whatever the motivation, progressing from a book idea to a refined script is a critical step…and Mascot can help.

We carefully review every synopsis, outline, partial script, and script received. We also provide a thoughtful review of the work, noting strengths, weaknesses, and possible areas for improvement.

We work with a network of professional editors and ghostwriters who can provide the editorial assistance your project needs.

If you have an in-progress script, an outline, or even a synopsis, we’d like to evaluate your submission. And if there’s a good fit, we help authors through the various levels of the writing process, before moving onto other areas of book production, book marketing, and book distribution.

Mascot’s writing and editorial services include:

  • Concept Development
  • Editing
    • Developmental/Structural
    • Line
    • Copy
    • Proofreading
  • Ghostwriting
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