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Maria Waksmunski

When it comes to books, Maria is both a student and a teacher. First, she educates herself about each author’s work and takes great pride in understanding each project’s opportunities and challenges. When she has a firm handle on an author’s content, she educates writers on the various publishing paths available (at Mascot and elsewhere) and what they can expect at key points in the publishing process.

As if that wasn’t enough, Maria renders project workflow when production is complete and it’s time to initiate a marketing push to help get our authors’ book in front of readers.

Maria’s at her best when chaos reigns supreme and hence is currently balancing two of her own writing projects—a collection of poetry that explores the cause and effect of lucid dreaming called When Here We Come, and her first novel, written using her own version of the cut-up technique popularized by beat writer William S. Burroughs, titled Burning with a Blue Flame.

Maria graduated with a B.S. from Pennsylvania State University and though she’s not a football fan, she still visits campus a few times a year, always stopping in at Webster’s, one of her favorite independent bookstores, to browse titles or pick up a new vinyl.

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