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Jenna Scafuri

From a young age, Jenna has drawn inspiration from heroines in books of all genres—from Jo March to Hermione Granger. Her passion for reading has led her to enjoy a career in writing and editing for more than ten years in the aerospace, corrections, and education industries. Jenna is a proud Spartan, having earned her B.A. in English from Michigan State University, where she studied publishing, creative writing, and professional writing, and worked for several literary journals on campus. When she’s not helping authors bring their stories to life, Jenna likes to curl up with a big cup of coffee, a good thriller or fiction title, and her opinionated orange tabby cat. Jenna lives with her husband in Northern Virginia where they can usually be spotted at one of the many local wineries, enjoying a night at the theater, or taking to the skies flying small airplanes and hot air balloons.
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