September Feature: I Love You More Than Coffee by Melissa Face

We are excited to share our September featured title,  I Love You More Than Coffee: Essays on Parenthood by Melissa Face.

It’s that time of year again: back to school season. But in the age of COVID-19, going back to school looks a little different. I Love You More Than Coffee captures the ups and downs of parenting— from the daily moments of joy to the struggle of maintaining your identity. It’s the perfect collection for parents everywhere this fall.

Melissa Face’s writing has appeared in numerous local and national publications, including The Myrtle Beach Herald, Guideposts, Country Woman, Farm & Ranch Living, Prairie Times, Richmond Family Magazine Boomer Magazine, Sasee Magazine, Nine Lives: A Life in Ten Minutes Anthology, Parhelion Literary Magazine, and twenty-one volumes of Chicken Soup for the Soul. We asked Melissa some questions about her writing process, parenting advice, and her thoughts on parents’ roles during the pandemic. 

I Love You More Than Coffee is an essay collection. What are some challenges of writing in short form?

One challenge I’ve faced in writing shorter pieces is that I worry sometimes that I haven’t done my characters justice or haven’t developed them well enough. Overall, though, I find longer pieces more challenging. For that reason, I’m hoping to work on some longer essays and short stories this fall and winter. I love a challenge!

How do you think the pandemic has affected your parenting?

I have been at home with my kids since March, so I am definitely in the trenches in terms of parenting. But during this time, I have noticed a lot of changes in my parenting style. I am calmer and more peaceful. I have been so grateful to be employed, healthy, and home with my kids that I’ve found it much easier to let go of the things that used to rile me up!

What advice do you have for other parents right now? 

Since the start of school, I have heard a lot of frustrated parents complain about the barriers to learning because of homeschooling, virtual education, shortened weeks, etc. However, I think focusing on the skills that they are developing is very helpful during this time. My children are currently learning at home virtually, while I teach 97 sophomores. Just the other day, my 9-year-old created a Google slide presentation in which he introduced himself, talked about his favorite activities, and challenged his friends to decipher his two truths from a lie. The only part I helped him with was locating photos to download for the project. The next day he presented the project to his class. Perhaps he would have still done this had he been learning face-to-face, but who knows? Public speaking skills are crucial, and I’m glad he is getting experience now.

Alternatively, has the pandemic affected your writing? If so, how? 

It has! But really in the best of ways. I have had more time to write than ever before, and I’m inundated with material because I’m always with my children. I’ve also had time to take a couple of writing classes (including a fiction course), and I’ve started some projects that are nowhere near publishable but they’re very, very fun!

What’s next for you? Is there another book in your future?

I sure hope so! I am working on another parenting collection, and I’m very excited about it. And even though my children are involved, they aren’t the focus this time. That’s all I can say about it right now, but I hope to share more within the next year or so.

Learn more about Melissa at melissaface.com

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August Book Releases

Check out our new August releases just in time for the dog days of summer! Enjoy one of these titles while soaking up the last of the summer sunshine.

August’s Featured Title: Helping Them

By Yashavi Upasani

As his life seemed to grow more boring, Mr. DeRenzo gets thrown into a plot that gives him more excitement than he ever dreamed of. Dominic Frost, the cousin of Charles Markson, has been pronounced missing and Charles, as well as his friends Antonio, Samantha, and Emily, are worried sick about the poor boy. Hearing about the kids’ plans of taking action to find Dominic, Mr. DeRenzo offers his assistance in the search. From daily lunch meetings to breaking into hotels, the five of them go to extraordinary lengths to find the missing child. As the kids and Mr. DeRenzo strive to find Dominic, they realize that they might learn a little bit about friendship along the way as well.

The Adventures of Kiko and Pez

By  Jane Jimenez  

Raising twins is not easy by any stretch of the imagination—and raising Kiko and Pez, two super competitive boys, is even harder when you’re a single mom. Their mom made sure they were raised to be best friends so they would always have each other (and a built-in friend). As close as they are, they grew to be very competitive and challenged each other at every turn. The Adventures of Kiko and Pez relates a series of challenges which spill into every activity they encounter. Oscar, their best friend, adds to their daily adventures and provides them with constant material to egg them on.

This book is published in memory of author Jane (Cookie) Jimenez, whose family felt it was important to finish what she started. We hope you like the characters—they are loosely based on her children and other family members. Half of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be made in Jane’s memory to the American Cancer Society, and the other half will be shared equally between her twin boys, Josh and Randy, for their education and well-being.

Euphrates Yield 

By David H. Hanks

The third and final installment in David H. Hanks’ Carson Griffin series takes Griffin outside of the INWA’s jurisdiction to investigate a hidden nuclear reactor site along the banks of Syria’s Euphrates River. The Jihad Terrorist Symbol joins forces with Doku Umarov, a well-known Chechen terrorist, to smuggle parts and nuclear material into the region supplied by a rogue North Korean general with the goal of creating the most powerful weapons of mass destruction on Earth.

To save the world from nuclear annihilation, Griffin has to stop the technology from falling into JTS’s hands—all while battling the grief of losing his wife. Can he put his need for vengeance aside and stop the radical terrorist cell before it’s too late?

Freckle-Faced Foodie: Journey of a Young Chef

By Marlin Adams with Ariel Fox

Fourth-grader Ariel’s weekend is turning out to be a disaster. Her friends are coming over for a sleepover on Saturday night and a movie on Sunday, but she can’t get it together to write her homework essay about heritage and cultural traditions that is due on Monday. Her two best friends know everything about their cultures, but Ariel knows nothing about her own. As she reflects on the maze of changes surrounding her after her parents’ divorce and her mother’s remarriage, she reminisces about her early years in Colombia, her summers spent in Hawaii and the Pacific Northwest, and her current life in the Monterey Bay beach town where she now lives with her mom and her new dad. From her Caribbean grandma’s patacones to her Pacific Northwest grandma’s blackberry pie, Ariel discovers that food keeps emerging as a theme in her life. It’s a theme that helps her gain a stronger sense of self, and one that just might save her before the Monday morning deadline.

The Leader Launchpad: Five Steps to Fuel Your Business and Lift Your Profits

By Howard M. Shore

“Howard has distilled his vast experience, identified the key levers for acceleration, and conveyed them through real-life stories that are interesting and illuminating.” Brad Smart, author; president and CEO, Topgrading™️ Inc.

