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Ricky Frame

Powered by copious amounts of coffee and epic film scores, Ricky approaches book design with strategic thought and fervor. He can always be found researching industry trends and applying that knowledge to the visual identity of his next project. When depicting each author’s visual ideas for their book, he strives to improve upon them and think outside the box. Ricky received his B.A. in Graphic Design from West Virginia Wesleyan College. When he’s not designing books, Ricky likes to work on monograms for baseball hats and hand-lettered drawings. His favorite part of the job is working on children’s books that he can take home and read to his daughter.  Ricky keeps up-to-date with the graphic design world by studying design theory and consistently listening to podcast interviews with his favorite designers. He is always looking to implement new keyboard shortcuts and automated computer functions to speed up his workflow.
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