Sooner or later, every business owner finds themselves working too much “in” the business rather than “on” the business. Despite working harder than ever, they know their organization could be growing faster and generating greater profits. To stimulate the traction and significant growth that leaders seek, they need strategies to create and sustain a successful business as well as ways to break through the invisible barriers that prevent forward movement.

In The Leader Launchpad, growth expert and master business accelerator Howard M. Shore offers a five-step, clear-cut, actionable plan to help leaders feel in control of their professional destiny. Packed with practical information, The Leader Launchpad includes profit-actualizing and scale-enhancing systems for:
• Identifying mindsets essential to creating great companies
• Recognizing the crucial steps to increase employee engagement
• Developing a strategy that leads to faster growth and higher profitability
• Aligning teams with priorities to significantly impact results
• Ensuring the right people are in the right seats doing the right thing
• Building a culture of accountability

Engaging and compelling, The Leader Launchpad is a must-read for any leadership team looking to create a massively successful and enjoyable business.

My Hair Went on Vacation

By Paula Quinn

This story is about Rosie, who lives in Chicago.

Within three weeks she lost all of her hair and asked, “Where did it go?”

Rosie loved to rock the bald, without even skipping a beat.

She happily wore sunscreen—not even a hat!—in the summer heat.

At bedtime, Rosie would tell her own stories with a smile on her face.

She’d imagine her hair going on magical adventures all over the place.

From a young age, Rosie loved herself and was not phased by her look,

So her mother decided to share her spirit to teach others through this book.

Come on this adventure with a confident bald girl,

Who tells us ”Bald is beautiful!” as she smiles with a twirl.

We hope this book can inspire you to love others as they are,

And to love yourself every day, whether your hair is near or far.

Pivot & Go: The 29-Day Blueprint to Redefine and Achieve YOUR Success

By David Nurse


Most of us run on an endless string of vague goals and should-haves, with true, empowering change always just out of reach. Many of us feel stuck in our day-to-day routine, without the proper tools to break the mold and live our best lives every single day. David Nurse, a renowned life optimization coach of more than 150 NBA players and CEOs, knows it doesn’t have to be that way.

Pivot & Go is a compelling, hands-on blueprint to changing course and leading the life you want to live—today. In this energizing, adventurous, and actionable guide, David outlines a clear 29-day plan—not to living the life, but to living your absolute best life. His key is to make mindful mindset pivots that allow you to shift your perspective by incremental yet powerful degrees. Focusing on success, failure, passion, joy, and confidence, Pivot & Go is here to help you find your genuine rhythm—one that will carry you through each chapter of life with the energy and ability to make the most of every day.

Punctuated with stories from his own journey to leading a full and rewarding lifestyle, as well as featuring never-before-told stories of triumph from some of the top NBA athletes in the world, David has delivered a book like no other. Not only will it give you the power to change your life, it will give you the strength to do so. Get ready to banish negative thoughts, live to the max, and become energized and ready to tackle each and every day.

The Opportunity Agenda: A Bold Democratic Plan to Grow the Middle Class
opportunity agenda

By Winston Fisher and Sly James

On paper, New York business and civic leader Winston Fisher and former Kansas City mayor Sly James seem to have nothing in common. They come from different generations, backgrounds, geographies, and professions. Despite their apparent differences, they share one central belief: the Democratic Party is overdue for major disruption.

In The Opportunity Agenda, Fisher and James propose a new path forward that focuses on what really matters: appealing to the people. The 2016 presidential election revealed the extent of the deep economic anxieties felt by working- and middle-class Americans across the country—an insecurity that reshaped American history with the election of Donald Trump. Democrats failed to make a compelling case to promote their vision for the future. Equipped with a refreshing arsenal of bold ideas to expand the middle class, Fisher and James offer a plan to grow the party’s base, win over moderates and independents, and explain in no uncertain terms what Democrats will do for you, the American voter.

In this era of increasing political turmoil, old habits, stale messaging, and a “get even” mentality, any momentum the Democratic Party once had has stalled. It will take innovative solutions to shake up the Democratic establishment and energize voters across the political spectrum. That’s where The Opportunity Agenda comes in. Insightful, accessible, and compelling, it outlines tangible strategies the Democratic Party needs for long-term success. This is a must-read for anyone invested in the future of our country and the forgotten middle class.

Voices of LGBTQ+: A Conversation Starter for Understanding, Supporting, and Protecting Gay, Bi, Trans, and Queer People

By Lynda Wolters

Why do so many in our modern society reject those who are different?

Though the mainstream acceptance of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, and Queer community has made leaps and bounds over the past few years, many pivotal groups within our modern society still respond to the LGBTQ+ community with an overwhelming, knee-jerk reaction of “us” vs. “them.” Despite the progress that has been made, misunderstanding, hatred, animosity, aggression, and violence still affect this community on a deep level. Lynda Wolters knows firsthand: a strong ally, she has come to know, understand, and have a deep respect for the community through her son, who is gay.

Including highly personal, real-world anecdotes, Voices of LGBTQ+ helps outline some of the most critical challenges the community faces today, with topical insights into:

  • Homelessness
  • Hate crimes
  • Suicide
  • Economic challenges
  • Discrimination and lack of equality
  • Religious and biblical conflicts

Though judgment and divisiveness still run deep in our society, Wolters highlights the first key distinction, among many others, that will help eradicate bigotry: those who are different are not choosing to be, they simply are, and it’s our differences that make us stronger. Voices of LGBTQ+ helps educate, dispel fears, and start positive conversations about what knowing, loving, or simply peacefully and positively coexisting with someone in the LGBTQ+ community really means. After all, there is no “us” vs. “them.” We are all human.

What Color is Love?

By Lou Spaventa

Does love have a color? That’s what Katie the chameleon wants to know. She asks her mother, and together the two chameleons explore the many colors of love we find in the beauty of nature. Can you guess all the colors that Katie and her mother find?

The Secret of Sondra Byer’s Second Grade Class

By Susan Schwartz 

Everyone knows the legend of Ms. Sondra Byer, the enigmatic teacher who returns to Cory Hall every five years to teach one group of second grade students, and then disappears again, leaving magic and mystery in her wake. When the longed-for letter arrives on crisp, white school stationary announcing their placement in Ms. Byer’s class, her students think they know what lies ahead, but none of them could have anticipated the enchantment that awaited…

The Secret of Sondra Byer’s Second Grade Class follows the adventures of a group of  second grade students as they discover parts of the world, and parts of themselves, they never could have imagined. 

When the Day Ends and Dreams Begin #3

By Don Rose & Javier Lopez

When the Day Ends…and Dreams Begin 3 is the final book in the When the Day Ends…and Dreams Begin trilogy. Books 1 and 2 have been Amazon Books best sellers. Continue the journey with Rocky the Rock. Two Sides to a Story 3, is back. Uncle Frank, the red headed dog, is back having more adventures. Meet Willy, a very interesting guy. The Best Job will have you laughing. Who is The Boss? We’ll let you decide. My Culture, a poem we all fit into. Meet Barry the Brick: what a life he has! Grandparents are the best.

Freeda the Frog and the Two Mommas Next Door

By Nadine Haruni

In Freeda the Frog and the Two Mommas Next Door, Freeda and her family meet some new friends: Jessica and her two mommas, Morgan and Irene. The tadpoles have never had a friend with two mommas before, but they soon learn that it makes no difference. By getting to know Jessica’s parents, the tadpoles discover that families do not have to all look the same, and that all you need is love.

The Spinner Sagas: The Heir 

By KJ Moullen

She did not understand where she was, who she was, or why she was a prisoner. However, there was one thing she had discovered: she could do magic.

Entrusted with the safekeeping of the Book and the wickedness contained in it, Blaine and Elian embark on a journey filled with unusual creatures and a looming prophecy in the unfamiliar and ancient land of Vestia. First, they have to find their way back to each other, trusting new allies and befriending old foes along the way.

With time running out and the fate of the universe resting squarely upon their shoulders, Blaine and Elian face an unknown foe who will stop at nothing to unleash the evil soul trapped in the Book. But Elian knows a secret about Blaine’s destiny. Will the secret prophecy divide their pathways, letting doubt and fear sabotage all they have accomplished?

The Spinner Sagas: The Heir is the second book in The Spinner Sagas series.

Please note this title will be released on August 25th 2020.

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July Featured Title: Stillwater

Our July featured title is Stillwater by Mary Jo Hazard! Since the novel’s release on July 7, it has been regarded highly. Stillwater debuted as a number one new best seller on Amazon in the category of Young Adult books about suicide and it has received glowing reviews. One Amazon reviewer wrote, “this tightly written coming of age story reminded me of To Kill A Mockingbird… On some levels, it’s an easy read and appropriate for the beach, but it will definitely make you think about your own life and how you’ve had to balance love with letting go.”

A coming-of-age story set in an idyllic village in upstate New York in the 1950s. Stillwater is the perfect summer read. Though written for young adults, the book also appeals to adult readers. Stillwater doesn’t hold back from important topics; it deals with mental illness and the devastating effects that it causes for the person, their family and friends. The protagonist, twelve- year-old Grace,  and her two best friends cope with these challenges during one hot summer filled with surprises, heartache, and fun under the watchful eyes of the townspeople. 

We asked author Mary Jo some questions about her writing process, inspiration, and more! 

Stillwater is a “coming of age” novel. Is the character of Grace in any way autobiographical?
Grace is her own person, but I’m sure there’s a bit of me in her. My friends and I would dash out of the house after breakfast, grab our bikes, and take off. We’d build forts in the woods, swim in the river, play pickup baseball games, and drag ourselves home at dinnertime. Grace lives this idyllic life, at least on the surface. Like me, she also grapples with her father’s mental illness and the way it affects her life.

A central theme in Stillwater is mental health awareness. Why do you believe that encouraging discussion around mental health in children and young adults is so important?
Discussions about mental health save lives. The suicide rate among children and young adults has skyrocketed. According to the Center for Disease Control, from 2007 to 2017 the suicide rate of 10 to 14-year-olds, the youngest group, almost tripled. According to the 2019 statistics from the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, suicide is the second leading cause of death for ages 15-34. Nearly 90 percent of the people who died by suicide had a diagnosable mental health condition when they took their lives. Encouraging children and young adults to share their feelings and concerns is helpful. Honest and direct communication can prevent suicides.

The setting of Stillwater is rich and atmospheric. How did the town of Stillwater come to be? 
I grew up in Stillwater—a small town on the Hudson River in upstate New York. Historically, Stillwater was the site of the Battle of Saratoga in 1777, which took place in the northern part of the town during the Revolutionary War. It was a factory town at one time with factories lining the river banks, but over the years most of the factories burnt down.

Stillwater is available for purchase now! To learn more about Mary Jo, visit https://maryjo-hazard.squarespace.com/ 

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January Featured Title: Our American Dream

“I hope that America continues to be a beacon of hope for immigrants from all around the world. I hope that the idea of the American Dream—the idea that you can come to a place, work hard, create opportunity for you and your family regardless of background—remains a perpetual part of America’s narrative.”

Our January featured title is Our American Dream by Fiona McEntee! Upon its release, Our American Dream was the #1 New Release in the Children’s Tolerance and the Children’s Books on Immigration categories on Amazon!

We chatted with Fiona about her experiences as a naturalized U.S. citizen and an immigration lawyer, her inspiration behind the book, and her hopes for America’s current and future immigrants. Read our full interview with Fiona below!

1. As a naturalized U.S. citizen yourself, immigration is an issue close to your heart. How has both your personal journey and experience as an immigration lawyer deepened your relationship to immigration?
Immigration is a deeply personal matter for me. Growing up, I was always very interested in social justice. When I came to the U.S. for law school in my early twenties, I was drawn to studying immigration law and doing internships in this field. Almost from day one, I knew that I had found my calling and since then I’ve viewed the practice of immigration law as not just a job but a vocation. I’m also keenly aware that I’ve had a very privileged immigration journey and I believe that I have a duty to fiercely advocate for all immigrants. 

2. When did you know you had to write Our American Dream?
I’ve been working as an immigration lawyer for twelve years but, without a doubt, the past two and a half years have been the most challenging years of my career. We have witnessed this Administration implement horrendous anti-immigrant agendas and policies that have directly impacted the most vulnerable of immigrants. It has made the whole country contemplate the very meaning of the American Dream. Immigration issues are constantly in the media and our children are watching and taking note. I have two young kids—Rose (six) and Perry (three and a half)—and they started asking me about some of it. Why is mama on TV at the airport? Why are they separating children from their parents? Why do they want to build a wall? I read to my kids regularly, and I found myself wishing there was a book that touched on some of these concepts in an age appropriate way. I wanted to change this, and I began writing Our American Dream!

3. Some of the characters are based on real clients. How did this influence your writing process?
Our American Dream highlights different immigrant stories and yes, it is inspired by my real-life clients, family, and friends. When I sat down to write the book, I knew exactly what stories I wanted to share with children. I drew direct inspiration from the Dreamers, my Russian artist client Yulia, my sister-in-law Faith, who was adopted as a baby from the Philippines, the families at the border, a tech entrepreneur client, and many more. Our American Dream is the first in my series of books on immigrants and immigration. There are many more stories to tell, and I believe the need to share these stories with our children has never been greater.

4. How has the idea of the “American Dream” changed in recent years, in your opinion?
I do feel like the very idea of the “American Dream” has been shaken to its core over the past few years. However, I really still believe in the American Dream and in the American people. I know we will emerge stronger than ever but now, we need to stand up and speak out. We are in a pivotal time in our nation’s history and we need to think about the country in which we want our children growing up and the values we want to teach them. Our children are watching and listening to usthey need us to share the true story of immigration and of the American Dream. 

5. What do you hope that readers, both children and adults, take away from your book?
My hope is that Our American Dream serves as a vehicle to have some conversations around immigration in homes and schools all over the country. I hope that both children and adults see the importance of treating people equally no matter the path of their journey and understand that we all have our own version of the American Dream. No one version of this dream is more important than the next. I also hope that the book becomes a platform for immigrants to share their own stories.

6. Why do you think diversity in children’s literature is so important?
I think it’s important that children read about all kinds of diversity from an early age. Many studies show that when we learn about diversity from a young age, we are less likely to buy into hateful, discriminatory rhetoric, and are more likely to see people as people. Talking to children about diversity increases cultural competence and sensitivity which allows them to be empathetic to the experiences of others. “We look not to build walls but to make tables longer. We gather side by side, because diversity makes us stronger.”

7. What do you hope for America’s current and future immigrants?
I hope that America continues to be a beacon of hope for immigrants from all around the world. I hope that the idea of the American Dreamthe idea that you can come to a place, work hard, create opportunity for you and your family regardless of backgroundremains a perpetual part of America’s narrative. I also hope that Congress can come together to enact some meaningful immigration reform that protects and honors the contributions that immigrants have made, continue to make, and could make if given the opportunity, here in the U.S. on a daily basis. While America’s light may be a little dim right now, the future is most certainly bright as the American Dream is too important to disband.

To learn more about Our American Dream, visit ouramericandreambooks.com and follow Fiona on Instagram and Twitter @USVisaLawyer. 

A portion of the proceeds from Our American Dream will be donated to FWD.us I Stand With Immigrants Initiative, and to the American Immigration Council. Get your copy of Fiona’s book here.

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Honoring Veterans Day with Mascot Books

On Veterans Day, we recognize our United States military veterans for all of their sacrifices and contributions for our country. To honor this special day, we’re highlighting some of our notable wartime and veteran titles. 

By Erin Morris

About Who is Sam the Solider?
Ever wonder what a soldier actually does? Why does he dress that way? Could I be a soldier one day? Private First Class Sam Smith is a soldier in the U.S. Army. Come along with Sam as he tells all about what it’s like to live, work, and (even) relax like a soldier.

Why We Love It
Author Erin Morris served as the U.S. Army Judge Advocate General Corps and did one tour to Afghanistan with the 201st Airborne Division. When talking with children about her experiences, she found that many of them did not understand what exactly a solider does, and did not realize that a woman could serve in the military. This book provides children with insight into the duties of a soldier, and showcases soldiers from different backgrounds, genders, and races. 

By Karol Nielsen

About Walking A&P: A Vietnam War Memoir
Her father was part of the 101st Airborne Division during the Vietnam War. Now, 40 years later, Karol travels to Vietnam to retrace her father’s footsteps. This is a touching, and inspirational story about one man’s journey through one of the darkest times in world history.

Why We Love It
Karol Nielsen provides a harrowing and unique account of her father’s experiences as a soldier in the Vietnam War. This compelling wartime title is full of personal anecdotes, photographs, and raw emotion.

Is Your Dad a Pirate? Cover
By Tara McClary Reeves

About Is Your Dad a Pirate?
Her daddy went away to fight for our country. And he came home changed.

What’s a young family to do when a parent is injured? How might they respond to curiosity? In this tender account based on her childhood experiences, beloved author Tara McClary Reeves shares how her family adapted to the extensive physical losses her father, Marine Corps Lieutenant Clebe McClary, sustained.

With warmth and humor, this book encourages children and spouses facing similar trials to cherish the gift of family. To hold on to faith. And to choose to be loving heroes on the home front. Is Your Dad a Pirate? will challenge your perspective and deepen your commitment to love.

Why We Love It
Is Your Dad a Pirate? highlights the importance of faith and family, while teaching children in a lighthearted way how to cope with a parent who has been injured in war. Based on the childhood experiences of author Tara McClary Reeves, this personal account uses beautiful illustrations to showcase the brave sacrifices of our soldiers and the unwavering support and love of their families.

By Laura Bogan

About Homecomings

The U.S. Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron—better known as the Blue Angels—is one of the most iconic and respected aerobatics teams in the world. For years, photographer Laura Bogan has been chronicling the Blues as they return to Pensacola, the team’s beautiful seaside home on Florida’s Gulf Coast. Through moments both triumphant and poignant, Bogan has captured stunning scenes that, until now, have only been enjoyed by those lucky enough to be there. This is Homecomings.

Why We Love It
Homecomings is filled with stunning and majestic photographs of the U.S. Navy Flight Demonstration, and is sure to leave readers full of pride and respect for our nation’s soldiers. 

By Kristin Ayyar

About Countdown ‘Til Daddy Comes Home and Countdown Til’ Mommy Comes Home
Countdown ‘Til Daddy Comes Home and Countdown ‘Til Mommy Comes Home are stories of a young boy waiting for his parent to come home from a trip. To make their separation easier, his family creates rituals to stay connected and make the countdown fly by. Inspired by her experiences, Kristin Ayyar shares how her family copes with the separations that are part of everyday life.

Why We Love Them
These books are perfect for any military family. Told from the perspective of a child, these titles show readers how military families can stay connected with their loved ones who are serving overseas. 

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When It’s Smart Not to Sell Your Book on Amazon

Uncommon Grit

By Naren Aryal, CEO and Publisher of Mascot Books and Amplify Publishing

Customers love Amazon. The company started as an online marketplace for books, but it soon expanded into just about every product category, from A to Z, offering low prices and an incredibly efficient shopping and home delivery experience.

At Mascot Books, we love the access to potential readers Amazon offers our authors. However, that access comes at a steep cost. Amazon buys books from publishers at a whopping 55% off cover price. Amazon also requires that suppliers like Mascot pay freight to get inventory to Amazon distribution centers. Books are heavy, and therefore, costly to move around.

So why is everyone obsessed with selling on Amazon? Because that’s where the customers are.

We know that for every book sold direct-to-consumer, we have to sell three on Amazon to achieve the same level of profit. Let that sink in.

But every once in a while, we’ll work on a project that doesn’t need Amazon. It’s rare, but when it happens, it’s a beautiful thing.

We recently published Uncommon Grit: A Photographic Journey Through the Eyes of a Navy SEAL, an amazing coffee table-style book by 24-year Navy veteran, retired SEAL, and professional photographer Darren “McB” McBurnett. The book is a beautifully raw collection of photos taken during Naval Special Warfare Basic Underwater Demolition SEAL Training (BUD/S), which is widely considered to be the hardest nine months of all military training.

We priced the coffee table book at $49.95 and a limited edition collector’s version at $124.95. We launched it on the most patriotic day of the year — July 4th — on Fox & Friends in front of a national television audience.

The only purchasing option we gave viewers was the author’s website, which was linked to the Mascot shopping cart. The response was incredible, and as a result, we’ve now sold out of the initial print run. A resounding success all the way around.

If Uncommon Grit has you rethinking your desire to sell your book via Amazon, you should know this approach isn’t right for all projects. It worked in this case because the book’s content is incredible, the subject matter struck a chord with the intended target market, and the national television exposure gave the project an unparalleled platform. It was a perfect storm.

Although McB only gave his website during the interview (and it appeared on the crawl at the bottom of the screen), we suspect most buyers first took a detour to Amazon to see if they could find the book there at a discount and with free shipping. Actually, we know this happened. If you go to Amazon and start typing “Uncommon Grit book” the title autofills (meaning it has been searched for numerous times). But once you get to the product page, it’s not there.

Of course, no need to feel bad for Jeff Bezos here. He’ll be fine. Instead, we should take notice that, in some cases, it’s a good idea to bypass Amazon entirely. 

Connect with our CEO Naren Aryal on LinkedIn and follow him on Twitter at @MascotNaren.

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New Releases for December 2017!

Happy December! It’s a new month, which means new releases. We’re excited to share some great new titles with you just in time for the holiday season.


The Dot on the Left By Dave Swanson We all have dreams. Too often, those dreams seem out of reach to us for so long that we lose hope that we will ever achieve them. Fortunately, there are three key steps that anybody can take to making their dreams a reality. In this book, Dave Swanson details how he used these simple principles (who wrestles goats anyway?) to overcome staggering odds and graduate from the United States Military Academy Preparatory School. Despite being an academic laughing stock and having a rudimentary understanding of math, Dave beat the odds and earned an appointment to West Point. Through Dave’s inspiring story, you will stop and consider all those dreams that you have long put on the shelf and then make a plan to go after them as if your life depends on it. BECAUSE IT DOES. Slide! The Tragicomedy That Defined Me, My Family, and the City of Philadelphia – And How It All Could Have Been Avoided Had Someone Just Listened to My Lesbian Great Aunt By Carl Wolfson
Slide! is the laugh-out-loud true story of the greatest collapse in baseball history, told from the perspective of a boy who lived it. The Philadelphia Phillies’ bid for the pennant in 1964 was an almost flawless run. With twelve games to play, the team’s lead seemed insurmountable. For 11-year-old Carl Wolfson, it was the happiest summer of his young life. Then the unthinkable happened. With each late-season loss, Phillies fans were thrown into despair, and Carl’s crumbling dream of a World Series forced him to take refuge in comedy. Luckily, it was all around him. His bickering parents (who put up Chinese symbols for “peace” and “happiness” and argued for years about which was which), his grandmother (who was so stubbornly Republican that she refused to carry a Roosevelt dime), and his mouthy great aunt (whose protest letters to the Phillies front office became local legend) created plenty of opportunity for distraction. This coming-of-age tale unfolds with the backdrop of President Kennedy’s assassination, the stormy Goldwater-Johnson campaign, the civil rights struggles of the early 1960s, and the (hilariously hyperbolic) height of Communist paranoia, creating a nuanced picture of what life was like during that tumultuous time of national and international change. A universal story of hope and heart and a finely crafted homage to childhood, family, and our national pastime, Slide! is essential reading for Phillies fanatics and fans of any team. Thomas: The Journey By Beverly Brumback The journey of life is full of many twists and turns, and you’re never quite ready for someone to enter unexpectedly, especially someone who has been dead for over a hundred years! When a spirit named Thomas came into Beth and Michael Duncan’s life, they had no idea how he would change their world forever. Based on true events, this thrilling and thought-provoking tale explores the difficulty of patience in the face of the unknown.
Hormones, Hair Elastics, and a Helmet: The Art and Science of Successfully Coaching Female Athletes By Dr. Jeffrey R. LaCure, Psy.D, M.S.W., LICSW Calling upon over twenty five years of experience, Dr. Jeff LaCure combines practical, hands-on coaching advice with an in-depth review of the latest research in his groundbreaking new book, Hormones, Hair Elastics, and Helmets. Part-memoir and part-instructional, this meticulously researched guide is a captivating must-read for coaches, athletic administrators, and parents alike.


Sweden’s Child By Elaine Cornell Ida Bergstrom vividly remembers her childhood on her family’s farm in Bräkne-Hoby, Sweden. Her name was Inga Ohlsdotter then, the child of well-off parents who ran their own farm, tutored their daughters in English, and were well respected in the community. When her father develops a gambling problem, Inga and her family struggle to keep their family farm. In the turmoil, Inga begins to have prophetic dreams, a gift, her mother tells her, passed down to her from her Grandmother to guide her in times of trouble. When the farm is finally sold after her father’s death, Inga goes to live with her aunt. It is not long before Inga realizes that she cannot stay in Sweden, and, perhaps, was never meant to. The first book in a three-part series, Sweden’s Child is a vibrant look at Swedish culture, a compelling immigrant’s narrative, and a moving coming of age tale all at once. People of all ages will see themselves in Inga’s challenges and will revel in her strengths and successes. Spirit of Engineering By Najeeb Kuzhiyil
Being an engineering student can be tough, and sometimes you can lose sight of what it actually means to be an engineer. But a road trip to Dayton, Ohio, to visit the home of the Wright Brothers might be exactly what two freshman engineering students need to unravel the true nature of engineering—plus gain the skills they need to build a Baja car to win the intercollegiate race!
Follow along on the story of a lifetime as these students delve into the origins of modern engineering and discover the skills they need to succeed in both school and in life.

Chapter Books

The Disgusting Adventures of Bugaboo and Buzz Buzz: Into the Toilet of Doom By Alan Tom Bugaboo and Buzz, two young fly brothers, are tired of eating poop from the outside garbage can. When the chance arises to live the good life inside the house, how can they say no? But they soon find danger awaiting them in the form of…the Toilet of DOOM! Cotton Tells: The Magnetic Tale of Seven Springs Lake Michael James Kolich
Read closely as Cotton unravels her story and introduces you to Jan, Rustle and Abs: the valley’s youngsters. They experience some of Mother Nature’s finest moments and challenges while being simultaneously fascinated by their mobile communication devices. Meet dad as he shares his historical account of the happenings surrounding Seven Springs Lake, the life- giving body of water for Cotton’s panoramic valley. Discover Nik as he weaves his thread of mystery for Cotton and the valley. Was he real? You’ll be drawn to wonder, along with Cotton, as she recalls the details of Nik’s long ago, impact-filled visit. Angie’s Rescue: Pigs CAN Fly! By Barbara Thumann-Calderaro
Mr. McGregor is a pig farmer, meaning that his job is to fatten his pigs up and sell them off to the butcher. But when he starts to befriend his new pig, Angie, he begins to question if she really deserves her fate on the butcher’s block. Can a man change? Can a pig fly?
This short story addresses challenging questions like “Why love one but eat the other?” and Jeremy Bentham’s infamous quote, “The question is not, ‘Can they reason?’ nor, ‘Can they talk?’ but ‘Can they suffer?’” It is based on a real pig named Angie who was rescued. Find more about Angie’s story at the back of the book.

Christmas-themed Children’s Books

Claudia Claus and the Christmas Eve Storm By Ann and Rob Quandt Have you ever wondered how Santa manages to make his toys, keep track of the naughty and nice lists, and still manage to get to every single good little child’s house on Christmas night? Well, it’s because he doesn’t do it alone! His wife, Claudia Clause, helps him run the whole North Pole operation. When Santa gets caught in a storm one night, it’s up to Claudia to save him! With the Clauses working together, will Christmas be saved? The Nantucket Elves By Amy Orlen Christmas is right around the corner, and everything is going according to plan… until Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer gets sick with the flu! Without his shiny nose to lead the way, Santa might not be able to reach all the children on the Nice list who live on the island of Nantucket. It’s up to the elves Arthur and Asher to find a way to save Christmas day!

Children’s Books

10 Gulab Jamuns by Sandhya Acharya
Young brothers Idu (Ee-doo) and Adu (Aa-doo) can’t wait for dinner! They’re having guests over, and their Mamma has already made a feast that has their mouths watering. Now all Mamma has left to make are the Galub Jamun… But Idu and Adu don’t know what that is! From their first taste of the sweet treat, they can’t seem to get enough of the syrup-soaked dough, but Mamma has only made so many. Will the Galub Jamun even make it to their guests’ plates?
This humorous and fun story includes a simple recipe to make your own Galub Jamun, and easy to follow lessons so you can make sure to count them along the way!
Bittersweet Holidays By Nadya Klimenko
Misha the little bear is feeling sad this fall holiday season! Because he has food allergies, he can’t enjoy all the treats that his classmates are eating. Can his class figure out a way to let Misha have a fun and safe holiday? Perfect for parents confronting the allergy question, Bittersweet Holidays offers information and resources to help make any child’s holiday fun, inclusive, and–most importantly–safe.
By Bette Jo Sibley Mr. Roy loves cleaning and taking care of Cosby Elementary School. But today, the principal is missing and it’s up to Mr. Roy to keep the school running! Come find out what an adventure it would be on the day when Mr. Roy ran the school.
Say Goodbye to Mr. Moon Debbie Gordon Mr. Moon loves to smile! He smiles at everyone he sees. But when nobody smiles back at him, he decides to take a vacation! What will happen to the people of the town without a moon smiling down on them? Will they learn how powerful a simple smile can be? Odonata: The Flying Jewel of Maiden Grass Pond By Barbara Gervais Ciancimino Perched on a cattail plant, Odonata watches the other dragonflies dart around in a fun game of tag. But every time Odonata tries to join them, they ignore him. Why won’t they let him play? To make matters worse, a humongous Blue Hawker dragonfly named Drago has been going out of his way to be cruel to Odonata. Living on Maiden Grass Pond has not been going very well for Odonata, until one rainy afternoon when everything changes…
Tomorrow in Cambodia By Jordan Isham and Liam Fulton Meant to serve as both an English learning tool for Cambodian students, and as an introduction to Cambodian language and culture for English speakers, Tomorrow in Cambodia is a story of hope and understanding. Written by five cadets of the United States Military Academy at West Point, this heartfelt story is part of a larger initiative, the 501c3 nonprofit Connect Cambodia, that seeks to improve education in the developing world. All proceeds go towards benefiting educational initiatives in Cambodia. Scary Every Day By Kevin Comstock Nate is only eight, and he can’t help but be scared and worry, About this and that—about everything in this story! When Nate can’t seem to conquer his fears, Will he be able to accept some help when it appears? A Dog Named Shug and the SEC By Charlene Thomas Shug has found the missing Game Ball. Come along with Shug, the Golden Retriever, and Aubie as they visit all the other SEC teams that the Auburn Tigers will play, meeting team mascots and others along the way.

Tanya’s Tech Troubles By Danya Belkin Tanya loves her tablet, and her parents love all the educational games available to her. But when Tanya spends a little too much time with the tablet and not enough time with her homework or friends, her parents start to worry. Can they solve this tech problem before it’s too late? Stop bullying, work together, friends forever! Otis Goes to CMU By Jeanneane Wood-Nartker, Amanda Kviz, & Bethany Kviz Otis is so excited to be heading off to Central Michigan University in the fall! Follow him as he meets new friends and gets “fired up” for his time here in Mt. Pleasant! The Travels of Adventurous Alexander and Relentless Russell: Dominican Republic By Kristina Kozak
Wherever adventure awaits, Adventurous Alex and Relentless Russell are close by! Today they’re touring the Dominican Republic. Follow along with them and tour a sugar cane plantation, try some cocoa, go on a monster jeep ride, and meet a real live snake man! Pick up a book and start traveling with these brothers today!
15 Days of Love By Kristina Gipe
What does it mean to love? Jesus taught the world what it means to love and be loved, and, through 15 Days of Love, continues to teach readers of all age just how powerful love is.
Four Pals at the Circus By Angel Tucker Foul Pals at the Circus is the second book in the second series with the Four Pals. In this adventure, the focus is on Iris – the Inspiring “I” type personality! To find more Four Pals books, go to www.FourPalsFanClub.com or www.personalityprofiles.org.
Birth of an Angel By Petra Malinova
From birth, every child is blessed—a little angel. Follow along in this heartwarming story of love and devotion as you discover just how special each and every child truly is.
The Super Smart Girl Book By Latine McIntyre
Join the fierce and respectful Royal in showing her passion and love for life through the empowering stories of her everyday adventures. The Super Smart Girl Book features the first two stories in the incredible hit series seeking to enlighten and inspire young girls everywhere.
Inn at the Edge of the World By Jeremy Gritton
When Sam’s parents decide to leave their safe but boring lives in Charcoal City behind, each day becomes a new adventure. Filled with quirky guests and magical mishaps, running an Inn at the Edge of the World is anything but boring!
Cut It Out! Stories by Greenville Shriners Hospital
Shriners Hospitals for Children—Greenville specializes in the expert
pediatric orthopaedic care of over 85 physically-challenging conditions,
and exists to improve the lives of all patients, regardless of a family’s
ability to pay. Cut It Out! was inspired by the #CutTheBull campaign, a
nationwide awareness effort by Shriners Hospitals for Children to bring
further attention to the bullying epidemic, particularly for children with physical differences who are twice as likely to be bullied.
Cut It Out! tells the stories of nine brave Greenville Shriners Hospital patients through the children’s own perspectives. Students from two local schools in Greenville, South Carolina created the illustrations, resulting in a delightfully collaborative and colorful book.
Cut It Out! serves to educate young children by heightening their mindfulness about the power of our words and the hurtfulness of bullying. Through simple storytelling and vibrant visuals, the purpose of this book is to promote compassion and understanding at an early age.
A Normal Turtle: An LGBTQ Kid’s Book

By Doug Reynolds

This story is different from “normal,” it’s said, A boy born as a fox, raised a turtle instead! It’s so hard when you’re small to tell left from right, So imagine, I ask, our little kit’s plight. Will he be brave? Only time can tell If our poor little fox will come out of his shell…
Rescuing Reed: The Little Dog Who Could By Heidi Mottin
When Reed is left homeless and alone in an animal shelter, it’s up to a special volunteer, who takes an interest in the lost and lonely little dog, to help him discover his purpose. Follow along in this heartwarming story of love, rescue, and hope as Reed finds out that everyone is valuable in their own unique way, and everyone deserves a second chance.
by Laura Irelan
If trying to multiply numbers makes your head start to ache, Then this book will help make it a piece of cake! 3 x 1 might be easy to do, But 6 x 7 can be easy too! Make math fun with these rhyming lines, And you too can figure out your Tricky Times!
By Richard Lee Marsh
For over 70 years, the United States Air Force has been serving the military and civilians alike. If you’ve ever wondered what lies in the wild blue yonder, or said the word “ZULU”, this book is for you to follow along and learn even more about this exciting branch of the military.
By William Mason
In the town of Gray, there is only rain and dark,
Every house, every person, every park—
Except for one little boy whose heart is a shining, colorful array!
Can a boy with a big and bright rainbow heart bring color and happiness to Gray?

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Announcing Mascot Books’ May Releases

Mascot Books is pleased to announce books hot off the press! Here’s what we’ve released in May:


Letters for Little Timmy LeeAn adventurous, interactive children’s book about a little boy’s imaginative journey while on his bus ride to school. His name is Little Timmy Lee and he discovers written letters that pop up in hidden places, starting at his bus stop. Follow Timmy as these mysterious letters guide him into his next adventure!

9781620865521               Journey of a Lion: One time while the lion was off hunting for food, Musa began gathering brush, twigs, and sticks to start a fire. Musa thought he heard the lion returning. He spun around with his arms full of sticks. It was not the lion—it was a pack of hungry-looking hyenas. They had their eyes on Musa and they were slinking and snarling towards him. Musa shouted, “Get away, get away from me!” and started to throw his sticks at them. At first, they yelped and backed away but their hungry stomachs gave them courage to return and try to attack the boy. Quickly, Musa climbed up on a ledge to get away but the hyenas moved in underneath and started yelping and snarling at him. It seemed to Musa as if this went on for a long, long time. It was dark now and Musa was scared.


No Beard the Pirate: Captain Jebediah Strong is one of the most feared and respected pirates around. But of all his great attributes, nothing is as impressive as his beard. Jebediah awakes one morning to find his marvelous beard missing and vows to go to the ends of the earth to find it. Jebediah is joined by three other pirates who are on similar quests. Will they ever find what they’re looking for?


P is for Palos Verdes: Palos Verdes, located in the South Bay area in California, is a beautiful sight to behold! See what Palos Verdes has to offer by exploring this wonderful place from A to Z.


What Makes a Family?What Makes a Family? is a celebration of our differences. This interactive book illustrates the diversity of modern families by presenting various types of households. With this book, children can tell their personal story and add their families to the book.

The Leprechaun’s Game Day Rules: Come along with the Leprechaun as he takes you through a game day filled with fun! Along the way, the Leprechaun teaches manners and good sportsmanship in the traditional University of Notre Dame way!
Leonidas and the Dolphin: Life, an endless loop from sea to sky, reveals itself in mysterious ways. In a chance encounter, a baby dolphin changes the course of Leonidas’ journey from boy to man. A story of life unexpected, Leonidas finds peace and eternal friendship with the help of his friends.
CavMan’s Game Day Rules: Come along with CavMan as he takes you through a game day filled with fun! Along the way, CavMan teaches manners and good sportsmanship in the traditional University of Virginia way!
Mr. Balloona-Man: Come ride with Mr. Balloona-Man! My balloon can lift you up so high, and let you see the sun and sky. People, places, happy things, Balloona-Man shares everything.
Roxy and Maddie: Ready to Race: Meet Roxy, a koala who is very unsure of herself. Her best friend, Maddie, encourages her to do an obstacle course race, but Roxy is terrified. She is worried she won’t be able to complete any of the obstacles and everyone will make fun of her. Get ready to race with Roxy and Maddie as they take on the course!
Allergic to Bullying: Rose is a very special girl. She has an allergy that keeps her from eating the same things as everyone else. One of her classmates thinks this is very weird and is mean to her because of it. Will the teacher be able to step in and put a stop to this bullying?
Carla Carlita Okidoki Octopus: Funny things keep happening to Carla Carlita. Then one day, she went for a swim and came out with an octopus wrapped around her tummy and he won’t let go! Let’s find out what happens!
Carla Carlita Funky Fingernails: Carla Carlita loves having super long fingernails…until they get her in BIG trouble! Will someone come to her rescue?
Carla Carlita Kooky Critters: Carla Carlita doesn’t like washing or combing her hair…but then the critters take over! Will she be able to get rid of them or will they live in her hair forever?
Carla Carlita Explodes: Carla Carlita can’t decide what to wear to school! Decisions, decisions, decisions! So many decisions, that one day…she just explodes!
End of the Rainbow Fruit Salad: Count from one to ten, exploring a variety of colorful fruits as kids learn to prepare a healthy treat for friends and family to share. There’s no other children’s storybook collection that promotes healthy eating habits, fundamental learning opportunities and recipe building skills like Kitchen Club Kids. Each Kitchen Club Kids story introduces a real recipe that can be prepared in the kitchen by cooks of any caliber. The colorful illustrations and layered learning opportunities on each page keep children interested from beginning to end.
Garden Safari Vegetable Soup: Explore numbers, colors and vegetables as you learn how to create a tasty soup in ten easy steps. Join the Kitchen Club Kids as they visit the garden to find fresh vegetables to eat. They search and count. They cut, dice and stir until the meal is complete. This rhymey-good-timey recipe adventure story offers basic cooking lessons and promotes healthy eating. The colorful illustrations and layered learning opportunities on each page will keep your child’s interest from beginning to end. Kitchen Club Kids books are also real, hands-on cooking activities that help teach 2-6 year olds how to follow recipes. But, you don’t have to be a chef to enjoy these books. Whether you’re reading with your child before mealtime or before bedtime, Kitchen Club Kids books turn story time into a culinary, learning adventure.
Just My Game: In an unforgettable story of redemption, Jason Grilli shares the journey of his baseball career which nearly ended prematurely after sustaining a devastating knee injury, only to defy the odds and become the Pittsburgh Pirates closer and All-Star.
Sunne’s Gift: How Sunne Overcame Bullying to Reclaim God’s Gift: God imbues Sunne with the power of the sun. Sunne’s siblings, Earth, Watre, and Winde have unique powers of their own. When Sunne is teased by siblings because of Sunne’s different hair, Sunne desperately tries to change. Join Sunne as Sunne learns that there is beauty and power in difference.

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Mascot Books Celebrates Prince George’s Birth in “A Joyful Royal Debut”

Last week a future king was born.  And yesterday, we learned his name: His Royal Highness Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge.

While the world has been eagerly anticipating the birth of the Royal Baby, Mascot Books author Jacqueline Buyze and illustrator Elisa Moriconi have been hard at work on a children’s book starring the newest member of the Royal Family.  Now that the baby’s name is known, we’re putting the finishing touches on a thoughtfully written and beautifully illustrated book available at www.royalbabybooks.com.

A Joyful Royal Debut: Presenting Prince George! takes readers through Prince William and Princess Kate’s preparation for the baby’s birth and the joy that spreads worldwide when news of the baby’s arrival travels across the globe.

While pre-orders are available already, the book hits stores August 20th.

So, how’d we get this book created and on the market so fast?  In the world of publishing, “instant” books have been around for quite some time, and we followed a playbook that we’ve used in the past.  Back in 2008, when president-elect Barack Obama promised his kids a puppy should he win the election, we started working on a children’s book starring the first dog.  I wrote the story and the illustrations (by Danny Moore) were created. Once the dog’s identity and breed became known, we inserted Bo the Portuguese Water Dog into the storyline, and the book was off to print.  What followed took us by surprise.  Within hours of letting the world know about our timely book about the first dog, we had major media outlets vying to cover the story. Once USA Today ran the first story about Bo, America’s Commander in Leash, a whirlwind ensued.

The post-release frenzy following the release of my book about the first dog was truly my fifteen minutes of fame.  Here’s one of many interviews I gave on my book.

Fast-forward four years, and in the words of the great American philosopher, Yogi Berra, “it’s like déjà vu all over again.”

This morning USA Today is running a feature about Jacqueline Buyze’s book A Joyful Royal Debut: Presenting Prince George!.  Congratulations, Jacqueline Buyze! Hope you’re ready for a fun ride!
9781620863053 - Copy

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Congrats to Team Hoyt: Jimmy V Perseverance Award Winners!

There was another star-studded event last night in Hollywood. Luminaries from the world of sports and entertainment were in attendance for the 12th Annual ESPYs including Lebron James, Michael Phelps, Ben Affleck, and Matt Damon. Of course, these famous faces grab all of the headlines, but I believe the true stars of the evening were father-son duo and Mascot Authors, Dick and Rick Hoyt.

The ESPY Awards showcase the best and most talented athletes playing today and proving the possibility of physical achievement. No award represents this more than the Jimmy V Award for Perseverance, which went to Team Hoyt. Together, they have run over 1,000 races – impressive on its own, but more impressive considering the many obstacles this duo have overcome along the way. Since their first run in 1977, Dick has pushed Rick in his wheelchair, pulled him on boats, and pedaled him on special two-seated bicycles through all types of races and events to help make Rick feel like a normal athlete. Their story is truly one of love and a relentless commitment to a worthy cause.

Here at Mascot Books, we are happy to see Team Hoyt receive recognition for their courage and dedication. Since our publication of Dick and Rick’s inspirational story, One Letter at a Time, we have been proud to be associated with such caring and uplifting people and wish them continued success in their journey.

For more information about Team Hoyt and Rick’s inspiring story, check out our book One Letter at a Time.

espn hoyt

Photo courtesy of ESPN.

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